Flying nanorobotic colony from the novel VirileMail.

This page has links to collaborative fiction writing projects that I have participated in. My fiction writing interests are mainly in the domain of Science Fiction. Right now, I am creating The Start of Eternity, a fan fiction sequel to Isaac Asimov's time travel story, "The End of Eternity".

I have a special interest in what I call the "Exodemic Fictional Universe": the idea is that Earth has long been known to aliens from other stars, but those aliens must follow a set of rules which make it nearly impossible for humans (at least humans on Earth!) to become aware of the alien visitors. An example of a short story set in the Exodemic fictional universe is Manmahtiti Bebobinmahtiti. Much longer examples are the novel VirileMail and the Fly Paper X-Files episode.

I enjoy collaborating with other wiki participants to write and illustrate stories. See this blog post for a description of some past fiction writing collaborations. Let me know if you want to collaborate on a new or existing story.

The Other fiction section of this page, below, has links to fiction writing projects that I have started but which are still waiting for collaborators. I'm always open to new collaborations! If you would like to collaborate in a more private environment, see here. A good way to build collaborations is to make use of Internet Relay Chat (IRC): you can often find me in

I also do some fiction writing at Wikiversity (Science Fiction Challenge, Exploring science through fiction, Fiction writing support group)

I'm an administrator at this Wikia website, so if you need help with anything, please let me know. I made user User:JWSurf when I had trouble with my user preferences being in conflict with the video feature.

The Search for Kalid

Collaboratively written stories[]

Cellular Civilization

Cold Case: historical fiction.

Alternate History: The DNA Double Helix:An historical science fantasy.

Other fiction[]

These stories are mostly my own: I'm still waiting for collaborating authors who want to help develop these stories.

Fan Fiction[]

Scully is abducted and taken to the Moon! (X-Files episode Fly Paper)

  • My X-Files fan fiction Trilogy: Fly Paper (complete) | X-Seven (complete) | Moon Reyes (under construction)
  • Moon Reyes continues the Observer/Interventionist theme after its introduction in Fly Paper and X-Seven; it is Star Trek cross-over.
  • Aliens of Amphipolis; Xena cross-over.
  • I am exploring
  • another fiction wiki (writehere)
  • also The X-Files Most Unwanted
  • Contact: Television Series - Places Carl Sagan's "Contact" into the Exodemic Fictional Universe.
  • Assignment: Marune - Explores the future lives of the Jack Vance characters Jantiff and Glisten.
  • Departure from Nor’Dyren - A sequel to Sydney Van Scyoc's Assignment Nor’Dyren

conspiracy fiction[]

  • Create new fiction category: conspiracy fiction.
    • The real cause of the collapse of the Soviet Union; CIA plot using anxiety-inducing drugs.
    • After Nixon is run out of office, Republican strategists devise a plan to take control of the news media and work for the future election of ultra right wing conservatives.


  • Coooollabooration experiment. Collaborative writing with Ads by Google.
  • My skin is sun damaged with keratosis spots on it. I've applied retin-a etc. but I want a faster more effective way of having prettier, smoother legs and arms. What procedure would a dermatoligist do for me? The least expensive of course? - I thought it was funny (see below).

Sun damage.png

Русский Спам
Лечение стресса
Ваша рука биологическое устройство, которое обеспечивает личную связь с миром. Используйте его, чтобы активировать естественные механизмы релаксации в вашем теле. Вы можете снять стресс и улучшить Советского государства в течение нескольких минут. Стороны, является шедевром медицинской технологии, которая помещается в ваш карман, а можно вылечить, что вас беспокоит. Ваш организм использует датчики безвредным предупредить вас, если ваша практика automedication растут сердечного ритма.


The Foundation-Galaxia vortex from The Start of Eternity.

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Video teaser for VirileMail.

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I, Davichito, grant you the Fiction Wikia Pulitzer Prize for your writing of VirileMail!

Thanks! I'm glad you got me to come back and finish it. There is still more that can be done, but the basic plot is now complete! --JWSchmidt 04:37, 2 June 2008 (UTC)


Isaac Asimov Nebula Award

I, Davichito, grant you the Isaac Asimov Nebula Award for all this year of science fiction collaboration! May Asimov spirit be with you. --David 02:29, 31 December 2008 (UTC)

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