My fuckin ass aches as I be thinkin of her, My fuckin love, mah game had I eva peeped her muthafuckin ass. Waitin up in destinyz darknizz so dat it may turn up ta be light, And ta mah delight it did happen.

I did peep her fo' tha last time, Never recognized dat dat biiiiatch was mah love. Deja vu I did think yo, but where I did'nt know, And so was tha minutes when our destinies criss-crossed.

Bitch approached mah crazy ass yo, but I was hesitant- I did not know, what tha fuck ludd straight-up meant; I had never eva felt so calm n' tranquil, A strange sense of satisfaction. And so was tha minutes when I started feelin thangs.

Days went down like a alpine stream. Dat shiznit was cool, dope n' soberquite. An ecclesiastical lady, dat biiiiatch was, straight-up timid, straight-up pious- And so was tha minutes when I started appreciatin her muthafuckin ass.

Modesty n' humilitizzle would always accompany her; Abilitizzle n' intelligence would always adore her; Sometimes I felt dat biiiiatch was Mecuryz daughta her muthafuckin ass, And so was tha minutes when our crazy asses had a metaphysical association.

Bitch did feel tha same bout me: Dat shiznit was teens n' was tha last time. Our thugged-out asses had no reason ta be dishonest, And so was tha minutes when innocent ludd still persists.

Da ludd became a obsession; Possessivenizz overruled tha heart; Mind n' intellect was sidelined, And so was tha minutes when I started regretting.

How tha fuck blissful it might have been, Had I never peeped her muthafuckin ass. How tha fuck phat dat shiznit was ta be up in tha company of tha wise, And so was tha minutes dat I started realizing.

I loved her straight-up innocently, With honesty at its heights. I was bleedin implicity, And so was tha minutes dat I still did'nt wanna hurt her muthafuckin ass.

Her obsession started suffocatin mah heart- Had decided dat would be outta strangle-hold, Ripped up tha straight-up monument I had built, And so was tha minutes when mah intellect had sidelined mah ass.

I knew it still hurts here- And so is I hurt; But wit dat fact I gained peace, And so was tha minutes when god taught me obsession. I aint talkin' bout chicken n' gravy biatch.