Diagramatic representation of key components of the human brain to nanorobot interface.

  • Badhesion - a type of protein used to make neurons attach efficiently to nanobots (Chapter 11).
  • Badhesion virus - a virus that can infect human brains and cause neurons to make Badhesins (Chapter 11).
  • biologicals - term used to refer to biological life forms, in contrast to artificial robotic life forms (Chapter 9.
  • comscree - Term used on Mars to refer to a portable communications and computing device with a flexible data display (Chapter 11).
  • Conceptions Organiques - Nf23 and NAO bioengineering project (Chapter 13)
  • LBC - Slang term for "Lockback chip". (Chapter 6) The term "lockback" is related to backpropagation. The Lockback microchips provide a computational process similar to that of the cerebral cortex.
  • Maldi district - adjacent to the Prosco district; where Joe lives while on Mars (Chapter 11).
  • nanobot - short form of "nanorobot".
  • NAO - the nodal adapter organelle that was designed to allow nanobots to interface with human brains; Conceptions Organiques bioengineering project (Chapter 13).
  • Nf23 - the strain of Naegleria fowleri, a type of amoeba capable of invading and surviving in the human brain, used by the Conceptions Organiques bioengineering project (Chapter 13).
  • Prosco district - location of the Varna software project (Mars underground city) (Chapter 11).
  • Tamia district - where the space port is located (Mars underground city) (Chapter 11).
  • Vavilov viral engineering project - source of the Badhesion virus (Chapter 11)
  • Varna software project - where the VirileMail software was developed (Chapter 12)
  • VirileMail - the "intelligent email" software Chapter 2

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