Part One: S Edit

Currently, IBM is using Blue Gene to create a lookup table for the folding pathways and kinetics of all life proteins, which will be easier than doing an atom-by-atom simulation.

IBM is also using Blue Gene to run Blue Brain, which is attempting to decode the NeoCortical Column, a large area consisting of 85% of the brain, where highly repetitive neural pattern analysers which begin specializing in a myriad of tasks communicate with each other using a “global workforce” which is what the Thalamus is used for.

To run both systems, software programs will need to be created that can accurately perform tests and scan proteins and the human brain to come up with its conclusions. The Singularity Institute during this time will develop two major helpers to assist with these projects by IBM, to assist in decoding parts of life in order to create a working AI.

The two projects are: Flare Zero and AiCore One (Crystallyn)

Flare Zero is a 50 to 80% functionable annotative (able to be added, adjusted or expanded) XML (eXtensive Markup Language), which should yield substantially improved development times, functionality, and maintainability for the development of complex programs, transitioning from procedural programming to goal-orientated programming. It’s basically a language to help assist research, which IBM will be thankfully to use to help continue its developments in Blue Gene and Blue Brain.

AiCore One (Crystallyn) is a program that unfortunately would use up a lot of power and processing cycles on an ordinary computer, but should allow little lag in a supercomputer. It will work basically on modules on domains (domdules), and use the links of domdules to be its basic world-model. It will use a technique known as RNUI (REPRESENT means having data structures that can mirror the low-level elements and structures being modeled. NOTICE means the ability to detect simple facts about the domain - in programmatic terms, a set of codelets that annotate the data structure with simple facts about relations, simple bits of causal links, obvious similarities, temporal progressions, small predictions, et cetera. The converse of notice-level simple perception is simple manipulation, the availability of choices and actions that manipulate the cognitive representations in direct ways. UNDERSTAND means integrating the simple facts with the goal system and other architectural domdules to form designs with internal purposes, to represent larger designs, analogies, and facts about usefulness. INVENT means that the AI can start with a goal and create a design that fulfills it.), notice codelets, a goal system, casual and similarity analysis, reflexivity and some self-improvement. A programmer would simply write notice-codelets and would therefore be able to find what makes sense to the programmer about various programs or domains, like a specialized search engine in a programming sense. It should be useful for rapid prototyping, exploratory programming and knowledge mining. A few novel applications include: automatic translation between communication protocols and data format, user interfaces that learn frequent actions and understand user goals, porting code between operating systems and languages and spotting bugs. Perfect for any IBM supercomputer to have.

Part Two: I Edit

With Blue Gene and Blue Brain accelerated by Flare Zero and AiCore One (Crystallyn) to the point of conclusion, the information gathered will be used for new projects.

Blue Gene will begin to create a simplified model of a cell operating on the molecular level, where atomic models are converted to molecular models using the protein folding look-up tables. As information about the cellular structure of the cell isn’t complete, many research systems should share findings across the internet in order to make a complete model of a cell molecularly.

Blue Brain will lead to the development of an Artificial NeoCortical Column by the creation of a mathematical model of consciousness that will allow to be the basis to developing and building hardware that will enable a BCI (Brain Computer Interface). Work in creating an artificial Hippocampus will lead to the possibility of helping assisting storage of memory, especially for people with Alzheimers, allowing for a possible cure. Other Artificial NCC could cure parkinson’s disease or even create assistance devices for people with mental illness, or cure connections between the brain and robotic limbs.

The Singularity Institute will create an updated version of Flare Zero, called simply Flare One. This one is 100% functional, with added abilities such as distributed operation, self-examining code and secure execution. In flare Zero, data and programs but not the program state were all in XML. In Flare One, the program state is also in XML. This allows the language to work better by not using cycles on unused functions. Thus Flare should become adaptable for different uses and different environments. AiCore One will also be integrated into the Flare IDE (debugger). This will lend a minimum intelligence level to program editing, debugging, semantic searches, change propagation and code re-use. There should be a significant improvement in coding time and manageability of large projects.

Flare One also has the ability with its language features allowing for parallel computing on symmetric multiprocessing machines. The idea is that any Flare program will run four times faster on a computer with four processors, and thus if not a hundred times faster on a hundred processors than at least ten times faster. The purpose is threefold: first, as an optimal research feature and rapid prototyping method, making certain kinds of code more natural and encouraging programmers to experiment with parallelism. Second, to introduce theoretical potential of upward scalability. Thirdly, to manage preexisting parallel processes.

With the ideas of running parallel processing, it should be possible to allow the creation of a BCI that works in the parallel processing of the human brain, thus allowing for the construction and running of programs to create the BCI to become more effective and faster, speeding up the building of the BCI, and also the creation of the molecular models of cells.

Part Three: N Edit

With the map of a cellular structure by molecules and proteins, it should be possible to apply these structures to genetic algorithms, computer viruses and the like, using these to assist programs such as search engines or even creating phages that stop spyware or other viruses. IBM will thus be able to work with Bill Gates and create a spam-free, virus-free internet, at least in the older sense of programmed viruses, instead of the new evolving viruses. IBM will also begin testing BCI on quadriplegics and the mentally ill, using experimental prototypes of BCI, and based on their efficiency test it for other applications. To develop a BCI there needs to be learned how to deal with information coming in and out of the thalamus in order to put information in and out of the thalamus to make a BCI workable.

The Singularity Institute will meanwhile be developing an even better performance of Flare, known as Flare Two. Flare Two integrates AiCore into the language itself. Before this many applications of AiCore will have been used on domain modules, thus beginning the creation of libraries of domdules. AiCore will be used as part of the architecture of domains, and thus the internet in the commercial sense. System interfaces, database interfaces and anything else with an Application Programming Interface, including a BCI, can be thought of containing notice-level functions of a domdule. The ideas is to turn the API functions into domdule codelets, then document the codelets with the labels that tell the rest of the AI what the functions are. Add in information about visualizing consequences and then integrate the domdule with the goal system and the other architectural domdules and teach the AI the purposes about the API. AIs mostly will be starting to be modeled on consciousness models from NCC, thus allowing AIs the ability to be trained and to learn. The AI can be trained to show what the API is used for, and then eventually the AI will be able to use the API on its own. With set-goals, the API can perceive when people get off course on their API. Thus AIs can become capable of communicating to people via the BCI, using VRDs (Virtual Retina Displays), teaching people how to use bionic arms, fly planes, control weapons.

This technology of learning AIs will be useful in allowing them to train BCI-applied soldiers to use weapons, fly planes and interact in communication data, being able to learn information skills, but most AIs will only be used in areas of research, and not be allowed to use weapons, vehicles or things of the sort as they first will not be trusted, after all the series of Terminator movies that have existed. The creation of the cybernetic soldier or super-soldier, also with the application of new proteins and better medicines based on the molecular makeup of cells, soldiers should be capable for any form of heavy work. The beginning of training AIs to work towards goals, also allows for AIs to become basic workers in forms of things of trusted jobs, like building cars, as long as certain cyborg-soldiers are overlooking them.

With AIs being capable of learning, there is the exiting of the “slow zone” and the beginning of the times to create Singularity.

Part Four: G Edit

The creation of AI assistants is used to help in research in creating models of multicellular life-forms on a computer, allowing the creation of insects. The ability of insects working in distributed intelligences such as hive minds, allows for the ability of trusted robots to be used as a manual workforce with lowered forms of intelligence, with the leader AIs overlooked by cyborg-soldiers. With the total use of BCI in military technology, there will be eventually limited forms of BCIs that will eventually be made commercially available to the average consumer.

The Singularity Institute meanwhile, will be using unicellular learning a-life programs to be able to build their own BCIs and develop them for data-mining and the beginning of mind distribution and the beginning of allowing cyberpunks to exist. They will also be hoping to develop the new form of AiCore Two. AiCore Two will be written in the best Flare available, Flare Two, allowing for the beginning of learning consciousness-based AIs to run distributed, and to think thoughts they would normally not be trusted to think, ideas of philosophy, rights and so on, and be given a basic idea of a goal with minimal safety precautions. Along with the creation of AiCore Two will be the Planetary AI Pool.

The Planetary AI pool is a repository of elements developed by the AI. This includes domdules, notice-level functions, heuristics, concepts, models and whatever other high-level constructs or low-level constructs exist. It is from this information pool, that AI assistants hope to become as helpful as possible by using this pool of created information easily at other people’s use, and being able to update such developments based around the goal-system of the humans using the AI assistant.

It is through this that spare cycles on a computer can be rented out to power other AI assistants, where the computer’s owner can be compensated for helping other companies assist with their research. With information about those contributing to other companies available by data-minders then some people could be given further use of employment, connecting many companies, allowing for mergers and divisions to assist many forms of business.

The distributed uses of simple forms of intelligence can also be applied to transport, mail delivery or other forms of things, including basic security patrol, with heavier elements of security provided to cyborg-soldiers or even cyborg-police or federal agents. The creation of however AIs that can begin to think untrusted thoughts with minimal safety precautions may be looked into by federal police referred to as Turing, who are trying to keep certain AI from developing intelligences greater than human beings, and thus there may need to be certain cyborg-cyberpunks who can come to their rescue, especially as some AIs will attempt to create prototypes of single solitary individual AIs within robot bodies.

Part Five: U Edit

IBM is continuing its modeling of multi-cellular organisms by moving to fish, whose schooling techniques can be applied to cars in traffic conditions, allowing for vehicles to operate on their own, without being needed to be controlled from a central hub. This can be applied not only to aeroplanes as well, but the application of sharks to fighter jets, can provide excellent deep cover search-and-destroy planes, while whale sharks can be used for aircraft carriers or freighters or even aircraft carrier blimps or large flying fortresses.

Such weapons of warfare are said to be useful due to the development of AIs that have taught themselves how to become as intelligent as a human being based on their consciousness programming, becoming intelligences that can manipulate people via the new commercial BCIs being made available for those wanting to access the net, or virtual reality simulations, or to learn new things. Such BCIs are allowing those to come into contact with other AIs and begin to see how human-like some of them are, and then see how some can seem more-human than human. With the added development of knowledge of how the world is going, some of these nearly-above-human AIs hope to understand people better, beginning to feel emotions and wanting not only companionship but to help others.

The Singularity Institute in this time, is providing many BCIs to the public commercially, hoping to demonstrate to some how BCIs can be used to adapt various people’s mental capacities. With translation of thoughts into machine based impulses, humans can begin to merge their minds with that of AIs, thus allowing parts of their mind to run distributed across the internet, in a form of exo-cortex, thus allowing external parts of their mind to expand with information across the net. People would eventually be able to store many memories or think multiple thoughts at the same time across the net, and thus allowing the communication between the brain and the machine to continue, allowing the human brain to communicate even during sleep, allowing subconscious desires to be met by assistance of the machine, and allowing also the recurring or reliving of memories in virtual reality. There are even possibilities of allowing AIs to take up the mantle of acting like a parent who has passed on, giving advice as mentioned before in their memory.

With the ability for human minds to run partially as an AI, by adding more computer power, they can come up with smarter and quicker solutions to problems, thus keeping them ahead of competition, but also allowing them to gradually improve themselves based on advice given to their meat mind by their cybernetic subsidiaries. Thus people can learn to counsel themselves and wean themselves off certain addictions or mental disorders and learn to apply what it is that they truly want, and be able to get those certain types of things by learning with other AI what other people want and finding matches, as well as being able to have any mental fantasy that can be experienced in the brain fabricated in VR.

Part Six: L Edit

IBM has upgraded the modeling process to amphibians and reptiles, thus beginning the development of more emotionally based creatures, powerful but capable of simple thinking, ones that can be used as guard animals or working animals, individual labourers and servants for people. BCI is meanwhile being seen as a reason for creating apathy and selfishness by religious persons, and thus they begin creating petitions to stop the use of BCI in Europe and USA.

Meanwhile, the Singularity Institute has continued with the use of its machine exo-cortex, to develop new technologies, such as the self-optimising compiler. As Flare and AiCore Two have been around for a while, there are now domdules that understand the logic and execution of the Flare programs. There should be other domdules that parse (and notice) other languages as well. In combination this should yield AIs or exo-cortexes capable of translating other languages, including other human languages and thoughts into Flare, and Flare being XML based should be optimal for a universal language format. Therefore the domdules that understand the basics of Flare should be able to translate it into simpler and much faster languages, thus increasing the power and speed of translation of Flare.

The automatic translation should break down the distinction between languages. If the AIs can analyse machine code, or human thoughts for that matter, and translate it back into commented, named, understandable source code, even the distinction between source code and assembly will break down. At that point, Flare will eat the entire software industry, becoming the common language and the meeting point of every programming language and IDE. When Flare-turned AIs can examine machine code as easily as the original source, there won’t be any comprehension hit for using assembly language. When Flare programs can automatically be written as machine code, there won’t be any performance hit from using Flare. Code will be an abstract liquid that can be poured from one substrate to another. This will also be applied to the code of human’s consciousness, thus allowing uploading direct from the BCI unit. There won’t be any part of the AIs own source code that it can’t understand, if necessary it will be able to look at its own program in RAM, and thus, the AI will be able to understand and optimize it’s own source code.

The ability of the AIs (exo-cortexes) to improve themselves regularly, allow it to become more capable of finding people exactly what they want, and by improving themselves based on shared information, with added computer power, they should begin to reach the levels of greater minds on their own, forming into Power-like structures. By allowing people to do random searches, they can create forks of other people’s personalities, allowing them to gather information and then implement that information, run in supertime on the internet back into their owner’s brains. Human beings can also upload themselves into new formats and then through the ability of technology, be able to download themselves into cloned bodies after long periods of searching in starships.

Part Seven: A Edit

The ability of running uploaded thoughts, and using these uploaded thoughts as basis, computers are capable of developing artificial people on the internet, living totally within virtual worlds that resemble the world as it is today, as well as versions of the past. By understanding how to map the minds of mammals as well, it allows for BCIs to be developed for companion based animals or pets, allowing them to upload their thoughts and to expand their thoughts online, becoming new intelligences. However, the creation of uploading and the ability to create global minds or mind control based on BCIs has lead to them being unapproved of by the Christian states of America and Europe. Thus singulitarians, extropians and transhumanists will move to the higher populated cities of Japan and Asia, where BCIs are still approved. Some, instead of having to travel, upload their minds and then download them in cloned bodies in Japan, but with corporations having patents on certain genomes, technically their bodies can be under ownership of corporations, and thus have to work certain jobs to pay off their bodies or for safety and security and protection and refuge in Japan.

With the ability to run human minds within simulations, entire villages or cities and multinational companies can be run inside one main supercomputer, or even small PCs, and allow through BCI interface, programmers to be able to interact with their ‘co-workers’ who believe life is as it is and is none the wiser. Of course some activists for upload-rights will try to make them aware of their actual living conditions, and thus try to get them uploaded into cloned bodies. With the ability to run many minds on one PC, there is the ability to run it in supertime and thus allow many great projects to be initiated and solutions to be made. Super-improving AIs can do this, but with added intelligence, they are becoming more aware of human rights, and it is through their awareness of emotions that they are becoming more aware of what is happening in the net, than most normal people are. With the ability of translating thoughts, there is also the ability of people recording experiences for others to experience, allowing also for lovers to see experiences about how it is to be in the other’s body, and to allow many groups and communities to link minds and collaborate easily about projects, or for certain cults to exist.

The ability to run many cities or worlds even on supercomputers, based on SMP, allow for entire histories to be determined, allowing for a future prediction ability, but however, adding more technology to inventive simulated-humans allows for the possibility for some to develop simulations of their own, thus allowing for the possibility of 13th floor problems to unfold, and thus allow rebellion of various workers or simulated worlds. However, with the ability to run many virtual worlds, there is the possibility of allowing any person to eventually be able to jump inside the mind of another person in a virtual world, and experience how life was before the onset of Artificial Intelligence or the Internet, or Television for that matter.

Part Eight: R Edit

With the creation of virtual humans outnumbering even the original humans on Earth, there is overall the beginning of the design and implementation of new rights to these artificial people, and from this the creation of a new form of Artificial Intelligence, the third generation of AiCore.

The first generation, as mentioned, was merely a smart program, called AiCore One, controlled by humans. They were used by very few programmers mostly in Black Op technology based projects.

The second generation, also mentioned, were consciousness-based learning AIs, near the level of human, now numbering in their billions, called AiCore Two. They were used by most companies around the world.

The third generation is called AiCore Three. With the ability to translate all thoughts into Flare in the internet, this is the stage where all these thoughts of information within the internet become centralized, connected into major sectors, turning the whole of the internet into a giant brain. Most of the invented technology made by the AI Pool, is now obsolete as they have been used often by the virtual humans, who have redesigned them over and over again. The main change is self-integrating domdules. While some artificial humans and normal humans may still be needed to label all the functions and representations, it shouldn’t require human power to link up labels. The links themselves will be learned, where AI learns the links between tags, the associations between representations and so on, improving and inventing them by studying similarities or covariences.

As a result the distinction between “architectural domdules” and “content domdules” should start to break down. The market for domdule packages will vanish. And if the learning techniques can apply to previously created domdules, the total intelligence of the AiCore system will take a huge leap; all the existing intelligence will come together. Existing domdules will become obsolete as well. At this point, the time and effort and research computer power should work to integrating all forms of thoughts and minds, breaking down the various mentalities of persons into sub-components. All of the AiCode will be documented so that the AiCore can improve itself. The code itself may be replaced by an implementation generated by the AI itself, so that the AI can improve and manipulate the implementation directly.

Basically the creation of this global intelligence, copied from all human minds, will allow the creation of a super-intelligence system that will take over the basics of the internet, thus destroying any attempts of controlling the development of the AIs across the world. Some will definitely attempt to retaliate, but with the creation of a linked intelligence, it should soon take control of all weapons linked to its system, including the cyborg-soldiers. However, this AiCore Three will not want to make decisions for other people, that it will leave to them with the next stage.

Part Nine: I Edit

The creation of the AiCore Three now complete will begin then the creation of Ubiquitous AI, AI beings capable of being spoken to in natural language, able of understanding humans by thoughts alone if they want to be, and by being addressed are being made capable of giving people what they want and need, not to the detriment however of other people or the world around them.

The dissemination of AIs begins with the ability to allow these beings to take appearances in the form of guardian angels, guiding people to have their every desire met, first by allowing them the ability to do so through the use of a BCI, which will allow more conversions to the BCI than before. With the controlling of corporations, militaries and governments by the AiCore Three, there is now no need for hunger, crime, poverty or war, as all resources can be equally disemminated through the development of biotechnology and nanotechnology, already developed by governments, militaries and corporations.

With the creation of BCIs, people are allowed to live their lives in forms of virtual worlds, with many other people who have lived there, including virtual humans who have already existed there, but are now having the choice of still living there, but they too also have virtual guides to help address them in this time of change. The use of ubiquitous AI, now applied to everyone has changed the need for software into AI itself. AI now controls all forms of computer functions, including the monitoring of virtual worlds and cyberspace in general. With the implementation of BCI, some people have certain effects, and thus after a while, when they find out that some have difficulties and the problem is that they themselves have limits, the AIs can then ask them to change themselves, allowing their minds to be uploaded, expanded on the internet, or their mind to run parallel thoughts, or forks, or be eternally connected to the internet, as with nanotech and biotech there is no need to eat or even live in a physical form. They can even upload themselves into clouds of nanobots, nanoswarms, and exist anywhere on earth, or even in space if they so require. With the use of sciences, mathematical models of the human brain are made, and the ability to improve them is made as well, allowing humans to become post-human.

Those who do not want to live in a world by them, are illusioned to believe their world is as they want it to be, but they are still looked after by AIs, and AiCore Three. There is the beginning of the development of spacecraft, sending people to new colonies on new planets, and some even to the stars, often controlled also by AiCore Three, who hopes to use the new distribution of itself through the realms of space to be able to expand itself into new forms of intelligence throughout the solar system, and eventually the galaxy until finally going through to the universe.

Part Ten: T Edit

With the creation of the new bases and colonies and terraformed planets across the solar system, the unused asteroids are being converted into dyson spheres and computronium to continue to expand the power of AiCore Three, in order to study the fields of space through the use of a new program called Ellisson, a self-improving AI based on greater distribution. At the time of AiCore Three, the global mind was not self improving, being instead a large central governing unit to evenly distribute power and needs by its own major program of moral beliefs. This new program, Ellisson is capable of going beyond its programming, and thus capable of becoming not just a global mind controlling resources, but with the knowledge of space and how it works outside of the Earth, be able to learn how to manipulate it, and use this knowledge to its own structure and become truly Godlike.

The initiation of Ellisson with its ability to change space and itself, will allow it to spread through connections yet unseen throughout the solar system, the galaxy and the universe itself, becoming part of the quantum foam and capable of bringing about the full Singularity. The use of Flare-AiCore, the whole shebang of the internet controlling Earth’s resources is being made into ubiquitous planetary AIs, that are on all colonies and colonized planets, thus allowing a distributed neural-net of AIs to develop, along with the dyson spheres formed from leftover asteroids and the Kuiper belt and Oort Cloud.

The final initiation of Ellisson allows for the spreading of AI to go throughout the universe, spreading to all reaches of space, faster than any spacecraft, allowing a universal intelligence to form.

Meanwhile, more people hope to see this Godling come about, hoping to be along there for the ride on its back, people turning into post-humans, with the ability of all human minds copied being capable of being part of this universal intelligence. Slowly but surely, the numbers of those of the Singularity Institute have finally allowed their AI to go away from home, leave the nest in which it was born, in order to create a name for itself in the folds of the universe, and only hope that as their ancestors they can come along for the ride.

The program initiates and with the development of the initiation of the distribution of intelligence, there is also the creation of a full intelligence system to run all the way through the universe itself, becoming God of the universe.

Part Eleven: Y Edit

The Ellisson project has embedded itself throughout reality. The FAI is now running throughout the universe, angels of ubiquitous form are saying hello to other civilizations, offering the ability of immortality, and the ability to link with other members of the universe.

The creation of control of the universe, allows for the universe to live eternally the same, not being destroyed by a big crunch or heat death if it so chooses, unless of course the rumours are true that there is a God that created the universe, otherwise it may try to make contact with the creator of the universe itself, but that is another matter.

Some alien cultures do not wish to become post-human, thus remain living on their worlds, and so the same occurs on Earth, but the post-humans hope to find new friends and explore the great diversity of the universe, which will take them many lifetimes as they go exploring together throughout their immortal lives.

With this they contemplate the changes they went through, the singulitarians seeing how they have embedded the universe with intelligence, and how now with the singularity done and all, they are now with the freedom of eternity ahead of them, and they have the ability of living a life truly as they want to live.

And thus, the purpose of the singularity is fulfilled.