Once upon a time, a little wiki was born. It was called "Listopedia".

The purpose of this wiki was to celebrate the love of making lists just for the sake of making lists. It started with a grocery list, and then a to do list. Oddly, it turns out there are a lot of people who just want to make lists for fun. And on a wiki, there is no obligation to worry about actually completing anything on the list. So more lists were created by list fans. Worst 10 lists. Best 10 lists. Next, worst 100 and best 100 lists. Lists of reasons for this, that, and the other. Lists of reasons were created over and recreated and named something different by 100 other people. Lists of worst quotes. Lists of best quotes. Lists of worst celebrities and best celebrities and why they are so great or awful. Lists of words, expressions, and metaphors.

Quote fanatics littered the top of each page with fake and real quotes, and made even more pages listing various quotes of many, many people from various occupations and stations in life.

Celebrity fanatics showed up upon googling their favorite celebrity and finding a page that listed 100 things about them, and ten other pages with ten other things about them. They all added to the celebrity lists.

Soon, this list wiki, which had grown greatly in size, was visited by a category fanatic. This fanatic loved to create category trees. Since this fanatic had somehow won the lottery, this fanatic had a LOT of spare time on his hands. The categorizer created basic categories. The categorizer created subcategories, and subcategories of subcategories. This became boring after about a year of categorizing for 40 hours every week, so ridiculous categories were created. But lists seemed to appear to fill up EVERY single category that he created.

Some of these ridiculous categories confused people. Others deliberately navigated people in circles around the other categories.

Redditors found this fascinating, and flocked to the site, where they began posting best and worst of reddit lists.

Attracted by the activity of the site, SEO bots started arriving to paste content advertising products and services into new or existing pages. Their content was quickly transformed into lists about their products and services, some sarcastic, some overly enthusiastic, and some just plain dark.

The darkness of these lists attracted trolls and horror fans. Horror fans created more lists about their favorite horror movies and horror movie scenes. Trolls tried to vandalize the lists, but they only succeeded in adding to the lists, subtracting from the lists, and creating new lists. When they started deleting lists, they were all recreated within hours, some with the same content, and others with completely new content. Everybody was so busy on the site creating lists that nobody ever responded to any messages anyone left for them, so nobody even noticed the trolls.

Craving attention, the trolls tried to create shocking lists. Unfortunately for them, the internet had already jaded its users into being shocked by nothing. These shocking lists got even more shocking as they were added to. Lists of internet rules were added to the lists.

This shocking content attracted people who believed faith was the answer to all darkness, and anything else they don't happen to like. They created lists about their religious faith, and added contents to previous lists regarding their religious faith. They tried to delete the shocking lists, but like a hydra, more came up in each one's place.

The religious people attracted their polar opposites, who felt that logic, reason and science was the answer to irrationality.

Lists about politics grew as they flocked in, as well as more lists about lists, and lists of requested lists. More categorizers arrived to make some sense out of all these lists, in the process creating more lists.

Some bystanders got annoyed with the controversial lists and all of the lists that they disliked. So those lists simply got moved to another wiki, and both of the wikis linked back to each other. As the number of lists increased, more wikis were created to hold them all, each with links to each other. People in positions of power who wanted to control all of the lists, and all of the people making the lists, found that it was like playing whack-a-mole since as soon as one wiki was closed, another would open. So they hired staff to play whack a mole for them. However, staff have a way of demanding more pay and benefits, disliking those who prefer power over wisdom, and coming and going, reducing the efficiency of the whack-a-mole game.

So the lists multiplied in number exponentially, and continued on....and on.....and on, forever..........