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Novelas is a site to post your creative writing.

As a wiki, this site uses the CC-BY-SA license. This is a type of copyleft licensing by which you freely share your work. You agree to allow other people to copy or modify what you write, but they must give you credit (attribution) for what you wrote. Note that what you write here can be used by others for commercial purposes as long as they give you attribution.

If you plan to publish your story conventionally (print publishing, for-profit online magazine, etc.) then think carefully before you submit it to Novelas. Many conventional publishers won't touch your work if you previously placed it under a copyleft license. However, the work can be removed upon request (eg Forum:Awakening: Beginnings Pt I)

Editing a pageEdit

  1. At the top of the page, find and click the link that says Edit.
  2. Edit it! Save often.
  3. Click on Preview under the text field to see what it will look like. Try to use it every time.
  4. Click on Save changes to finish. DON'T FORGET THIS STEP!!!

Getting startedEdit

  • At the top of the screen is a link, "login/register". Please do. It takes half a minute and lets us identify with and communicate with you.
  • To start writing, there are accessible means through the Main submenu and on the Main Page
  • You have your own user and user talk page for each wikia, accessible via a link at the top of the page
  • To see recent changes made on the site, click on the Recent link. Recent changes are a centerpiece to the community, showing new works. For this reason, a link is included in the header


  • Adopt good faith toward other people and try not to misrepresent them.
  • For discussions, sign your posts with four tildes ~~~~
  • Don't forget to categorize it as [[Category:StoryNameHere]]. Then on the category page, categorize by genre and length (see examples!).
  • If you want to create a conworld, go to w:c:Conworld. If you have stories taking place in a conworld, you're free to submit them here with interwiki links to conworld.wikia with [[w:c:Conworld:YourConworld|YourConworld]]
  • If you want to create interactive fiction, go to w:c:Quest
  • If you want to create alternative history, go to w:c:Althistory
  • If you have multiple Category:Meta articles, go to w:c:Imagine


  • You can multi license any work you post on this site
  • Others can distribute the work for noncommercial purposes
  • Copies and spinoffs must be attributable to you
  • Your work can be edited, moved, and deleted
  • Fanfic must be declared as such with [[Category:Fan Fiction]]

How toEdit

  • To create a new work, use the Main Page's input box, or select Create from Main submenu, or rewrite the URL after /wiki/ . The page's title should be purely the work's title, without description.
  • To discuss a page, click on the link that says Discussion near the top of the page.
  • To create a link, use [[Target page|Text]] .
  • To add an image, use [[Image:Image name.extension]] .
  • To categorize a page, use [[Category:Category name]] .