Not much is known about the strange yellow book that Chandler found in his bookstore. Its title page states it to be a copy of The King in Yellow, the infamous play which is said to drive anyone who reads it mad, and which is linked to the terrible power of Hastur. Of course, most reputable scholars agree that this book is a mere legend, invented by the horror fiction writer Robert W. Chambers. But those scholars who investigate certain unusual rumors about the text tend to come to bad ends. When Chandler read the book, he experiened a horrifying manifestation of a being that appeared to be Michael Jackson or a ghost or a zombie. (Which is pretty horrifying when you get right down to it.)


The strange yellow book is a worn and tattered book of indeterminate age. Its cover is a garish, decadent yellow, with a strange symbol on it.. Its text appears to be written in English, but there are notes in the margins that do not seem to be written in any human language.

Current LocationEdit

The book is currently in possession of Chandler Bang, in his bookstore.