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User:Serprex 01:11, January 23, 2011 (UTC)Edit


[00:50] <__s> I've been looking to see if we can speed up modred's sysop rights
[00:51] <+JWSchmidt> looking where?
[00:51] <__s> Just lurking #wikia
[00:52] <__s> Figure I'll remain more passive than less until it's been the full seven days
[00:52] <__s> Reading the adoption pages
[00:52] <__s> Also a time to figure out more how the grand scheme of wikia organizes itself
[00:53] <__s>
[00:53] <__s> It's raising the hassle of Yunzhong's vanishment, back to contacting wikia with respect to user rights
[00:54] <+JWSchmidt> did you try contacting the founder of Novelas?
[00:54] <__s> JWS, are you up for taking bureaucrat? If not, I'm figuring I might go for it
[00:54] <__s> I did once
[00:54] <__s> Years ago
[00:54] <__s> I suppose I could track him down again
[00:54] <+JWSchmidt> I'm very busy in the real world :(
[00:55] <__s> That's what held you back from admin
[00:55] <+JWSchmidt> if you have time you should ask wikia to give you the bit
[00:55] <__s> Should I make a Forum post or just include the topic while getting rights for Modred?
[00:56] <+JWSchmidt> I don't know what wikia is comfortable with
[00:57] <__s> They like records
[01:04] <modred11> I'm ok with this being reissued on the wiki, & I think you should create your own topic for your bcratiness
[01:05] <modred11> I was actually thinking about suggesting that you should become a bcrat before

Seniority wise, it's between JWS and me. He's busy, so we've decided I'd be best to replace Yunzhong. I mention seniority because I'm the least likely to vanish, as I've maintained a watchful eye on this wiki for the past four and a half years. Also I verified my email



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