Kalid marches on[edit source]

I think we should write the sequel using meta pages mainly (I have less time these days for IRC). When we need IRC we can post a request in talk pages. --Davinci - talk 16:34, April 9, 2011 (UTC)

Parts[edit source]

We can divide tasks. I leave The_search_for_Kalid_2#The_mystery_of_Polastis to you. I'll focus on the other sections. --Davinci - talk 22:36, April 9, 2011 (UTC)

Anubis Order[edit source]

Angelo heads an organization called the Anubis Order. It is the contrapart to the Haldus Order. Angelo was trained in hidden arts taught by him at the Tulipan Order (he is supposed not to know about the Haldus Order). He turned to evil for unknown reasons. He has an implant.

Now the bad news. There is a contest so I need all of my stories to be unpublished. As Kalid sequel is still in the beginnings, I think I will borrow my characters... So the Anubis Order can exist. But Angelo, Arsenio and Loretta have to be sacrificed. This month there will not be much progress in Kalid sequel but in meta pages.

A crazy idea... Wikis eat much of my time and I think that epoch in my life is over. Nowadays, real work is requiring my attention, I need to learn Biology as I mentioned so wikis would eat my time. I am not so good now writing long stories so I will stick to my short stories and I think I will submit my stories to contests... as contests always require stories to be unpublished, I would "lose" my stories in here.

So... Could you adopt Kalid sequel? I would be glad that you write it. You have lots of amazing ideas for it. When I came back I was going to say you should write the sequel to Kalid but then I got involved in it.

I would only contribute to the meta. My ideas will have to focus on the contest. My patience is short as always and I cannot imagine passing my time on IRC and wikis daily. I discovered there is a real world that I like.

Sorry if I made you take interest in Kalid sequel and then said to you "Do it alone". I would be glad you write the sequel. If you don't there is no problem also. You have other stories awaiting... like Exodemic.

--Davinci - talk 21:25, April 10, 2011 (UTC)

Blog[edit source]

I entered the blog world. http://seldon-matrixworld.blogspot.com/2011/05/simulation-hypothesis.html --Davinci - talk 01:53, May 3, 2011 (UTC)

Publishing Kalid[edit source]

I will publish the original Kalid short story (in Spanish) in Create Space from Amazon. --Davinci - talk 19:44, May 4, 2011 (UTC)

I'm not you[edit source]

I finished I'm not you and as I'm not you I cannot know what you think of it. --Davinci - talk 19:51, May 12, 2011 (UTC)

Game[edit source]

I don't know if you'll like this. I made this videogame at http://juegos.admin-techs.com. I want to know your opinion. The link to download it is called "Descargar".

What are you working on right now? The End of Eternity? --Davinci - talk 20:42, August 8, 2011 (UTC)

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