This work is featured fiction.

A different story about Aliens[]

Here’s a science fiction story about an alien called Xenu, I didn’t write it, someone called L. Ron Hubbard wrote it, and it wasn't even original. Why is it important? All too often advertisements paid for by Scientology turn up on the Internet and some are obviously Scientology but others talk about Dianetics or just promise you ethical happiness etc without making the source clear. Well Scientology doesn’t look very ethical, and many reasonable people say Scientologists are more likely to empty your bank balance and make you less happy and less healthy than before. So if you find advertisements pretending saying they’ll improve your life and it all looks too good to be true keep away. This is at the top of the page because Scientology advertisements have appeared on this page. I don't know why Wikia accepts money from that questionable organization.


This is staying at the top of the page because it may have helped inspire, Scientoligeist - The Spine-chilling Curse of Xenu! May it inspire yet more good creative fiction.

The Aliens of the Flaming Red Sun[]

This story is fiction and is mostly for entertainment. It does have a serious message as well.

There is also a message about the harm that oppressive societies can cause.

I'm Proxima Centauri, please help me. I'm nearer to the Solar System than any other star. And if you don't help me I don't know who else will. I'm only a little star. And I'm blushing all red because I'm so little. And I can't get yellow or blue like the bigger stars. I'm not a bright shiny star like Sirius. And I'm not a powerful luminous star like Rigel. And my nearest neighbors are Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri B and they're both a quarter of a light year away. And I'm all alone in a big Galaxy. And I'm scared I'll get hurt.

I’ll tell you what my biggest problem is. You see most of my planets are well behaved. But there’s one orbiting quite close to me.

That planet’s a turbulent one. And the Aliens there are really the weirdest! There's Morowl the ruler and he'll be offended of we translate his name, and there are others with names like, "Blue Tentacles" and "Purple Eye Stalks".

  • "Morowl" told other Centaurians what to do and really enjoyed a mudbath until .......
  • "Earthlings" really hoped the aliens would like us until .......
  • "Blue Tentacles" was at the mercy of a cruel and tyrannical guardian for a large part of his early life until .......
  • The Mother of Blue Tentacles wasn't sure how to rescue her child until .......
  • "Purple Eye Stalks" was born a slave but gradually became tired of slavery and yearned for freedom until .......

Do you feel like learning more about what those aliens were like and what they got up to? It's here in the story.

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