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Welcome to the Fan Fiction section on Novelas! From here, you can freely browse through all that we have to offer! If you would like to add your own Fan Fiction, just edit the appropriate category, and add your story within! If no category exists, please feel free to create one!

  • Note: Please remember to add a disclaimer on any new fanfiction worlds.

Categories of Fanfiction

Featured Fan Fiction: Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion

Taking place after the events of the End of Evangelion movie, it features Shinji and Asuka as they make their way across the ruined remnants of what was once Japan.

Feature a Fanfic

Ten Largest Stories

  1. The Sun of Zartha - Men In Black
  2. A Life Once Lived - Ranma 1/2/Spawn
  3. Fly Paper, X-Seven, Moon Reyes - Star Trek/X-Files
  4. Converging Fates - Multiple Series Crossover
  5. Metal Gear - Metal Gear
  6. A Day and Night - Desperate Youth - Ranma 1/2
  7. A Day and Night in Tokyo, Japan - Ranma 1/2
  8. A Day and Night - War of Flowers - Ranma 1/2
  9. Blood-Stained Soul - Ranma 1/2
  10. Changes Cycle - Ranma 1/2

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