Activating the energy[]

Advisory: this chapter contains intense romantic content.

"Come on, Jason," Laura called. She was sitting cross-legged on the bed, facing the large window overlooking the palace gardens.

Jay strode out of the bathroom, wearing his Yankees home jersey with the number 44 on it. "Do we have to do this now, baby? I need to figure out how the hell we're gonna handle these rebels. If they tried to take us out, they sure as hell are up to a very big operation, and we need to bust in on it somehow. Damn, that was one close ass call."

"Baby, we made it OK, it's over now, we're fine. I'm doing just fine. Stop worrying. We had a great time on this tour and we're back home now."

Jay scowled a little and looked out the window, deep in thought.

"Come on, Jay. We have to do the bodywork," Laura said. "It'll help take your mind off what happened. If we're fully activated we can handle the rebels just fine. Your mom says we have to do this." Laura patted her hand on the bed.

Jay sat down cross legged facing Laura. "Momma knows best", Jay sighed.

"Now...our minds and our souls have to connect. We have to make physical contact to make that happen."

Jay's eyes got a sneaky look in them. "Now that's what I'm talkin' about."

Laura rolled her eyes with a smirkly smile. "Jay, be serious. This is important."

"All right, all do we do this bodywork?"

"Focus on your breath and quiet your mind. You have to feel my energy. Don't try to think, don't try to analyze. You are not on a case. You are not a cop any more."

"Laura, this whole run-up to the wedding has turned into one big gigantic case. And I will always be a cop, baby. MIB and Momma may have been schemin' and stuff, but that's what I became. I never got to be a fighter pilot, so I'm a cop."

"Not anymore. Not a fighter pilot or a cop. You are the son of Angelique. You are a divine prince. You are Lord of the Sun. Hey...that's a great idea...say that after me. "I am lord of the Sun." Say it, baby."

"What? Come on now..."

"No, Jason, come on, man, repeat after me. Come on..."

Jay sighed again, looked at Laura with an expression of weary exasperation, and took a deep breath. "I am Lord of the Sun."

"OK, say it again."

"I am Lord of the Sun." Jay's eyes began to glow a dull red. "Nothin's happening."

"Well, say it again, one more time," Laura said,

"I am Lord of the Sun."

"Your eyes are beginning to glow. Hold up," and Laura took the bracelet off her wrist. "Put this on."

"Say what? Baby, I'd look pretty stupid with this on."

"No you won't, here," and Laura handed the bracelet to Jay, who put it on his wrist. He held it up, dangling and jingling, up so Laura could see. "This looks ridiculous." Then the pyramid-shaped crystal on the bracelet started to glow. "Hold on a I making it do this?"

"I think so," Laura said. "Let me wear your necklace."

Jay took his sun medallion necklace (by now he always wore this, at all times) and put it around Laura's neck. It promptly began glowing a dull orange.

"Open that blouse a little, or else that thing will scorch it," Jay said.

Laura unbuttoned the top two buttons on the white blouse she had on, and made sure the medallion rested against her chest. Jay's eyes glowed brightly at the sight of her skin.

"Hold your hormones, dude," Laura said.

"I can't help it, baby, I'm Lord of the Sun," Jay smirked.

Laura gave a slight sarcastic laugh. "OK, now come on, close your eyes."

Jay closed his eyes.

"Hold your palms up and touch them to mine." Laura held her hands up and Jay touched his palms to hers. Then they clasped their hands together, still holding them up. Shocks of energy began to travel between them, which felt like strong tickling and tingling sensations.

"OK, now something's happening," Jay said.

"Our bodies are calibrating to each other," Laura said. The tingling grew stronger, and Jay's body began to grow warm. He started to sweat, the same way he did when his mom would shine energy into his eyes as a child. Laura said: "Just feel it, baby, just let it happen."

Jay finally surrendered to the energy of their bodies. After about 2 or three minutes, Jay released his hands from Laura's and, with his eyes still closed, placed them on the sides of Laura's head. He had no idea why he was doing this, it just seemed like the right thing to do at the moment.

When Jay's hands touched Laura's head. a surge of Jay's energy slammed into Laura's brain and she gave a sighing gasp. Laura them placed her hands on Jay's head, and Laura's energy slammed into Jay's brain, causing him to gasp. Both of them saw, in their minds, a terriffic brilliant bluish-white light, and this light began to flood out of each of their eyes, as if their eye sockets became little floodlights. Both of them began to feel an extreme feeling of excitement and exhilaration, which kept getting stronger and stronger and stronger...until the two just had to let go of each other's heads.

Jay and Laura sat, holding hands and gasping for air. Laura coughed a little. Jay noticed the medallion was almost white-hot around Laura's chest and steam was rising from it.

" necklace, it's the hottest I've ever seen it," Jay said, panting.

Laura took the medallion in her hand, as if it were just as cool as a piece of ice, and held it. "It can't be, my hand's not burning," she said. She touched it against her blouse and it immediately scorched a tiny hole in the spot. "Whoa," she said with shock.

"Gotta be careful with that," Jay said. He took off his jersey and his T-shirt so his chest was bare. Laura's eyes flashed a bright bluish-white at the sight of Jay's skin. Jay smirked and chuckled at this. He took the necklace and put it back around his neck. "You need your bracelet back?"

"Right now, you need that on your wrist more than I do," Laura replied.

Jay and Laura held hands again. There was again a tingling feeling moving between them, this time a little more subdued.

"Hey," Jay asked, "I meant to ask you something. What do you do when you fall asleep? Do you have weird dreams like i've been having lately?"

"Not really, not all the time, but most of the time your mom talks to me."

"She does?"

"yeah, she comes right to me most times, other times I just hear her voice. Why is that so weird to you?"

"I don't know. Momma is weird. It's like Afua said - it's like she's some kind of spirit, some energy, like she's not really a person, but...maybe she is like an angel or some fairy or something. Afua said something about fairy energy - but Momma...she is a person..."

"Jay, your mom is training me, teaching me stuff. Stuff about you, stuff about Zartha, stuff about me. She told me my energy starts in my womb and radiates outward."

"OK...", Jay said, puzzled.

"Jay, your mom is a being of Light. That is her true nature. Just think about pure Light energy - like Ben."

"She never once looked like that to me when I was a kid, Laura."

"That's 'cause you were too little to understand," Laura replied. "Don't be so afraid to see your mom in a whole new - Light!" Laura giggled at the pun.

"Very funny, Laura, you oughta do stand-up," Jay noted dryly.

"Jason," Laura said. She released her hands from Jay's and pulled him close to her. "Come here," she said, and Jay turned around to lean against Laura, who cradled him in her arms, resting her head against his shoulder.

"We survived," Laura said. "You did a good job getting us back here in one piece."

"Thank you. We did survive, baby, and we always will," Jay replied.

"I think your mom was protecting us somehow. Your mother is my fairy godmother," Laura said softly. "I remember now. She was always there for me when I was little, appearing to me in dreams, with that blue light. I didn't know it was her, the way I know her now. It's all starting to make sense now. She appeared in a lot of different forms, guiding me, protecting me. But now I'm with her son. I'm with her son, baby. You are what she is, Jason. That makes you so special to me." Laura smiled a deep smile and hugged him tightly.

Jay turned around and kissed Laura deeply.

"Is that what I am, Laura? A fairy? I don't know if I like that," Jay said with a smirk.

"You know what I mean by that," Laura replied. "A magical prince of cosmic light, you are. Son of the angel woman," Laura said, and moved her face closer into Jay's face.

He kissed her again, and again, kissing her lips, her cheeks, her neck, and he began to caress her tenderly, his hands finding and traveling intently along her athletic muscles. Laura responded instantly to his moves with gasps of subdued exhilaration and caressed him back. Jay was built like a professional athlete and trained his body in a similar manner. Laura liked how he felt. Soon the two were engaged in deep, passionate physical waves of electric intimacy, intertwine within the safety of one another.

Then Laura and Jay were laying, holding one another together, comfortable, safe. Laura felt Jason's angelic power radiate through her. It was similar to how she felt when Angie would appear to her as a child, but this was much more intense and saturated. Laura smiled deeply inside and knew that she was home with this man. Somehow, baby, you will know. You are Angie's son. You are the king of Zartha. You are Fire. You are Light. I love you.

Laura felt so comfortable, the energy she was absorbing from Jay began to change and transform her. Laura's skin began to grow warm, then cool to Jay's touch. And there was a bluish glow that began to radiate outward. In a few minutes, Laura was completely covered in blue light, or more accurately, fully transformed into her true nature as a being of blue Light - and Jay could no longer touch her.

"My hands are goin' right through you...Holy..." Jay sat up slightly and could not believe what he was seeing.

"That's weird," she said - and her voice took on a slight metallic depth to it which sounded like it was coming not from her body but from the very air all around the room - "I can still feel you just fine, Jay." She touched his cheek. A shock of energy slammed into him as if he were hit by a power line, and it knocked him backwards, shooting him about six inches right off the bed onto the floor.

"Whoa.." he said, tumbling downward.

"Are you OK, baby? I didn't know that was gonna happen, I'm sorry..."

"Umm...damn, do that again, Laura, slower this time." Jay, who was dazed but exhilarated, climbed back onto the bed.

They sat again across from one another. The radiant blue being of Light touched Jason more slowly. Energy flew into his body, activating that same glow inside of him. The Light inside Jay was now taking him completely over, enveloping and encapsulating him from the inside out into the angelic blue glow, but Jason could not feel anything, except for a tremendously strong, renewed instinct to be intimate with Laura again, so he swung his body close to hers again, taking her into his arms, towering over her luminous blueness, and guiding himself into her.

"Can you see all this light in the room?" Jay asked. The sun had gone down and the room was dark save for the cosmic glow of their bodies.

"This is our Light, Jason. We are angels now. Like your mom."

Is this how she did it? Jay thought, with a sense of great wonder. Is this how she and Kay made me?

Jason and Laura shapeshift together into a massive blue star. Illustration by the author.

And with this, the two beings of Light gravitated into one another, slowly at first, then quite deeply, neither one really sure exactly what was happening to them but knowing that it felt so damn good and they had to just keep going and ride this thing out. In about 10 more minutes they dissolved and melded into a mass of starry blue energy which felt like absolute, eternal joy and peace was flowing through them, over, around them, and back again, intense and pulsating, as if they were touching the very heart of the Universal Energy itself. If you were in the bedroom you would have seen a massive blue star, hovering above an empty mass of satin sheets, slowly shining its angelic glow into the room, its love cutting into your soul like a laser, making you almost cry with the almost unbearable happiness coming from it.

Everything was going to be just fine.

And then, Jay had a dream.

Yes, Jay began to have another dream. He wondered where Laura went, but now he had something else to deal with: He was in the basement of Jeebs' pawnshop again, fighting off a large squid alien, whom he thought he had put away about three months before. The squid's tentacles were holding him tight. The squid was slamming him against the wall.

"I told you to let me go, NOW, Sammy!" Jay yelled.

"Nothing doin'!" the squid said. "This is the last time you bust in on my racket! Say your prayers, cop!"

Jay tried to reach for his cricket gun. He somehow grabbed it and fired.

"Owwwww!" the squid yelled in pain. This really pissed off Sammy and he wrapped five long tentacles around Jay and squeezed as hard as he could.

"Ha! Ha ha ha! I'm gonna squeeze you like a sponge!"

Jay grimaced with the stress of being squeezed. This was not good.

Jay began to shine red light from his eyes into Sammy's eyes. Sammy squinted at the intense light coming from Jay's eyes. He loosened his grip slightly and Jay tried to wriggle free.

Just then, three black suited MIB agents flew downstairs with three barrelled guns in hand.

They were Laura and Shakita, led by Angie, who fired immediately to Sammy's head, knocking off his hat.

"Let my son go NOW." Angie had a look of utter resolve on her face.

"Make me, toots," the squid said, still squinting.

"Cover me, Laura," Angie said, and raised her gun right up against Sammy's face. The gun made a high pitched whining noise - it was activating now and was ready to fire. Laura guarded the top of the stairwell in case something would try to come to the squid's aid. Angie sternly addressed the squid. "Allow me to repeat myself. Let him go NOW."

The squid got angry. He dropped Jay, who fell to the floor in a gasping, heaving clump, and Sammy reached out quickly for Angie, who fired at his head. She hit the side of his face, and the squid fell backwards. Shakita then fired a shot to the squid's midsection, which finished him off. There was a large bloody hole in the squid's side. After a quick autopsy and final report to Zed, he would soon be placed on ice, cleaned, dressed and served at the Four Seasons, feeding lots of hungry, well-heeled seafood lovers.

Laura came down into the room. Angie walked over to Jay.

"Thanks, Momma," Jay said weakly. "He must have escaped from jail. He was about to stand trial for crystal laundering."

"Get up, Jay," Angie said tersely. Her eyes were blazing a bright neon red. She lifted him up, all six-feet-one of him, by his shirt collar and pinned him firmly against the wall. Angie was a VERY strong woman. Jay was shocked and somewhat frightened. Memories of past times he got in trouble with Angie as a young child slammed back inside his brain. He hated his mother getting angry with him, because sometimes she would get a little too angry. Angie looked at him as if he had broken one of her prized pieces of china.

"What the hell is this," the woman shouted. "Why are you tryin' to handle all this shit alone! You could have been KILLED! You need partners, Jason!"

Jay stared with shock at Angie. "Damn, you must have really hit the weight room down at St. Gabriel! Am I on a time-out, Momma?"

Then Angie reached for her sunglasses and put them on. "This is more than a time-out. Jason."

Jay got really scared now. "Momma...umm...don't do that. Momma..."

"Put your glasses on, girls," Angie said, and reached for her neuralyzer. She pressed a button which spring-loaded it open, with a metallic snap, to the fully extended position. It made the familiar high-pitched whiny noise, which indicated that it was activating.

Jay was frantic. "Wait a second, Momma...wait, we don't have to go there...I promise...I'll be good, Momma...Laura! A litlle help here?"

Laura instinctually began to walk forward. "Don't help him, Laura. He doesn't love you anyway, he just wants to get inside your pants," Angie said coldly.

"Momma!" Jay exclaimed with embarrassment.

Angie set the dials on the neuralyzer. She began to make fun of Jay's tirade to Agent Tee at Empire Diner. "'I saved 58 people on the subway and nobody knows my name...' Don't think I don't have access to your brain waves! I felt everything you said to that poor agent! He was just trying to do his job and you just flashed him out of spite and sent him on his way!

"And the way you treated T'Na'al! That boy looks up to you, Jason! He was scared you were going to flash him!"

Jay smiled frantically. How was he gonna get out of THIS one? "I knew you wouldn't be happy about that, Momma, well, you know us flyboys, Momma, we always joke about the other service branches...he's Navy, Momma! Come on! All they do is mop floors and launch a cruise missile once every six months!"

"Quiet! I don't think the head of the Joint Chiefs or even your base commander would appreciate THAT smart-ass remark! But you seem to be pretty damn good at that."

"Momma, I neuralyzed Tee 'cause I didn't think he could cut it as an MIB agent. His actions showed me that. I made a command decision, Momma, and I gotta stand by it."

"A command decision, huh? Well I know how to play that game, T'Va'an! Command decisions just so happen to be a part of my job description! I make dozens of command decisions each and every goddamn DAY, Jason! Don't whine your sorry ass to ME about making command decisions!

"I brought you into this world and I can flash you out of it..."

"Angie, please," Laura pleaded, somewhat forcefully. "Jay is trying. He really is! We had a good session tonight! He started to glow! He started to glow just like YOU do! I think you're going too far, Angie."

"Just stand back and watch, Laura, I know what I'm doing," Angie shot back.

Shakita found a stool and simply sat down watching the whole thing.

"Momma, wait, wait, don't flash me. Please. I know you're frustrated with me. I can explain everything."

"You don't even have a clue as to what's going on right now, do you, Jason?" Angie asked.

"Momma...this is crazy! YOU are CRAZY!"

"Where in the HELL do you think you get it from, T'Va'an?"

Angie held the device up. Jay did the only thing he knew to do.

"KAY! KAY! Momma is going NUTS down here! KAY!"

And just like that, Kay came running down the basement stairs. He snatched the neuralyzer out of Angie's hand.

"Let 'im go, darlin," Kay said.

Angie stared at her bewildered son for another moment and let him down. A faint smirkly smile crossed her lips.

Jay walked briskly over to Laura, who immediately took his hand.

Kay took Angie's hand. "Be patient with him. He's still learning. Still a rookie."

"I'm just trying to make up for lost time, sweetie," Angie said. "I never got to really raise my boy, you know. You guys raised him. Now I've got to take apart everything he knows and start all over from scratch - with Serleena possibly on the loose - and hope he still knows how to clean a cricket gun by the time he's through."

Kay held Angie by the shoulders. "He'll come around, baby. We just need to rally 'round him and back him up, that's all."

Angie looked down and smiled warmly at Kay. She thought to herself: All these years we could have been together...Jason could have had you to look up to as a kid.

Then Kay kissed Angie briefly on the lips, and walked right back up. "You ain't off the hook, slick, better shape up," Kay called out as he walked up the stairs.

"You better be glad he came when you called," Angie said.

"Momma, you need a partner," Jay said.

"I got one," Angie replied, pointing up the stairs. "You just called for him."

Jay was still sligthly less than approving of Kay's romancing his mother. But Kay saved Momma from going totally ballistic on him.

"Momma, just tell me what's goin' on between you and Kay," Jay asked.

"Everything, Jason. Everything's goin' on between me and Kay, and has been for almost 40 years. When you love a man that long, things happen, baby. Things happen."

"Alright, then tell me this, Momma, and I want the truth from you.

"What are you?"

"Whatever I am is what YOU are also, Jason. Laura already told you what I am. Next question."

"Is Kay my father?"

Angie started to giggle hard.

Jay frowned with weary frustration. "Come on, Momma, I want to know the truth!"

Angie just stared at her son, and her eyes flashed a brilliant bluish-white. "You ARE the truth, Jason."

Angie walked over to him and took his hands in hers. Tears started to flow from Jay's eyes. Then Angie gave him another big momma hug.

"Blood of my blood...Don't stop glowing, baby. Just like I told you: Follow the light, T'Va'an. Learn how to be Fire. Learn how to be Light. Learn how to be an angel. I guess you're coming along OK, baby. I'm proud of you. For now."

And just like that, Jay found himself awake. It was the middle of the night in the royal bedroom. Laura was asleep next to him. Their bodies were intact and "normal" again.

"Damn," Jay thought to himself with a scowl. "Whatever the hell she's trying to teach me, I wish I could learn it. I wish I could catch on to all this shit. I don't know what the hell's happening. I'm not ready for all this..."


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