Chandler Bang is a smart mouthed New Yorker in his thirties. His resemblance to a fictional smart mouthed New Yorker from the TV is purely coincidental. He has never had a very successful social life, due to his tendency to make mistakes such as setting his prom date's dress on fire. He blames incidents such as these on his alleged parallel universe counterpart Chandler Band


Chandler has short cropped brown hair. He wears smart casual clothes, including cream coloured loose fitting trousers and a purple t-shirt, with a picture of Daffy Duck on it. Chandler tried to give the impression that he was a casual dresser, but in fact he agonised each morning - looking through his extensive collection of T-Shirts and matching them a variety of gaudy socks. "When you meet a man face to face, the T-Shirt tells you where he wants to go. When he turns around, his socks tell you where he has been" Chandler considered himself a sock philospher. "Everything worth knowing about someone can be deduced by their socks" In fact he had written a monograph on this very topic.... and a few books too. Does anybody want to read them?

Current LocationEdit

Chandler is currently in his bookstore.