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Kalid map

Relative positions in the galaxy of some star systems and planets that are in The Search for Kalid.

Mixing future science and religion, The Search for Kalid is the story of how seasoned space traveler Leone discovers that the ancient Haldus Order controls the fate of the galaxy. Led by Master Kalid, the mysterious Haldus Order secretly wields its powers...until its long-held secrets start to be revealed by the vengeful Set. As Planetary Counselor of Sakkara, Leone seeks an alliance with Kalid in order to stop the murderous rampage of Set. What mystical powers or advanced technologies does Kalid control as leader of the Haldus Order? Can Leone win Kalid's help or will Set forever alter the fate of humanity and change how humans travel into space and spread through the galaxy?
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David and John. How the story was created.

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Illustration projectEdit

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  • A simple video for the beginning of the story: File:Flammis.ogg (Flammis nanobot clouds and their weird movement)
  • Now that we can use videos, it would be fun to make a video such as one showing Set approaching Earth and then landing on the Moon.