How to let people know that this wiki is hereEdit

How can we spread the word?

Feature the Fiction Wikia at the Central WikiaEdit

  • Work together to make a description of the Fiction Wikia that could be placed on the main page of the Central Wikia.
    • A page where we can construct what will be used to feature the Fiction Wikia.

The craft of writing fiction Edit

This should be a great addition to the fiction wikicity.


There should be an organized system for reviews of the fiction contents.

Existing links from other sitesEdit

  • The Wikimedia Meta-wiki [1]
  • New link created at this wiki fiction page: [2]
  • New link at a Science Fiction and Fantasy Wiki [3] (dead link on 6-11-05)
  • Link at a collaborative writing page [4]
  • Link at MeatballWiki

Mention Novelas in publicationsEdit

"Elsewhere on Wikia, users are writing collaborative Spanish-language novels, drawing family trees for characters from the "Star Wars" movies and adding to a database of facial-cleansing products." [5]

New ideas for how the spread the wordEdit

What's the point? And why is it linked to 64digits, rather than an image here? Is it to let 64digits know about us? YZHSig   14:17, 8 April 2007 (UTC)

I'm using my 64D FTP to upload it,and I yes,I do have it on my 64Dsig.And the userbar would include being linked to novelas,so if you want the BBcode I can post thatUser:Serprex 14:23, 8 April 2007 (UTC)