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Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

Harry Potter is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Harry Potter series of books and movies.


Harry is famous in the wizarding world for his encounter with the evil Lord Voldemort, one of the most powerful sorcerors of all time and the primary antagonist in the series, when he was just one year old. Voldemort mysteriously lost his powers in that encounter and was severely crippled, although he survived.

James and Lily Potter were killed in the encounter while protecting their son, Harry, from Voldemort's attack. James died first, and Lily's dying act - sacrificing herself to save her son - placed Harry under a spell of love and protection. Subsequently, Harry survived the Avada Kedavra or "killing curse" aimed at him by Voldemort, and for yet unknown reasons linked to Lily's act of love, the curse rebounded on Voldemort. Apart from sustaining serious injury, Voldemort's powers were sapped by the encounter and he was defeated. Beaten and powerless, Voldemort went into hiding, and Harry became a celebrity in the wizarding world as "The Boy Who Survived" or "The Boy Who Lived", especially famous for the lightning-shaped scar Voldemort's curse left on his forehead.

Harry was raised by Vernon and Petunia Dursley, who neglected him in favour of their own son Dudley and in their attempt to remove all traces of his magical self to make him more "normal", kept him fully isolated from the wizarding world.

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