By The Republican, April 2006

Long ago, there was a continent called Tangea. This place had 5 great nations spread across the land. They were Cander, Americum, Nexica, Barahma, and Phasmius. Cander controlled most of the north, where it was mainly mountainous and cold. Americum controlled the middle region of the continent, stretching from east to west coast of the continent and controlled some of the southern coast. It had a great diversity of terrain, with plains, forests and mountains. Nexica controlled much of the southwest. It was hot and had many deserts. It also had a central mountainous region. Barahma controlled the southeast. It had mainly consisted of a large peninsula and some small islands south of it. It was mainly flatland, but rolling hills peppered the north. Phasmius was a nation consisting of a large island, surrounded by several smaller islands. Its main island was volcanic, so it had rich soil good for farming. It was heavily forested and was rich in natural resources. This story takes place in a relatively peaceful time, but this will change very soon. Phasmius will soon invade the other nations, and they are more than a formidable foe. The other nations will war against them, and there shall be all but one victorious. 5 nations and this is their story.

Chapter 1:The Revelation Edit

Falkon, a casual military officer in his early thirties, looked out the window of his mansion. The noon day sun shone bright out on Port Phasmius, the capital city. White sandy beaches to the East, and terraced mountainsides to the West. He was in the main part of the city, with a more urban setting. He held a drink in his hand: rum and tangerine juice, his specialty. He enjoyed making drinks so much that he used his high paying military salary to buy out pubs and cabanas all over town. He also noticed that the whore he met just the other night, had left. That was another thing about him: women found him irresistible. He had been injected with a serum by a native witch doctor, causing this. He was told it was a stress reliever, and it apparently worked pretty well.

His trancelike state was broken when a bell clanged at the door. He put on his shirt to go get it. He opened the door, and 3 soldiers in full armor came. “Lord Falkon, you must come with us” said what appeared to be the higher ranking solider, probably an officer and obviously in charge.

Falkon groaned; he was tired and wanted to get some rest. He didn’t get hardly any sleep, for he was far to busy with the whore.

“My Lord” said the officer, “we must go now”. Falkon blanked out for a second, and then replied “what does this concern?”

”I apologize my lord, but we cannot disclose that information to you yet” said the officer “Please come into the carriage”.

Falkon got his shoes and his drink, and got in the carriage. One of the soldiers opened the door to the compartment, letting Falkon in, then the officer. Then he and the other solider went up to the horses, and they went moving.

“Why wasn’t I contacted through the ball?” asked Falkon to the officer. “We detected anther person in the building, and this is classified information, we can’t have civilians listening in on our plans.”

“Well, I assure you,” chuckled Falkon, “if that dumb broad was still there, she wouldn’t really be a problem.” The woman he picked up was beautiful, but dumb as a post. He got all sorts of women with the serum in his blood. He took a big gulp of the cocktail and immediately felt even more tired than before.

“You can sleep if you want,” said the officer “it’s a long ride, in fact, I’ll doze of myself.” The words had just finished going through his mind when he feel asleep.

When Falkon awoke, he was outside a large castle. He saw a drawbridge lower and the cart moved inside its walls. The cart stopped in the courtyard. One of the soldiers had opened up the door, and he got out. “You are to proceed to the 2nd dining room,” said the officer” you know where that is, right?” “Of course” Falkon said “I’ve only been here a gazillion times”. The officer bid him farewell, and drove off in the carriage. Falkon began his walk to the room.

Several minutes later, he reached the second floor dining room. He opened the door, and found it was rather deserted, except for a few maids and the royal butler, Reggie. “Master Falkon,” Reggie called “please sit down, the others will arrive soon”. Falkon shook his head and did exactly that. He reached for the bread, but Reggie spoke up, “Please wait 'till the others arrive”. Falkon groaned, and slunk in his chair. He was pretty hungry.

In about 2 minutes, the other Commanders had arrived. Kitty, as she was called, arrived first. She was a sexy dark haired, 19 year old, who was smart as she was beautiful. Aldar arrived second. He was a gothic looking man, who seemed to have a snake-like look. Klaus, a big muscular man, arrived last. They all sat down for a little while longer, when the main entrance door moved open. It was Emperor Mistral of Phasmius. He was a very shadowy figure in a long robe and hood, and not even his most trusted friends have ever seen his full face. They all got up and bowed to him, but he soon made a hand gesture, telling them to sit down.

“Please, eat.” He said to all of them. They all proceeded to eat. Falkon then said “Something tells me you didn’t bring us here for some fancy meal.” “Of course not, Falkon” Mistral replied “there is something much more important we need to discuss.” He gestured the servants to leave the room. “He-he, this will be interesting” thought Aldar. He always loved getting in on secrets, as he was and expert on intelligence operations.

“This is very important information, but eat as I go on.” Mistral said “as you well know, we have recently conquered the Antarctic Isles, which are very rich in coal. But what you don’t know is that this conquest has inspired me. It has caused me to think what riches the rest of the world has. So if we can control all of Tangea, we could be richer and more prosperous that the present day! With our military might, the other 4 nations don’t have a chance! We will rule Tangea!”

The others smiled at this; it had been a while since they have seen military action. Kitty spoke up soon after swallowing some chicken “And what does this have to do with any of us?” “My dear Kitten,” Mistral answered “you four are the most important part to the plan”. Aldar, who happened to be chewing some bread at the time, said “Let me guess, you want each of us to invade one of the four nations?” “Very good Aldar, how did you know that?” Mistral asked. “I am very skilled at predictions and problem solving” Aldar replied “comes in handy in battle.” Mistral smiled evilly, knowing this is why he is suited for such a task as he was about to give. “Klaus, you will take over Americium.” “Good.” Klaus said “I could always use a good workout. “Kitty, you will take over Cander.” Kitty giggled gleefully. “Aldar,” Mistral continued “you will take Barahma.” “Excellent,” Aldar said, taking a sip of wine. “And you Falkon, will get Nexica” Mistral said. Falkon smiled, he knew Nexica was famous for its drinks and precious metals. “In case you’re not already motivated,” Mistral added “you will get to govern the areas you take over, and an initial triple in your annual salary.” All of their jaws dropped. They already made a lot of money, and a triple was a humongous sum.

Mistral raised his goblet and yelled “to Phasmius!” The others promptly raised theirs and yelled “to Phasmius!” Then they drank the wine inside the goblets. “You leave on Monday,” Mistral said “each voyage should only take about 2 weeks.” The others nodded and continued eating. “Now, if you’ll excuse me,” Mistral said, “I've got to take a leak.” Falkon eyed him, and then Mistral went off. Klaus smiled, and then said “I love my job.”

Chapter 2:ACA Edit

Andy Ridder, a 14 year old boy, walked down the road to ACA, Americium combat academy, it was the first day of the academy’s school year. He would spend most of the week at the school, seeing his family on weekends and holiday breaks, though they mailed often. He stopped at the intersection; a carriage would pick him up here. The streets were mainly empty, it was around 7:00, and the sun had just risen. He was with a bunch of other kids at the stop, all waiting. The carriage turned the corner and pulled up, they all got in and the carriage continued on. It was a very large carriage, with 2 stories and different compartments; it was pulled by 5 horses. Andy looked around for his friend one of his friends.

In the back, he saw his friend, a fair-haired boy of his age named Jake. He went over to him, as none of his other friends were on the carriage, but would likely see them at school in classes or the boy’s dorm.

“Hey Andy!” Jake exclaimed “How ya doing?” They haven’t seen each other all summer, and were pretty close. “I’m doing fine,” Andy responded “hear about that riot is New Yorct?” “Yea,” Jake answered “Amazing how outraged people get about some news article.” The two chattered on about the riot. Apparently, the whole thing got started when a journalist wrote an article supporting the killing of animals for their fur. The thing was a relative minority of people who wanted it outlawed, protested, and then they attacked the newspaper headquarters, injuring at least 15 people, though nobody was killed.

The pair chatted idly for the rest of the trip, until they reached Baltiess, where the ACA was located. They looked at each other, smiled then popped their heads out the window of the carriage. The city was amazingly large, with stores, restaurants, and mansions everywhere. It was a fun place to go to, so when classes were over at ACA, the students were allowed to go into the town. After several minutes, they finally saw the castle that was home to the ACA. “Were back buddy,” Andy said “were back.” * * * In the Port Phasmius shipyard, the ships were being loaded with supplies. Falkon, Kitty, Klaus, Aldar, and Mistral looked around. A cheering crowd was formed all around the port, as they were not allowed in for security reasons. Though the sun was hot, Mistral still wore his imperial robe, covering most of his face.

“You will stop at Kaui to receive more troops and supplies. Then you will each set off for your destinations, where you will begin your invasion.” Kaui was a city on one of the Outer Ring Isles, which surrounded Phasmi Island, the main island of Phasmius. “You will all contact me though the crystal ball when you have made your first strike.” The crystal ball was much like a telephone, though it gave an image of the surroundings, usually with the talkers head in it. The others nodded and set off on one of the ships.

When the ships left port, most of the ships were gone and the crowd dispersed. Mistral turned to leave, walking back to the carriage. “Soon,” he thought to himself “soon the world will be ours”.

Chapter 3:Welcome back Ridder Edit

The students proceeded directly to the dining hall. It was a large room, with long tables with food, and banners and flags hung from the walls. The seniors (which Andy and Jake were) were told to sit at the 2nd table from the left. Andy and Jake saw their friend, Douglas. They hurried over to sit next to him, the seats filled fast.

“Hey, Dougie!” Jake called as he sat down with him and Andy “how you doing?” “Fine, I’m fine.” Douglas said. Unlike Jake, Andy was a soft spoken kid, but was a real party animal when there was a party. They all grabbed some food and talking excitedly about the summer. The talking stopped when the chime of a fork hitting a wine glass sounded.

At the end of the room, a long table turned to its side sat. This is where the teachers sat (in the big feasts anyway, they usually sat in anther dining hall, where all the staff ate). The headmaster, Alfred Ishbal who was a war veteran with a long beard. He wore a cloak with the ACA coat of arms printed on the breast pocket. He got out of his seat, and spoke.

“Hello, children. Those of you freshman, welcome to the ACA. The rest of you all, welcome back. We plan to have a good year this year, and hope you will enjoy it.” He cleared his throat and went on “The returning seniors, you are all now of draft age, and should your service be needed, you must go and fight.”

All the seniors looked around and quietly talked. “I turn 15 in 2 weeks!” Andy whispered “I’ll be of draft age.” “And the drinking age!” Jake excitedly whispered. Jake turned 15 a few weeks ago. Douglas would turn 15 1 week from now. Ishbal continued talking “So, anyway, Seftball tryouts are next Wednesday, Swimming on next Thursday, and Wrestling on next Friday. Now eat up, classes start tomorrow.”

The students resumed chatting. Andy knew him, Jake, and Douglas would go for Seftball. Seftball was played like a combination of soccer and dodge ball. It has a goal, 6 rubber balls, one of them red while the others were black, and 6 players on each team. 1 player guarded the goal, and at least 1 tried to score with the red balls. The rest threw the black balls at the opposing players. It was really brutal, and records have documented people that got severely broken bones and head trauma. Some have even died. Andy loved it nonetheless.

After the feast, they went to the senior common room. It was much fancier than the junior common room, and even had a large magic mirror, which functioned like a TV. Most the kids went to go put their bags in their dorms, which they soon returned. Andy, Jake, and Douglas did the same. In the room, 3 men were handing out upperclassman jackets. Andy got in line, with Jake and Douglas behind him.

When he got to the front, one of the men asked his size. He said he was a medium, which he was, and got his jacket. It was a dark brown jacket, with a tiny ACA logo on the left breast pocket. He immediately slipped it on, like everyone else. He sat on the couch and looked at all his classmates. Somehow, he got the feeling it would be a good year.

Chapter 4:BarhamaEdit

Mistral sat in his chambers. Reggie handed him his crystal ball, then walked out. Mistral was about to make contact with Aldar. He waved his palm smoothly over the ball, activating it. He proceeded to call Aldar.

On the ship, Slater, Aldar lay in his bed. His mind was wondering, when all noise that sounded like a heavy breath sounded. It was the crystal ball. He got up and smoothly waved his palm over it. The face of Mistral appeared.

“Hello, Aldar,” Mistral said “when will you begin the invasion?” “We should reach Nagashima morning, and then we will begin.” Aldar replied. “Ha-Ha,” Mistral chuckled “very good. Good luck!” Mistral’s face disappeared in a cloud, and then went totally away. Aldar put the ball down and got up. Preparations were to be made for the first strike.

In Nagashima, life went on as usual. In fact, 50 miles west in the suburb of Kanbei, it was time for the ninja academy students to go to school. One student in particular was walking, as he lived a few streets down. His name was Anga Yoshiba, 16 years old with dirty blonde hair, a comedic disposition and a inner demon named Sinji. Sinji normally stayed quiet, leaving Anga alone, but sometimes would talk, and give Anga advice or just talk to him, and aided him in battle on several occasions. On his head he wore a certain headband. This head band symbolized that he was a ninja, and the ninja were very well respected all over Barahma. Not very many people could become one, but about 45% of Baramaha’s populations were ninja, and Anga was one of them.

After a few minutes of walking, he reached the campus of the school. He kept walking until he got to the center of the courtyard, right by the koi fish fountain, were he always met with his friends. He didn’t see any of them, so he decided to talk to Sinji.

“Hello Anga.” Sinji said in his demonic voice “Decide to talk to me for a change, hmm?” “Yea,” Anga said to him, though he was really thinking it in his mind to talk to him “they should show up in a few minutes.” “Ok,” Sinji said “so what’s going on between you and that girl, Sam or something, I was gone.” Sinji would sometimes go back to demon land for an indefinite period of time. “Anyway, you two-““Man,” Anga cut him off “her name is Kirra, and we’re just friends.” “Right…” Sinji replied sarcastically.

The conversation continued like that until Anga’s friend, Hyaku, or showed up. Hyaku was a social 15 year old, who had a wild attitude, and liked the whole ninja thing. “Hey, Anga!” Hyaku said “coming to the party tonight?” “Hell, yeah!” Anga replied “wouldn’t miss a party for the world, beside Rykku is good guy”.

Anga’s mother had abandoned him after his father died, and lived with his distant cousin, Rykku, a ninja who was pretty lenient when it came to stuff like that. Hyaku’s mother was sick all the time, and when she wasn’t asleep, which was most of the time, she was constantly requiring aide. Hyaku was determined to make his mother proud by becoming a ninja, and partied to take away the pain that his mother suffered.

Anga went quiet when he saw Kirra. She wore her headband on her arm, as did most of the girls anyway. They looked at each other across the courtyard, waved and went back to their normal conversations. “You know you want to…” Hyaku said “you really don’t know how lucky you are.” Anga just looked at him with a annoyed glance, and Sinji was laughing in his head. “So you know, Kirra is going to be at the party, so you better make a move.” Anga chucked “Don’t worry,” he said “I’ll do it when the time is right.”

The bell rang, and everyone set off to class. Anga and Hyaku walked to their 1st period. “Party’s at Pagoda Tower’s, #940.” Hyaku said “Want to help spread the word? We know enough people the entire school will come.” Anga nodded; they had many friends, and it was possible for that to happen. They reached the door of the 1st period. They stepped in, and it would be a long time till the party.

Meanwhile, on the Slater, Aldar watched the sea. It was rather tranquil, and he saw many fish. The he heard what he had been waiting for.

“Land, ho!” yelled the lookout. Aldar got a sudden sense of urgency in him. “Tell the others ships in the fleet to get ready!” yelled Aldar “We must srtike today!"

Chapter 5:First StrikeEdit

Aldar put on his armor. The armor was made of an element called Maldamite. It was found only in Phasmius, and was black in color. A bell rang, signaling they would land very soon. He grabbed his long sword and helmet, and then went on deck.

“Lord Aldar,” said Mr. Legree, the captain of the Slater “they have a relatively small fleet of ships in the bay. Shall we open fire?” “Yes,” Aldar said “blow them apart.” “Yes sir!” the captain said “I will ready the cannons.” He talked into a pendant on a necklace, and other ships got ready. Catapults and cannons were put on the decks of the ships.

Aldar readied the main cannon. “We will fire at your command.” Legree said. The others ships in the fleet were aligned much the same. The cannon pointed toward one of the ships in the bay. “Ready!” Aldar yelled. “Aim!” the cannon pointed toward a large warship. “Fire!!!!!!!!!” the cannon made loud boom and sailed over the sea.

On the large warship, a ninja was eating his ramen. He looked out to see several black balls flying in different directions, all toward the warships in the bay. One was heading right for him. He put his ramen down and ran screaming “Incoming!!!!!! Run!!!!!!!!” the others looked and saw it, and panic perused. Some ran below deck, to man the Ōzutsu, some jumped overboard, some just stood there screaming. Then several balls hit the ship, tearing right through it.

Aldar laughed cruelly when he saw the ships get torn apart, he ordered the ships to turn to starboard side, and to fire at will.

The skirmish was over relatively fast. Most ships had received moderate damage, as they had fired back. The fleet continued into the bay. Landers were lowered off the boat and were headed for the shore. Aldar hopped in one of the boats and the boat lowered into the water. He saw many other Landers come into the bay.

When they reached the shore, chaos rose. Ninjas appeared on the beach where the landed. The fight began. The Phasmius soldiers charged at the ninjas. Though the ninjas were quick, many died at the blade of the knight’s swords. The rest of the ninjas went into the city, and the soldiers followed. More of Baramaha’s warships arrived in the bay, and the fleet got busy fending them off.

“My Lord!” cried a solider to Aldar “There is a castle in the middle of the city, about 15 blocks away. If we take the castle, the city is ours.” “Yes, but how?” Aldar said. He closed his eyes in deep though. After several seconds, they opened.

“We split into two groups.” Aldar said “Group Alpha and Group Omega. Group Alpha will be the larger group. They will attack downtown, near the castle. Group Omega will consist of our elite soldiers, which I will lead. Omega will take the castle, winning the battle.” “Very good, my Lord.” The solider said. Aldar told the solider to help organize the soldiers. After some time, the groups were organized. They then parted to different routes.

Most of the Ninja’s went off to fight Group Alpha, exactly what Aldar wanted. Though the alleys, the reached the draw bridge of the castle, which was carelessly left open to let out Ninjas. Aldar and his group rushed into the castle courtyard, just as the drawbridge closed. Ninjas rushed to greet them. The soldiers cut down the ninja’s in front of them. Shurikens and throwing knives flew though the air. These only scracted the soilders armor, but a few unfortunate soilders were hit in the neck, killing them. Aldar ordered the soilder to attack, and all ninjas were killed.

“Find the mayor and bring him to me!” Aldar oredered “We will soon win.” The soldiers set off looking for Nagashima’s mayor. Aldar took 5 soliders and went up the northwest tower. The rest set off on different areas. Aldar encounterdmore ninja, this time with makibishi, blocking there path. The ninja jumped over the spikes with ease, knocking the soilders to the groud. When a ninja got close to Aldar, he grabbed him with his legs, spun him around, and threw him on the makibishi. The other ninja proceeded to attack, but the met the same fate.

“I know Tijustu.” Aldar said. The soilders continued their search. Another soilder came running up to them. “My Lord!” he said “we found him!” “Show him to me!” Aldar commanded. The soilder showed him to the mayors chambers. Inside sat the rest of Group Omega, and the mayor of Nagashima. Aldar said “Your ninjas are dead, you are surronded, and we will win no matter what. Surrender now, and we will spare you.” “I have no other choice,” the Mayor said “I give up.” Aldar laughed. He the commanded to the soldiers “Take him to the brig on the Slater, along with any surviving ninjas. Take down the flag of Barahma, and replace it with the Phamius flag. Get Group Alpha and tell them we have won.”

This all happerned within a half hour, and celebrations soon occurred. Aldar would contact Mistral soon, and he would be glad to hear of their victory.

Chapter 6:He's got ballsEdit

Andy awoke. He realized it was his 15 birtday, and got motivated to get out of bed. He went to the dining hall to eat breakfast. He saw Jake and Douglas at the table and hurried to sit down. “Hey, Andy.” Douglas said “Conan got us a reservation at the Drunken Dragon after the game.” Andy smiled. Conan was a teamate on the Seftball team, and was known for his negotiating tactics. The first game of the season was tonight, and they would be playing against Duncan Prep.
“Well,” Jake said “eat up. We got to win the first home game.” Andy then stuffed himself with food. After 5 mintues, the bell rang. It was time for class. They got upand walked down to first period, Recon. They wanted the day to go by, and were ready for the game.
After Recon, there was Dueling, Hunting, Interogation, lunch, Cartography, and Fighting. Though each period lasted only an hour, it felt like a month. They were too excited to be patient. Finally, after fighting, the bell rang, and they ran to the Seftball court. It was about the size of a soccer filed, with a round goal on each end. Markings made of chalk paste were on the grass. They dashed across the field and went to the lockers, in a small complex on the other side of the field. Andy noticed other students were running with them, and spotted Conan, who came running up to them.
“Hey everybody.” He said panting “excited as I am?” “Yep,” Jake repiled “and we have been all day.”
They kept on running till they got to the building. Inside were lockers with equipment inside. They opened there lockers and got out the equipment, putting it on rather quickly. In just 2 minutes, they were ready to play.

Though it had been only a short time,the stands were filled with people. Box seats in towers above the stands poked periodiclly out of the seats. They took the field, and most of the crowd went wild. The team captain, Oliver, huddled the team up. “Alright now,” he said “rember your training, bob and weave if you have the ball, throw hard, and pass often.” The team broke the huddle just in time to see Duncan prep’s team take the field, and much of the crowd went wild. When they heard a whistle, they all took their positions toward the ends of the field. Andy saw the referees place the balls in the center of the field. The head referee held his hand up, kept it there for a few seconds, then lowered it in a karate chop fashion, blowing the whistle. The players all ran to the center to get the balls. Douglas and the other player for Duncan ran back to the goals. They grabbed them, then ran back a few yards.

The balls soon began flying. Many players on each team got hit, and Conan magaged to hit the opposing player with the red ball. Andy jumped and grabbed the ball. The crowd of ACA fans cheered on Andy as he ran for the goal on the other end of the field. He saw the goal in his sight, and made a mad dash for it. When he got close enough, him aimed for the right side of the goal. He threw it with all his might. The ball sailed through the air like a cannon ball. He smiled as it began to enter the goal. Then, out of the blue, the goalie grabbed it in mid air, and Andy felt a sudden sense of frustration. The whistle blew, and the goalie threw the ball at the ref. The sideliners put the balls back in their original spots. As Andy walked back, he felt it was going to be a tough game.
The game went on like that for most of the game, with the occasional goal for each team. Eventually, the score was tied 4-4 and went into overtime. Whoever made the next goal, one the game. They all got ready to make a dash for the balls. The familiar whistle sounded, and the players ran to them. This time, Andy grabbed the red ball. He made a run for the goal liked before, but a player with a ball was about to throw at him. Conan saw him and chucked a black ball at the player. He fell back, yelping in pain. “Run!!!!!” Conan shouted. Andy did just that. As he ran, he saw many balls flying, he dodged them all. The opponets soon ran after Andy. He picked up his pace, but they soon had balls. Then, he saw Jake a little farther down the field. He threw it to him, and he caught it. They soon ran together, weaving in and around the field.
They eventually reached the end, and the goalie stood in front of them. Andy had the ball and threw it to the left. The goalie jumped left, hoping to cacth it. And that’s exactly what Andy wanted him to do. The ball then curved right. It struck the net of the goal, and a shrill whistle sounded. Andy felt overjoyed, as he had just won the game.
Later, at the Drunken Dragon, the team celebrated. Andy was about to get his first legal drink too, and he was excited. He was sitting with Jkae, Douglas and Conan. Then, his beer arrived. “Well,” Jake said “I belive you should take the first drink.” Andy nodded. He stood on the table, surronded by yells of excitement. He pulled himself together and took a big gulp. The golden ale slivered down his throat, and the taste of beer entered his mouth. The crowd cheered even louder. “Happy 15th birthday” Andy thought. It was gonna be one hell of a night.

Chapter 7: Animal House PartyEdit

Back in Kanbei, Anga walked downstairs, and Rykku was apparently going out. “Going to a little party myself” he said “I won’t be back ‘till 11, so come back whenever, ok?”

Anga agreed and walked off to Padoga Towers. He was just around the corner to #940 when he heard the party going on. Anga walked to the door and opened it. Music blasted from the record player in the coner of the room. It seemed the entire school was there, as the people were packed into every part of the room. The smell of beer and opium was everywhere. Hyaku then saw him and ran over. He looked pretty wired, maybe he had smoked the opium. “Anga!” he yelled, though it was barely audiable over the noise “Can I do anything for you?” “Get me some beer.” He said. Hyaku then dragged him over into the kicthen , which still held quite a few people, but on the counter laid a huge keg. He grabbed 2 glasses, filled them with beer, and gave one to Anga. “Drink up!” he said , and they did just that.

Hyaku just finshed drinking when he filled another glass. Anga got a drink himself, and walked into the main room. He found a spot on the couch and sat down. A pipe lay on the coffe table. He looked in the pipe, and sure enough, some opium was in there. He then grabbed a macth out of a box on the table, lit it and put it the opium. The opium caught fire, and blue smoke slithered around his head. He then sucked in the smoke out of the pipe. He soon began to feel the high. He felt it clense his body of the stress his past gave him. How he had never seen the face of ethier of his parents, the fact that his mother was still alive but probably cared less if he was still alive, the fact he had never known how his father died, the fact he had a demon live inside of him for God knows what, all went away with the smoke from his mouth. This was then followed by a carefree, happy feeling. He took about 5 more drags on the pipe when he was suddenly interupted by Hyaku.

“You are going to fight with that Nurocku guy in a macth.” Hyaku said. Anga pondered for a moment, then suddenly remebered that his friend Lee, had organized several fights for the party. He also noticed the crowd of people seemed to be going outside to the backyard. In the backyard, a large platform was raised over a crowd of people. Anga quickly recognized it as a fighting ring. And he was going to fight in it.

Anga hopped on one end of the platform. He then tore his shirt off and gave it to Hyaku, who then handed him a blue sash. Anga tied it around his hips loosely. Hyaku also handed him some tape to wrap around his hands. Lee walked over to Anga and said “Good luck!” patting him on the back. Anga also saw he slipped some surikens in his pocket.

A drum began beating softly. Anga quickly tightened his headband and got up. He turned to see Nurocku, and large muscular guy. Anga felt a wave of fear fly past him as he walked toward the center of the circle. Not saying word to each other, they bowed and stepped back. “Want me to help you?” Sinji said to Anga. Sinji was extremely skill at ninja combat and could control Anga’s body as if it were his own. But he could only do this for a few minutes, as it required a lot of energy to do so.

“Not now.” Anga thought to him “I can handle this on my own.” “Suit yourself” Sinji said. Anga and Nurocku put their hand into a defensive position. The beating of the drum got faster, and then a sharp whistle blew. Nurocku charged at Anga, but he quickly got out of the way, the drum continued to beat, and the crowd was making as much noise as possible. Anga kicked his back, knocking him down for a split second. Nurocku grabbed Anga and threw him across the ring. Anga managed to stop himself before he left the ring, which would mean his disqualification. He saw Nurocku running to him from the other side of the ring. Quickly, he remembered that he had the Shruikens in his pocket. He grabbed one and threw it at Nurocku. He quickly stopped, seeing it coming. The Shuriken turn to the left. Anga knew what was going to happen and smirked. He could hear Nurocku say “You missed you dumb f-” .

What followed was a screaming pain that had all the crowd cover their ears. The Shuriken had gone into Nurocku’s side. Anga saw him collapse to the ground in agony, cluching his side which now was pouring with blood. The referee, Lee, beagn to count to ten. Nurocku just lay in a pool of blood all the way until about when Lee got to 7. Anga saw him pull the Shuriken out of his side at 8. Anga got nervous. Nurocku seem to get in a position to push him self up. Just when Lee was about to get to 10, Nurocku threw himself in the air, and sent a shuriken fliying twoard Anga. Anga seemed to have dodged it, but then he felt a searing pain in his forearm. The shuriken sliced his forearm deeply. This worried him. Nurocku was still in pain, but fighting like he was’nt. He would eventually wear Anga out, winning.

“Still don’t need my help?” Sinji chimed. “Fine.” Anga though to him “just don’t kill him.” Anga felt a little woozy as Sinji took total control over his body. He then saw a flash of red, then Anga would wacth as Sinji attacked.

Hyaku was freaked out. Anga’s eyes were blood red, and his face had and had an mischivious grin on his face. He saw him charge and Nurocku, mercilessly punching and kicking him. Blood trailed from Nurocku’s body and he was beaten like a rag doll. He eventually collapsed and Anga stuck his heel to his throat. Lee began the countdown again. Nurocku began to struggle for air as Anga pressed harder. Hyaku then saw his eyes turn to normal, and back away from Nurocku, who began to bleed even more furiously then before.

Another whistle blew as 10 was reached. The crowd cheered. Anga casually waved a couple times and jumped off the platform. Hyaku handed him a towel. Anga wiped the sweat and blood off of himself. Anga put his shirt on his back and walked away from the ring. Hyaku began to follw him, he wanted to know about the eyes. Hyaku was just about to get to him when Lee grabbed his shoulder. “You’re next.” he said cooly. Hyaku, though annoyed, followed him back to the ring. Sooner or later, he would know about his eyes.

Anga sat down to wacth Hyaku fight. He really seemed to enjoy it, smokeing opium and wacth Hyaku kick some other ninja’s ass. He smoked some tobacco mixed with opium, as pretty much everyone else did. Sinji carried on and on about how bad he beat up Nurocku, who was laying in a cot covered in bandages. Anga could only ignore him, which Sinji did’nt seem to notice. The bell had rung and Hyaku had won. Anga stood and cheered and gave him the pipe, which he decided to smoke elsewhere. Anga just got settled in for another fight when he noticed sombody sat next to him. He looked over and saw that it was Kirra. She looked slightly drunk. “Hi Anga.” She said to him. Anga smiled back.

They talked though out the next fight, as they drank. She went on about non-senical things, while Anga and her had more beer. She eventually collapsed.

“Now’s your chance!” Sinji said “she’ll only be knocked out for a little while, so take her to the bedroom and-” “Good lord,” Anga though to him “Why would’nt I do that?” Anga then picked her up and walked her to the house, in which some people still remained. He walked up the stairs and smiled at the mear though of the rest of the night.

Chapter 8:Han-JinEdit

Admiral Hai Choi of the Barahma navy sat at the bow of his ship, the Mai-Kua. He was meditating, to highten his ninja sense and took in the sounds around him. The waves crashed against the side of the boat as his fleet made its way south to Nagashima Bay. The porposes jumped alongside the boats. The Barahama flag flapped in the wind. His trance was broken abruptly by a young sailor ninja.

“Sir,” he said “we have reached Nagashima Bay!” Choi got up. “Good.” He said cooly “Ready the ships, it’s time to take back what is ours.” The ninja saluted and ran off. Choi decided not to worry himself and contiued to meditate.

Meanwhile, in Nagashima, Aldar was in his chambers, which was the mayor’s old office. He had just got word that a fleet of ships was headed into the bay. They were too unprepared to do any naval strike, but he knew what he had to do. He grabbed a crystal ball and waved his hand over it. On the surface of the ball came something strange. It was a creature. It had the body and limbs of a human, but its head, its head was that of a shark’s. Not only that, its body was covered in slick blue scales. It was one of the mythcal beasts that occupied Phasmius. It was a Han-Jin.

That particular Han-Jin was called Maco, one of the Commanding Officers of the Han-Jin. Aldar got the chills just looking at him. He looked at Aldar awating orders. “Come on,” he said “have’nt got all day.” Aldar hated the insolance of these beings, but in order to stop the fleet, they must be used. “There are Barahma navy ships headed to the bay.” Aldar said “Stop them at all costs.” “Yes Sir.” said Maco. Fog clouded the crystal ball’s view of Maco. Aldar was relived that he no longer had to interface with the beast.

Maco ordered the rest of the Han-Jin off the ship to attack the incoming fleet. The boatfuls of Han-Jin poured into the sea like lemmings, swimming twoard the boats in the fleet.

The ninja in the crow’s nest of the Mai-Kua looked at the disturbance in the water through a telescope. Things were swimming towards the boats. He zoomed in and saw the Han-Jin clearly. He immeadiately started yelling “Han-Jin!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ready yourselves! Han-Jin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Panic ensued as these words echoed throgh the ships. This was soon stopped by Choi throwing exploding dynamite in the air. “Silence!” he boomed “now listen, these Han-Jin are very powerful creatures. They dislike extreme heat and dryness, so do your best to slow them down!” He heard many confirming voices coming from the ship. The Han-Jin began to cling the side of the Mai-Kau and the other ships. “Ready yourselves.” Choi said as the Han-Jin clawed there way up. Ninja readied crossbows and toarches in anticipation.

All was dead still for a few moments then the Han-Jin attacked. They threw themselves at the ninja. Their powerful jaws tore through thier flesh as most ninjas backed away. The foolish few that stayed were sluagtered. Arrows, shrikens, and throwing knifes entered the skin of the Han-Jin, but this did’nt do much to stop them. They dipersed, destroying anything in there path. Several even shredded one of the masts of the Mai-Kau.

Choi stood shocked at the destruction of his ship. He saw the other ships get torn apart as well, and several were sinking. Then several Han-Jin charged at him. As one jumped to bite his neck, he puched it in the nose. It recoiled backwards, clucthing its nose, yelping in pain. Two more Han-Jin charged at him, though he was able to fend off one, the other puched him in the chest. He fell back, and felt something in his right pocket. He pulled it out, then realized what a fool he had been. It was the Dragon’s Tooth, a magical object that gave its user the ablity to breathe fire. Qiucly, he pulled it out of his pocket as the Han-Jin ran toward him. He spread his hands and feet square, clutching the Dragon’s Tooth in his right hand. He took a deep breath; the Han-Jin came closer; he expelled his breath, but instead of carbon dioxide, came a large stream of fire.

The Han-Jin ran back in fear. The heat was simply enough to have them killed. Maco saw the fire erupt from the man’s mouth. He walked back in fear. He looked around, and assesed the damage they had done. He stood in deep thought. Then, suddenly out of character, he yelled “Pull Back!!!!!!” The Han-Jin obeyed, jumping off the sides of the boat, being chased by more Dragon’s Tooth wielding ninja. In the water, they swam quicly as possible to their boats.

The ninja had one a shallow victory. Though they had fought off the Han-Jin, their ships and themselves were in too poor condition to fight in any sort of battle. Choi looked at the poor condition of the Mai-Kau. One of the masts was broken, the deck covered in blood, ninja laying down with severed limbs. Choi was angry.

“SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Choi screamed. It echoed across the bay. He then ordered the ships to return to the port. After picking up castaways from the sunken ships, they did just that.

Aldar heard the good news. He was getting ready for the march to conquer the surronding cities, and this just lightened his spirits, even though Maco stared right through him, creeply.

The Han-Jin reminded Aldar of death, and how close he came to it once. He began to think of how it had happened.

“Sir,” interrupted a soilder “all preperations have been made and we are ready for the march.” “Good.” Aldar replied annoyed “I will be down in a second.” Aldar put on his armor, grabbed his sword, and walked to a cart. He ordered the group to start going. They were headed to Tokeya, a city 10 miles away. He lay himself down, listening to the horses and soliders footsteps, and thought about his near death expirince.