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Ranma Saotome's Two Halves

A Day and Night in Tokyo, Japan Edit

When Ranma goes missing, leaving nothing but a cryptic note, Akane and Ukyou take it upon themselves to solve the mystery of his disappearance. However, as they begin to uncover a secret plot by a terrorist organization, will any of them get out alive?

A Day and Night - Desperate Youth Edit

A sequel to A Day and Night in Tokyo, Japan. While still healing from the aftermath of their first encounter with the Paved Future, Ranma and crew now have to deal with a seriously hurt Ryouga, wanted for a murder he didn't commit.

A Day and Night - War of Flowers Edit

The third installment in the Day and Night series. When Jusenkyo is attacked by a mysterious figure, it is up to the Nerima Crew, a host of special agents and curse victims to uncover the dark machinations of those responsible.

A Life Once Lived Edit

A Ranma/Spawn Fusion. Five years after his death, Ranma Saotome returns to Nerima, nothing but a shadow of what he once was. Now, he is the Hellspawn. A warrior sent to Earth through a deal with a demon.

Blood-Stained Soul Edit

Fifty years from now, a single old woman massacres a roomful of hardened criminals. But there is more to this woman than meets the eye. Especially when feeding on the blood of the guilty turns Ukyou Kuonji back into a twenty-year old. But when Nabiki shows up in search of Ukyou, the two set out on a journey to fix past mistakes, and perhaps reach some atonement for their sins.

Changes Cycle Edit

The Changes Cycle deals with the development of several characters years after the ending of the original series. Current character reflections include Kuno, Kodachi, Akane and Nabiki.

Converging Fates Edit

A Ranma 1/2/Neon Genesis Evangelion/Slayers/Final Fantasy VI/Final Fantasy VII/Xenogears crossover. When an experiment in teleportation goes awry, it accidentally displaces several people from parallel worlds. Including a nameless entity, capable of possessing bodies at will, and feeding on its life energy. When it begins to use the people of Earth as a food source, it's left to the displaced heroes to do something about it.

Divinity Edit

When Ranma is assigned a strange task by the God of Love, Aizen Myoo, things don't exactly turn out as planned. Transported into an alternate reality, and made to play matchmaker to alternate versions of himself and Akane, things look bleak. But when Aizen Myoo finds himself trapped in mortal form, unable to help Ranma, things get just that much worse. Come and read Divinity, a comedy of universal proportions.

Idols Edit

When a mystic idol that is sent to Ranma for protection falls into Nabiki's hands, she finds herself knee-deep in powers. But when people come seeking her power, she finds herself on a race around the world with the rest of the Nerima Crew in order to find the remaining eleven idols.

Stand and Shake the HeavensEdit

A Ranma 1/2/Spawn crossover sequel to A Life Once Lived. Ranma now works for the other team, an honorary Angelic Hunter. But when he gets called to Los Angeles in order to stop a strange soul-nullifying creature, he finds himself having a make a difficult choice.

The Phoenix Ordinance Edit

A Ranma 1/2/Final Fantasy VII fusion. What if the characters of Ranma 1/2 were born and raised in the world of Final Fantasy VII? This story follows Ranma Saotome as he fights against the corrupt Kuno Foundation.

Trials of Destiny Edit

Set after the events of Jusenkyo, Trials of Destiny deals with an awakening within the Nerima crew. Memories of a past life begin to resurface for Ranma and those who surround him. Some are good. Some are evil. But when the demon, Rogi is released back into the world at large, it means that Ranma and the other dreamers must band together in order to stop him from destroying everything they hold dear.

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