Moon Reyes is the third part of a trilogy. It is best to read the three stories
in the correct order: Fly Paper -> X-Seven -> Moon Reyes

If you have not read Fly Paper, you can read the short introduction to X-Seven.

Introduction to Moon ReyesEdit

This is a short introduction to Moon Reyes for people who have not read X-Seven.


More than a month has past since Dr. Dana Scully was abducted by a group of heavily armed clones. FBI special agents Doggett and Reyes are suddenly informed by Assistant Director Skinner of a new case that has all of the elements of an X-file. After reporting the salvage of a strange disc from the ocean floor, the crew of the marine research vessel Floreana has disappeared. Doggett and Reyes start to investigate the case, hopeful that it might be related to the earlier abduction of their friend Scully.

Meanwhile, Dana is living on the Moon and adapting to her new surroundings which include a robotic replica of Fox Mulder. Dana meets Roberta Lincoln, who claims to have been a passenger on the Floreana. With the help of Gary Seven, Dana and Roberta are returned to Earth to work on a secret genetic engineering project. Just as the project reaches its culmination, Doggett, Reyes, Mulder, Gary Seven and two of the clones who previously abducted her all converge on the secret research station in Mexico where Roberta and Dana have been working for four months. Mulder helps Dana escape, but agent Reyes is taken aboard Gary Seven's space ship.

As Moon Reyes starts, Monica Reyes finds herself on the way to the Moon and wondering why she is being held captive along with Roberta and Gary Seven inside Gary's own space ship (Chapter 1). The teaser for this episode is a "flash back", the relevance of which becomes apparent during the rest of the episode.

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