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Social networkingEdit

The wiki interface has several tools that facilitate interactions between wiki participants:

Other networking toolsEdit

List other ways of staying in touch below. A good way to build collaborations is to make use of Internet Relay Chat (IRC). The fiction writing chat channel:

Do you tweet about your fiction writing? List your Twitter RSS feed here:

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Wiki FictionEdit

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On the various special pages there is a boatload of stuff that needs housekeeping, most of which looks like anyone could do it (not just admins), like fixing BrokenRedirects, UncategorizedPages, UncategorizedCategories (as appropriate).

Note that non-admins can help with all housekeeping tasks, by marking pages for deletion or telling an admin about something. Going through all the special pages and figuring out which ones are inactive and empty or innappropriate, and which ones are just fragments of appropriate works, will take lots of time, so anyone could do that and then mark the appropriate-to-delete ones with {{Delete|Housekeeping}}


  • check special:WhatLinksHere for pages on special:Log/delete to remove inappropriate red links
  • fix Special:BrokenRedirects to point to their appropriate pages, or mark them for deletion if the pages they link to were deleted
  • fix Special:DoubleRedirects to point directly to their intended pages, rather then at another redirect
  • check Special:UncategorizedPages for stories which haven't had their genre(s) and other categories marked appropriately. People won't find stories if they aren't categorized!
  • check Special:UncategorizedCategories for categories that aren't categorized, for the same reasons.
  • check Special:ShortPages for pages without content, such as one-word or zero byte stories
  • check Special:UnusedCategories for categories that are old and unused, and mark them for deletion or discuss them with their authors.
  • check Special:WantedPages and remove links to pages that have been deleted. Be careful not to delete Red Links to pages that have not been created yet, only to pages that once existed and were deleted.
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