Written for a writing competition. 140109. Only one to receive 0 votesUser:Serprex 15:09, February 23, 2015 (UTC)

No meat, no chew, no sustenance. I haven't written in months... when last was it? Here I am, this weak 1|1. All I'd do to be 6|6, have a heart of darkness, a tooth to scare when I grin some toothy grin. For now I coil my fists, but without punch, only shaking them in anger. I AM NIGHTMARE. Darkness18x18.png Darkness18x18.png. Or I could've been, but some phase made my existence unimportant, only something to steal away. Now I'm not here, or am I? I am the seed of chaos, some droplet of pandemonium. While I'm weak, I create a butterfly effect of destruction in your midst. There are demons, but they can't see me. My face is an abomination to my spirit of a dragon. Fear my determinism, you're without chance. My matter annihilates your antimatter. There is no question of whether I'm dead or alive, I am alive. I'll supernova your blackhole for kicks, mutate singularities for show

I AM NIGHTMARE. or... an abomination? fking elves

PS I like kitties

But as I've said, I haven't written for awhile. & I've never been wordy. Only repetitious: Lycanthrope lycanthropy, one one, six six. Monotony is charm. A century more this will all be old. Then my disgrace won't matter

-5|5. 5|5. -5|5. 5|5. Damn nymphs do nothing but waste everyone's money. Torn between the powers that be, a pawn to their toil, my only function: hatred. No paradox to escape, this strange loop is merely that, is this strange? I am stranger danger, waiting in the night, growing before I strike

Reverse time. Pay the rent & other bills. Return again: I AM NIGHTMARE

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