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April 2009Edit

Stars Brian Stepanek, Charleena Purcell, Snow Crash cannibalized

June 2008Edit

May 2005Edit

Help! Someone stole Serbian Carrots, the favorite killer app for Windows 95, and sold illegal copies all over Asia. Bill Gates responded with a system set to eradicate the organic menace Ian Chesterton freed. However, Steve Jobs exploded because iPods began before bugs could find the cause of terrorists. Suddenly Brian, the once and future King who ruled the Maya Lenca Principality airship, Hyper-Jumped into the fire of Mordor, whistling dixie land tunes. Balloons left dangerous gumball dispensers spiraling. Oscar's cascading Klingons went toddling into Assistant Language Teachers, whose banality smells like team spirit poop. Spam viruses nanotechnology blowing C class cruisers into evil cyberspace Meanwhile, cybernetic toys were flying around a bush. They weren't doing harm to the bush creatures. however, instead, the monkey who started jumping recklessly on Fire-eyed pillbugs did. The bush was hurt, but alive. The pleasure of the text's excited state lost power to burn marijuana with bush. Kubla Khan was nominated for a Grammy Award, almost. Suddenly, we played nothing immortalized by nothing but an agalychnis callidryas runt. Zaphod Beeblebrox cybernetically expounded monkey dung in the media, while Bill Gates pushed Steve Jobs' explosion into the lungs of hell. The Dharma Initiative lost Miguel de Cervantes' arm, but not Pablo Picasso's monocle. The End.