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John Schmidt's CommentsEdit

The story X-Seven originated here when I saw the idea of a cross-over fan fiction story. Thanks Gothic Spook!

The Star Trek episode Assignment: Earth involved the idea that there are "a number of agents sworn to protect Earth, who are descended from humans who were taken into space over 6000 years ago."

In Assignment: Earth, agent Gary Seven is equipped to deal with the technology common to Earth of the 1960's, but he is surprised by the presence of the Enterprise, which has travelled back in time.

I still think that Assignment: Earth would make a great television series. One of the problems it faced when under development by Gene Roddenberry was that the concept was introduced by having the Enterprise go back in time. This plot device did not go over well with Star Trek fans. It would be more natural to introduce Gary Seven as an X-file.

Gary Seven is introduced into the X-7 Trilogy in the X-Files episode X-Seven and loose X-File ends are tied up in a the sequel (Moon Reyes), leaving the X-Files world essentially ignorant of the existence of Gary Seven and his fellow agents.

Language on the MoonEdit

There is no reason why everyone on the Moon should speak English all the time. It just makes the story flow better to have everyone speak English. It would be within the technology of the Moon to have everyone be able to understand Scully's English, but people of the Lunar city would normally speak their own language.

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