Glossary for the X7 Trilogy. (See the list of characters for information about people in the X7 Trilogy.)

Ashville, NCEdit

Site of the MUFON conference selected by Fox Mulder as the place to have Dana Scully go public with her evidence of alien DNA.

Atomic force microscopyEdit

An atomic force microscope can be used to image moleculear structures. Dr. Tekalni makes use of this technique to help determine the structure of Dana Scully's sample of branched DNA.


Residential dome of the underground Lunar city where Dana Scully lived.

Baltimore, MDEdit

Location of the University of Maryland Medical Center and the Diagnostic Genetic Assays Laboratory of Dr. W. Westlake.


Baltimore-Washington International airport

Champion ResearchEdit

Biotechnology company started by Gary Seven as a place where branched DNA tools could be developed and manufactured.

Chula Vista Marine Sciences Research InstituteEdit

Owns the research vessel Floreana. Used by Roberta Lincoln as a cover for explaining how she reaches the Moon, thus allowing her to recruit Dana Scully to return to Earth.

Cognite SystemsEdit

Nanotechnology company started by Gary Seven as a place where components for robots could be developed and manufactured.

College Park, MDEdit

Location of the laboratory of Dr. Tekalni.

Cranbury SemiconductorEdit

Located in Monroe New Jersey. Used for assembly of nanoscale circuits from Cognite Systems.

Damascus, MDEdit

Where Dana Scully currently (2005) lives.


Deoxyribonucleic acid - the key genetic storage molecule. The branched DNA in Dana Scully's body is discussed here.

Fence AreaEdit

A "Fence Area" is a region of space. Every galaxy has many Fence Areas. The one that is most meaningful to the X7 Trilogy is the Fence Area for Earth. As a planet with a complex web of evolving life, Earth has a fairly large Fence Area. The basic idea is that the Earth's Fence Area extends out into interstellar space until you are about half way to to other nearby worlds that have their own life forms. The process of colonization of Earth's Fence Area has been going on for many millions of years.


Marine Science Research Vessel Floreana of the Marine Science Research Institute, Chula Vista, CA.

Fort Detrick, MDEdit

Location of U.S. Army bioterrorism research center.


General term used to refer to any social group that traces its origins back to Earth. Most of Genesaunt civilization exists in secret bases scattered through the Solar System and on worlds of nearby star systems. The Observers and the Overseers are two distinct Genesaunt groups.

Intentional StanceEdit

Philosopher Daniel Dennett observed that it is useful for people to assume that other people have minds like their own. By adopting the intentional stance, we can apply our own knowledge of the world to predict what someone else (with a similar mind) will do.


Genesaunt forces that attempt to work around the Rules of Observation and the Overseers in order to help human civilization on Earth develop successfully.

La SenzaEdit

Deep sea submersible of the Floereana. Equipped to collect biological samples from the sea floor.


Combination eatery and art gallery. Found in each of the domes that make up the underground city of the Observer Base on the Moon.


mutual UFO network

Mulder robotEdit

Robot crafted by Dana Scully to have Fox Mulder's appearance and behavior.


The basic structural component of artificial life forms, similar to a biological cell as a building block of larger complex life forms. (See: wikipedia article)


In the context of the X7 Trilogy, extraterrestrial or Genesaunt nanotechnology. Example: robots and other artificial intelligences are made possible by nano-scale manufacturing processes. Nanodevices can also be used for medical purposes such as the repair of damaged tissues or to modify the function of the human brain (nanodevice implants).


A Genesaunt faction devoted to making observations of Earth's biosphere and human cultural development on Earth. The Obsevers are based at an underground city on the Moon.


A Genesaunt police force that works to prevent illegal interventions into the course of events on Earth. The bounds of legality are set by the Rules of Observation. The Overseers are derived from Neanderthals who were taken off of Earth tens of thousands of years ago.


Term used by Roberta Lincoln and Dana Scully to refer to Prochloroflexus marinuslargus.

Prochloroflexus marinuslargusEdit

Cyanobacterial species genetically engineered by Roberta Lincoln and Dana Scully so as to combat increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.

Rules of InterventionEdit

See Rules of Observation. The Rules of Intervention are more general, and restrict the kinds of interactions that a more technologically advanced culture can have with a less advanced culture. (Plot spoiler warning: these Rules are never explicitly revealed in the X7 Trilogy. See Three laws for details.)

Rules of ObservationEdit

Never described in detail during the X7 trilogy, but these rules are designed to keep humans on Earth from learning that extraterrestrial forces have been observing Earth for hundreds of millions of years. Also, it is generally illegal for any Genesaunt to interfere in the development of a more primitive culture. The Rules of Observation are a special case of the Rules of Intervention which generally restrict contacts of more technologically advanced intelligences with less advanced cultures.

San FelipeEdit

Name of the Mexican town closest to the location of the marine science field station where Roberta Lincoln and Dana Scully work on genetically modified Prochloroflexus marinuslargus.

System AuthorityEdit

The governing system within any Fence Area. In general, System Authority's function is to enforce the Rules of Intervention that govern the interactions of cultues at different levels of technological development.

The Lone GunmanEdit

A magazine about conspiracy theories. Produced by Byers, Langley, and Frohike.

The Trading PostEdit

Where John Doggett kills one of the clones.


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