Angie still had money saved from before she lost her job. She was trying not to spend too much as she never knew when they would cut her welfare payments. Angie was scared. Would she have to stop looking to become a personal secretary again and settle for ordinary office work? Would she have to settle for just any job she could find? She wondered if she should get only what was on the list. There was so little in Mark’s kitchen. He needed so much. How could she let Mark see she was unemployed? Angie decided to get Mark a few extra little presents as well as what he’s asked for.

Angie went to the elevator with the long shopping list. Angie had been meaning to go to the employment bureau to see if they had any vacancies that suited her. That was why Mark found her in the elevator with smart clothes that she had since before she was fired. Should she go to the employment bureau first? You never know they might have something. No. Mark was sick. Mark needed her. Angie decided to buy stuff for Mark and get back to him just as soon as she could.

Angie got to the supermarket nearby and looked at the shopping list. So Mark wanted some pre-packed Chinese meals. Angie took a few packages down, “Oh dear that’s sickly.” she thought, “All that grease and sugar won’t be good for Mark, and there’s salt as well.” Angie put that pre-packaged Chinese stuff straight back onto the shelf. She was sure she could cook Chinese meals in a healthier way, good fresh ingredients, nothing harmful. That paperback Chinese recipe book wasn’t too expensive she hoped. She checked the price, Mark was worth it. Angie knew she could get recipes from the Internet as computers had been part of her work. Away from work she was usually more comfortable with books and paper.

Later Angie dragged the shopping back. It was a relief that the elevator took so long to go up though residents regularly complained that they wouldn't get newer faster elevators. At least she could put the shopping down and rest a bit. When you are pushing a supermarket trolley you can so easily overlook how heavy the stuff will be to carry later.

Mark opened the door for Angie, the computer was off and didn’t distract him and his meal had given him new vigour. They kissed again, then...... Well we’d better not go into that in too much detail. Let’s just say .... well. For a while Mark didn’t want to go back to the computer, he just wanted to lie next to Angie and Angie was sure Mark was wonderful.

Mark thought the most important part of what they had done was afterward; he had enjoyed embracing his lover, to really feel united. At least he had enjoyed that the few times he got a girl to make love with him. Later Mark kept glancing away, he began wanting to fire up the computer, he kept feeling there should be something more exciting than a blank screen but Angie felt so soft and warm beside him. Angie noticed he was a bit restless, when you’re lying so close to someone you can feel any tension. It is not just the speed of the heartbeats; it is beyond that. Again she wondered if she’d let herself become too cheap, they only knew each other a few hours and they'd done everything. Angie feared Mark would just treat her like a hot chick and wouldn’t want to become serious.
Mark was wondering if using the computer would be better than being there with Angie. He knew it was not but he felt a sudden burst, a compulsion to wake up.
"Well, er, I have to see to the computer." Mark finally got round to saying, it was a bit early to check if there was a reply to his job application. He had to show World of Wikis that he was keen to work.
"Don't you think you are at that computer too much?" Angie complained, with care. She realized that she might be imposing too much.
Mark felt angry at her, for a moment... That was not true or was it? He tried to calm down and said: "It's my work." Mark had noted Angie's smart business suit and felt he had to get her respect now.
"What do you do?"
"I work for World of Wikis." he lied.
"It must have been difficult to get a career like that." Mark just hoped he really would get that job. Angie just hoped Mark would still respect her once he found out she hadn't got a job. Money or jobs are important parts of a relationship, Mark considered.

Marriage and children[]

Mark was connecting daily to The World of Wikis. His job application had not been replied yet but he hoped he would be hired soon. His dreams kept coming, sometimes he dreamed with angels advising and shamans trying to cure him... but he did not payed much attention to them now. Now that he was with Angie the world seemed a better place. She gave him lots of love and that was what he needed.

While Angie was cooking something, he logged in to check RecentChanges again. He noticed the administrator of the site was making a big reorganization work; it seemed nice. Many of the active users of the past were not in there anymore. It was barely Mark and other new people who were around. It seemed wiki drama was a thing of the past now. But nobody knows when it will strike back. Some people really seemed to need attention... some kind of narcissistic vampires. Mark was now dealing with one called Veriteon.

The guy seemed to be a teenager who was full of energy and religious beliefs. He believed in some twisted form of pantheism that had been advertised lately in a huge book. The guy thought God talked to him... well... something similar to Mark's dreams. The problem with the guy was IRC and how he viewed wikis. Veriteon had had some arguments with Dearin and, as he lost the discussion, he tried to take revenge by vandalizing the Fiction Wiki. Mark wrote tons of words to him but he would not understand... Until he was banned in a range block by the administrators... then the guy was also banned in the IRC channel devoted to wiki fiction.

It was funny from some point of view. A childish attitude commonly found on wikis. But Mark was so stupid as to lift the ban on the IRC channel so the kid could go on mocking around. Finally, Mark decided to quit the IRC channel and as his novel was coming to an end, his wiki life was too... Angie was more important than wikis and they have had several discussions about that. Angie thought he was exceeding in his job (and his job did not exist yet) and that he was getting irritable and angry at her. Mark knew she was right but as he was compulsive... he could do nothing about it. So he quit chatting and went towards Angie at the kitchen to help her make lunch. She was surprised and pleased to see him do that as he did not like to share daily chores. He thought his time was too valuable for him to spend doing that kind of things... But Mark was changing. He now realized that helping make food, the food that would become himself and Angie was more important than lifting a ban on a mad guy and writing rational things to him.

Angie was very happy after lunch. They decided to go out and watch a 3D movie, which they both liked. It was Cloudy with a chance of something, Mark remembered. And at night... well, they loved each other again. Mark was very tired when they finished and so was Angie.

And so, it happened one sunny day... Angie came back from the doctor with a smile in her face. The results had been positive and she still did not know how Mark would handle this. Mark had suspected it would happen since he had not use contraceptives lately. Angie seemed to be very happy so that assured Mark they were going to have a baby.

They went to a restaurant to celebrate. Mark felt a little weird, as if his life was changing for good and there was no way back, no repentance allowed. But the good news was shocking... Now Mark and Angie would have a son! or daughter, who knows. Many times Mark had said that he did not want to have a person like himself, that another person with half its genes would be a burden on society... Angie had healed Mark in part so he now did not feel that way towards himself or his future offspring. To his own surprise, he was happy.

He sometimes felt the weird feeling of "What if...". What if he had not talked to Angie on the elevator... Maybe sooner or later they would meet, who knows. And now, their lives had changed. They would have to marry soon. Mark knew he had to propose it to her during the meal, there was no other option. The problem, as always, was money. Money was needed for everything and what if WoW (World of Wikis) did not hire him soon? Well, it was better not to spoil the nice moment, so he kept eating with Angie. She was looking at him and then she cried.