"Fly Paper" is the first part of a trilogy. It is best to read the three stories in the correct order: Fly Paper -> X-Seven -> Moon Reyes.

If you are a Star Trek fan, you may want to skip "Fly Paper" since no Star Trek characters are introduced until "X-Seven".

Introduction to X-Seven for people who want to skip Fly PaperEdit

In Fly Paper, Doctor Dana Scully, working on a bioterrorism project for the U.S. Army, discovers that her body is producing an unusual form of DNA. Former FBI agent Fox Mulder suspects that Dr. Scully was previously infected with a virus carrying alien DNA. Mulder and Scully attempt to draw the suspected aliens into the open by making a public announcement of the discovery of the "alien DNA".

Just before Dr. Scully is about to publicly describe the DNA discovery, she is abducted and taken to the Moon. Mulder, FBI agent Monica Reyes, and several others who know about the DNA discovery are also abducted. All these others have their memories altered and they are returned to Earth. However, Dr. Scully is a special case. She accepts an offer from her abductors to remain on the Moon. She hopes to learn why there are humans living on the Moon and find a way to bring that information back to Earth.

Dr. Scully learns that humans have lived in an underground Lunar city for thousands of years. The aliens who are rumored to be responsible, are nowhere to be seen. After Dr. Scully's first month of living on the Moon, "X-Seven" begins.

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