John Doggett in 8x04 "Patience"

Special Agent John Doggett

The X-Files character, Special Agent John Doggett, was a late addition to The X-Files. David Duchovny (playing Fox Mulder) was no longer a regular on The X-Files after the seventh season (2000). As the Fox Mulder character was being written out of the show, the new Doggett character arrived on the show and was depicted as searching for the missing Fox Mulder.

Doggett came to the FBI after having been a sergeant in the US Marine Corps who retired after being wounded in the line of duty. After his military service, Doggett obtained a graduate degree and then joined the New York Police Department. While serving as a police detective, Doggett first met Special Agent Monica Reyes, who later (as depicted in The X-files) became Doggett's partner working on the X-files project. After his son's death, Doggett's marriage failed, leaving Doggett unmarried during the years depicted in The X-Files.

After failing to find missing FBI Agent Fox Mulder, Doggett was assigned to work on The X-Files with Special Agent Dana Scully (Mulder's former partner).

Doggett, along with his new partner, Special Agent Monica Reyes, took charge of the X-Files for the last episodes of the series when Dana Scully's role was minimized in season 9. The Reyes character was depicted as more willing to accept explanations involving the paranormal than John Doggett.

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Doggett fan fictionEdit

Some X-files fan fiction at the Fiction Wikia includes the Doggett character. Feel free to add more!

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