by Technogiddo


Ever since the end of the twentieth century most people knew about the dangers of computer hacking, and for this reason feared it. Computer companies, firms, corporations and governments worked endlessly on improving their security software in order to keep in line with the ever increasing rate and ingenuity of computer hacking. In the twenty first century the global security system was a mess of security programs and counter hacking programs which wrapped around the world in an ever tightening net. Most people were not aware of how good the security systems had become.

It is so ironic that it was the security systems, and not the actual hackers, that was humanities downfall.

Security breachEdit

Jeremy sat in front of his laptop, sipping a cup of coffee and waiting for his programs to boot up. The office in which he sat belonged to a small but successful computer firm which had requested his services for the night. The office in which he worked was an elegant modern style that belonged to the chief of staff. Apparently the CEO's office and the chief of security's office had secrets in them that he shouldn't see. Most of the computers in the firm were disconnected from the local network so that he wouldn't be able to hack in and steal any secrets. AS IF! Jeremy could hack this little company any afternoon he wanted. He was, after all, one of the best cyber punks in town.

Jeremy swirled his ball point pen around his finger a few times to let off some of his excitement, before sticking it professionally behind his ear. He then whistled a few notes as he ran a debugging checkup on his programs. All was going good. None of his programs were showing any problems. He wished that there would be at least one error, it would give him what to do in the time it took for his off-site programs to scout his target for tonight. But then, he built all of his programs himself, so there was no way there would be bugs in them.

Behind him stood three men, all of which were wearing expensive black business suits, unlike Jeremy who was wearing a plain white T-shirt printed with the logo "hack me" and jeans. The business men were the CEO of the computer firm, the head of staff and head of security. None of them were looking very cheerful. Of them only the CEO was sitting down.

Jeremy only got the CEO's name, and that was the last one. Backster. Strange that these guys would be so paranoid with their own names. But Jeremy ran a no-questions-asked policy, so he made it a point to keep his nose in the computer.

On screen his first recons reported in. The area was clear for him, he'll have very little trouble going in.

"Good news. Infiltration will be beginning within the minute" he announced to the small crowd. Behind him the chief of security fidgeted.

More willed typing on the keyboard. Jeremy was activating more offsite programs to do the initial infiltration, no use risking having his current station revealed on his first attempt.

Within a few minutes a small popup appeared on the front desk in a small office building at the other side of the city reading "Your security is faulty, download this new firewall program to perfect it. The clerk working at the desk was quick to close the spam window, unknowingly letting Jeremy know that the computer network was working, and there was someone at the terminal. The Clerk didn't know either that what he also did was download a trojan horse that quickly found the firewall and sent all information about it back to Jeremy before committing suicide. So far so good.

The next step was to override the firewall without the clerk knowing it. Easy and already in progress.

Minutes ticked by as Jeremy double checked all the statuses and made sure he was covering his steps. But as the tension in the room grew Jeremy gave a sigh of relief and turned around. Backster, the CEO of InEfCo computer farm was leaning forward, almost touching the desk Jeremy was working at.

InEfCo was one of the strangest jobs Jeremy had done, he had no idea what the name meant and hoped it was only another cover up for whatever the computer farm really was. Jeremy suspected it was a CIA or FBI front the moment he got the job. But there was good money for him here, and that was what he needed nowadays.

Next to Mr. Backster the head of staff was now slumping in a chair, apparently tired of standing around. Next to him the chief of security was leaning on another chair and staring at Jeremy's laptop screen.

"I've managed to infiltrate Guestove Bank," he declared "now are you willing to tell me what I'm suppose to get?"

Guestove Bank was one of many online banks which offered many Gigs of secure storage space and file holding, along with its many other services. Guestove was one of the most secure banks on the web, not that that meant much as Jeremy now had access to virtually any file on their servers. But then again, Jeremy was one of the most prolific hackers around.

The chief of security looked at his boss, who nodded his head.

"The file name is ComVex.exe, it is in a safe reserved for DigTel International" said the Chief of security, in a disgruntled tone.

"Right-eo" replied Jeremy, as he set out to search through the Banks archives searching for a reserved account for DigTel International. Strange thing that DigTel would reserve space on an independent banking company, as DigTel had plenty of storage space, and security matching that of Guestove, if not better.

It took about five minutes to scan throw the millions of different account names and hundreds of Gigs of information, but he finally came by it. DigTel International top security account number 23015301, space reserved- 6.5 Gigabytes storage space used-1.6 Gigabytes storage space. It took seven minutes to download his software onto a temporary file on the Guestove server, and an extra thirteen to penetrate the DigTel account. Jeremy was working on site now, using the InEfCo server as a base. He was running minutely updates on all his little programs, and had a continues scanner for any spyware that might pick him up. Surprisingly everything was running smoothly, relatively speaking.

Once inside the DigTel account, it was apparent that there were two files in containment. IntelVex.inf- 1.1 Megabytes, ComVexInitial.exe- 0.38 Gigabytes and ComVex.exe- 1.2 Gigabytes.

"Which one do you want? Or do you want me to download all three files?"

"Only the one, ComVex.inf. And I don't want any more copies sent to other accounts. Your payment we agreed on at the beginning is all you get."

More clicking on the keyboard. Estimated time of download- seventeen minutes. Oh well, more time to sit a chatter.

Jeremy checked the status on all his recons. So far the server was clean, or so it claimed. So far no security had caught him off guard, or it was at least not making any notice of it. He wiped some sweat off his brow.

The hour hand on his watch approached midnight as the file download reached fifty per cent. With so much time to spare he could do a few more little things he'd been wanting to do.

Opening a new search query, Jeremy began looking for any accounts registered to his own company, Commercial Dreams LTD. He found some, but on hacking them (they were only medium security accounts) he found only budget registers, commercial plans and plenty of pornography. He closed the window.

Back to the ComVex, he found that the estimated time had grown to twenty minutes, evidently there was some high activity on the servers. Thankfully the download finished. There was a sigh of relief from around him and he began pulling his programs out, covering his footsteps on the way.

"You're not finished yet" came the voice of the security chief "we need you to delete ComVex off the server." This was getting ridiculous.

"Do you know that the best way to leave an imprint is by deleting files on a computer being hacked?" Jeremy asked the evidently inapt security chief.

"I know that, but you don't get your money until this job is over. And your job is to delete the content of DigTel's account."

"I doubt that deleting them would do much good. They're all probably backed up somewhere else."

"Just do your job!" The chief of security had raised his voice till he had almost yelled at Jeremy. Without further delay Jeremy ordered the server to delete the entire content of DigTel's account, pausing only to send IntelVex.inf to a different account he created five minutes previously. The account would wait 48 hours and then forward it's contents to six different locations to which Jeremy had access.

Once deleted, Jeremy covered the last footprints he left as best he could and pulled out. The account would soon be his...