by DBjersey23


Greetings from ColliParkkk!

This is a collaborative story that tells the adventures of 7 girls, all from different paces, that came together in ColliPark to live and learn life's many lessons together. All 7 girls live in an on campus apartment while attending the honorable University Of Maryland. The story begins in the girls sophomore year at college, and trust me they are quite a group. None of them are a like, but yet they all remain best friends, well at least for the most part, but we will get to that later. ColliPark#The 7 are a bunch of really ridiculous girls who love college. Yeah sure there is work occasionally, that gets annoying, but there are also boys, bars, alcohol, boys, friends, adventures, boys, oh and the great diner food, cant forget about that. Basically the 7 are in college and loving every minute of it. With the good comes the bad, but for the most case our stories are just out there. Half the time we don't even know how we get ourselves into these situations, but we always find a way to prevail.It was by chance that the 7 met, but it was destiny that they became friends, and this is where the story begins....

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ColliPark, know by most students as CP is the setting to ColliPark Adventures. It is located in Prince George's County Maryland. Rt. 1 goes right through the middle of College Park, and is where most of the restaurants and bars are located. We have a total of 5 bars right in the middle of College Park and it is where on any night of the week, you can find huge magnitudes of college students, getting drunk and not doing their work.

Chapter 1: Summer Vaca and Move-In[]

As summer wound down, the 7 began to get ready for the new school year. As the 7 got ready for move-in visiting every Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Linens N' Things to buy things for their new apartment, the excitement for the upcoming school year just grew. Finally the day of move-in was upon us, and everyone was excited and nervous. Jersey, Sunshine, and Mary were the first to move-in. The 3 of them got to move in a day earlier because they were part of a program that helped the freshmen to move into the dorms. Nay-Nay also moved in on the same day, so everyone was a little nervous about meeting her, and living with a random girl that we did not know. Mary and Jersey drove down to ColliPark together and instead of actually carrying in our massive amount of items that our cars were loaded with, we decided to call upon our friends whom we call "the boys" to carry it to our apartment instead. Luckily the boys decided to be nice that day and actually helped us. So instead of taking hours to do it all ourselves, we called in the troops and got everything into our apartment fairly quickly. Sunshine was already moved into the room, so she really was not much help to us being she is very lazy. As Mary and I unpacked our stuff and started to get settled, in walked Nay-Nay! She had quite an entrance too, throwing open the door, like she owned the place, in her BabyPhat clothing, and boots with the fur. Our first impression was very wrong because the second she opened her mouth we realized she was not as ghetto fabulous as perceived and actually this really crazy, strange girl. Nay-Nay did her own thing during move-in probably a bit intimidated by the fact that we were already all close friends. Sunshine Mary and I, then decided the first night back in ColliPark, should be celebrated. So after getting ready for hours, we headed to the bars. Now if i could recollect what actually happened at the bars, i would be the first to fill you in, but since its all just a drunken blur i unfortunately cannot. I am not exactly sure why we thought this was a great idea to go to the bars, when we had to be up at 8 AM the next morning to go help the freshies move in, but we made the decision none the less. 8 AM rolled around and we stumbled out of bed, crashing into anything that was in our way, because honestly we just didnt care. Our heads were pounding, and the last thing we wanted to do all day was stand around in the rain and help the new freshmen move in. The day was painfully long, and not exactly a fun filled day so when 4 PM rolled around we were thrilled it was over. When we got back to our apartment the other 3 roommates, MJ, Indy and Lo had already moved-in. We were all so excited to finally be back together in CP, that i suppose we though we were above the rules, that or we didnt think we had an RA, seeing as we were in an apartment. Regardless of what we were thinking we decided to... cause some ruckus.

Chapter 2: The Art of Pregaming[]

ColliPark night one for everyone else was a great time.... the 7 of us thought it would be a great idea to go buy lots of beer and alcohol, and invite all of our friends over that we hadn't seen all summer to our apartment for a huge pregame. As we prepared for our pregame, i guess word got out about it, and more and more of our friends kept calling us to come. We were just so excited to see everyone so we didn't say no. As the pregame started our apartment just filled right up. We cranked up the music, and just played beer pong, and our personal favorite flip cup. We had a huge dance party, and the whole apartment was just absurd. The amount of money we spent on alcohol alone was absurd, i guess we should have realized it would only cause a huge shitshow. People were going in an out all night, so when people knocked on the doors we didn't check who it was, we would just open the doors. I guess our pregame got a little out of control and


it was easily heard from outside of our apartment. All of a sudden there was a knock at the door, and Lo not thinking just went to open the door. She opened the door to two people she did not know. Lo then realized these people were the RA's, and she was standing in the doorway with a beer in her hand. Instead of allowing the RA'S to come in Lo took the rap for everyone in the apartment by saying we were all not there. The RA's tried to get Lo to let them in by saying she had to dump out the beer, but Lo thinking quick on her feet said no I'll just take it outside and dump it out. Lo got written up on the first night of school, and I can tell you her parents were not too pleased. For the rest of the semester whenever someone knocks on the door Lo darts to the her room and hides in her closet, because she cant get caught drinking in the apartment again or else she would be kicked out of housing. Needless to say it put a damper on our pregame but we still went to the bars that night and had an amazing night filled with ridiculous events. The rest of the semester followed in somewhat of the same pattern...

Chapter 3 : The Semester At Large[]

ColliPark is a crazy place at times, especially on football game days. The tailgates a lone are legendary, i can safely say many people who plan on going to the game, do not always make it, not due to lack of interest, but due to the fact that they cant actually walk to the game. Halloween is another be deal hear at school. I think CP celebrates halloween for an entire week. It is just a week filled with costume parties. Needless to say we are a school that studies hard, and plays harder. So you can imagine how the rest of the semester played out, just a string of one ridiculous event after another. Our apartment since there are 7 of us, has gone through a lot. I myself went through a hard break up that took a lot out of me, but i got through it with the help of my roommates, and meeting new boys. Nay-Nay also had a boyfriend for all of about a month. She met the guy knew him for about a week, and the next thing we know they are dating. Obviously it did not work out too well and ended quickly. Nay-Nay a month later announced to us that she broke up with her boyfriend because he was getting too attached. As she is telling all of this she realizes she is a horrible person and screams " I can't believe myself, I'm going to pray" and literally went into her room and prayed for awhile. We love the girl, but it was not necessary. I have never met a more interesting person in my whole life. Sunshine also had a hard break up this semester. She broke up with her boyfriend she had from high school, basically so she could hook-up with other guys. The guy was heart broken and she played it off like she was fine for awhile but we all knew differently. Instead of dealing with the problems, she decided to go out and party almost every night, and come back blackout drunk. This was the beginning of the end for all of our friendships with sunshine. She became out of control and basically a raging alcoholic. She couldn't go out and be social without being drunk, so she drank all the time. We all started to get so fed up with her that it eventually lead to us basically not talking to her by the end of the semester. One of the biggest issues was Sunshine throwing pregames for her pledge class, and then not cleaning up the mess they made after. The rest of us did not want to clean up there mess so we would just leave it there. Sunshine was so lazy and self-centered that she would just leave it for a few days and get around to it when she was ready. You would think that a girls apartment would be really clean, but i can tell you it was nothing even close. It was a pig sty for about half the semester because no one wanted to be the one to clean it all up. I cleaned up the whole apartment once before my parents came to visit, but that last for about 3 days. Or apartment actually started smelling at one point and we could not figure out why. We then realized the garbage disposal was broken and clogged, so old food was just sitting down our drain. It was not pretty. Finally we did get our act together, and figured out ways to keep our apartment clean. We had to make a trash chart, so everyone ad a day where they took the trash out. You would think all of us being 19 years old wouldn't need something like a chart but really it was the only thing that worked. The semester had a lot of ups, but with every up there always comes a great fall... Images9.jpeg

Chapter 4: The party stops[]

ColliPark can be a lot of fun at times, but if your not careful you


can also get so caught up in the party scene, that you completely forget who you are, and what you stand for. Now my roommates and I love to party, but we also work really hard and do very well in school. We all know how to go out, and be able to stop when we have had enough. We thought we could all do that, until we started to realize every time Sunshine went out, she could barely walk when she came back in. She would get blacked out drunk multiple times a week, and the ret of us did not know what to do, or how we could stop this from happening. We all knew something was gonna have to happen to put an end to this dangerous drinking, we just did not think it would be so serious. One dreadful thursday night, sunshine went out with her pledge class. She told us she was going to a pregame with all of them and then would meet us at the bars later. We did not think anything of it because it happened all the time. Sunshine went to the pregame, and we went to the bars. While the rest of us were at the bar, we realized later in the night we never met up with Sunshine, or knew where she was. We saw all kinds of people from her pledge class, and asked them wehre Sunshine was, but they all said they did not know. Hours later that night, we walk back to our apartment, Mary and I, and when we come in we see Indy sitting on the couch not looking too happy. Indy tells us when we walk in that Sunshine was in the hospital. Indy then proceeded to tell us the entire story. Sunshine went to the pregame and drank way too much way to fast. She even had tallies on her arm to see how many drinks it took her to get blacked out. I guess she found out, because at the pregame she became so drunk that she could not function or anything. Her pledge class tired of dealing with her drunk self every night, did not want to take care of her again. Thankfully one girl was willing to make sure she got back okay. This girl called her boyfriend, so he could pick them both up and take them back to our apartment. Sunshine could not talk, and definitely could not walk. She was completely toasted. Lo had actually stayed in that night and when Sunshine came back, she was able to help her. The RA saw Sunshine fall on the stairs, and knew there was a problem. The RA came in and seeing as Sunshine was barely responding to people, 911 had to be called. Our apartment was filled with cops, firefighters, and EMTs. There were about 20 people in our apartment all dealing with Sunshine. She had to be taken to the hospital where she had to stay all night and be pumped full of I.V.s. Lo who was the only sober one in the apartment was the only one who could actually go to the emergency room and sit with her. Lo was there all night, on an uncomfortable chair, where she basically just sat and watched Sunshine sleep. Keep in min that Lo and Sunshine who use to be best friends, had a falling out and had not been speaking to each other for a month. Sunshine was finally released from the hospital the next morning as came back to the apartment and eventually traveled home to be with her family. It is very sad, but this was the icing on the cake that basically sealed the fate of our friendship with Sunshine. After this event it did not get better, she did not think she did anything wrong, and nothing changed. We got so sick of it that basically no one even speaks to her anymore. We all use to be best friends, and she changed so much this semester, it is very sad. Fortunately the rest of us were able to move on with our lives, and are still all best friends. Sunshine changed the whole dynamics of the apartment, but luckily we were able to move on and still have fun times together.

The 7[]

The 7 are a random group of girls, who happen to live on the same floor last year in the dorms. They lived on the infamous E7 at the University of Maryland, and it was the greatest year ever. They shared many adventures together as little freshies, and decided to live together again for another year of crazy rowdiness. The 7 include: Jersey, Mary, Nay-Nay, Sunshine, Lo, Indy, MJ. Nay-Nay actually was not in the mix freshmen year, she was just thrown in randomly sophomore year, and we grew to love her. There adventures in Collipark are legendary, and known all through out campus.



Jersey, is your typical girl from New Jersey. She is very loud and says what is on her mind. She has crazy curly hair, and hates to wear anything but sweatpants to class. Jersey is from a small town, so being at a huge university is a big change for her. Jersey has an obsession with mountain dew, and actually believes she is addicted to it. She never goes a day without at least having one can. Jersey is kinda a freak, she doesn't like it when people touch her stuff, and can be mean if she is in a bad mood. Jersey is a huge procrastinator, but always seems to somehow manage to finish her work even if it is just 10 minutes before class. Mary is usually involved in the procrastinating process, and things just never seem to be accomplished. She always goes late to class because she is the worst morning person ever, and can never seem to get out of her bed. Jersey lives in the room with Mary and Sunshine. Jersey loves butterflies, and the rest of her roommates make fun of her for it, but she doesn't care because she does her own thing. Jersey loves her crazy curly hair, and it actually takes her an hour to just do her hair, and practically a whole can of hair spray. She is a very busy student with 20 credits, including a internship that basically takes over her life. Jersey loves being from New Jersey more then anything and hates when people bash her wonderful state. Usually the more drinks she has during the night, the more her love for New Jersey is know to the world. Jersey can be a bit boy crazy at times, but there is nothing wrong with that. Jersey is the Narrator, for most of the story.



Mary, is from outside Boston, but do not let that fool you she is no big city girl. Mary lives in a town that is basically stuck in the past. It is a small town where everyone knows everyone else's business and nothing goes unnoticed. Some say her town resembles the town Pleasantville, just everything is perfect all the time. Mary lived a very sheltered life before coming to the University of Maryland, never being exposed to drugs alcohol and sex. You know basic college life. Coming to school was a huge culture shock for Mary, but the rest of us helped her adjust, and she handles the crazy Collipark with ease. She is in a sorority, which one doesn't actually matter, but just realize she is a sorority girl. Mary lives in the room with Jersey and Sunshine. Mary is usually a very nice person, except when something really makes her mad, usually a boy or a teacher, or sunshine. Mary has an obsession with crabs. We are not sure why she loves them so much, it may be due to the fact that she was born in Maryland, no one really knows, or thinks to ask. Mary perpetually has the issue of either breaking or loosing her phone, due to some drunken mishap. These mishaps usually end in tears, because Mary can not live without her phone, and basically breaks down when she doesn't have it.


Nay-Nay was a new addition sophomore year. We did not know her at all before we moved in but luckily it all worked out. Nay-Nay is a ghetto fabulous girl from outside baltimore. She is loud and opinionated. She has something to say abut everything. She has a squeaky voice, that makes her sound like she is straight out of a cartoon. Nay-Nay is narcoleptic, and loves to fall asleep in the middle of conversations, or class. She can sleep through anything, its great, we do not have to ever worry about waking her up. I go to church, but this girl is a bible-hugging freak, and lets her opinions known about her religion and how people should live their lifes. She loves to make bacon and cream of wheat at any time of the day or night. This usually cause the entire apartment to reek like bacon for a few hours. She also loves ice pops, and eats excessive amounts when she is really stressed out. Nay- Nay is also in a sorority. Nay-Nay lives in the room with MJ.


Sunshine is a jersey shore girl. She worships the sun, and when its cold outside she goes tanning practically everyday. Her skin is always tan, which usually means it is orange. She also dyes her hair bright blonde. Sunshine is a party girl to the extreme. She is also in a sorority, and she is the typical stereotype of a sorority girl. She is boy crazy, and always has a new boy that she is chasing. Sunshine is also very self centered, and tries to rule the whole apartment. She is obsessed with her phone and facebook, and is usually on one or the other. She likes to go out, and when she does she drinks a lot. Sunshine causes a lot of drama with basically everyone she meets. Sunshine lives in the room with Mary and Jersey



Lo is also from the jersey shore the same area as Sunshine, but you would never guess by meeting her. Lo is very smart and has a 4.0 GPA, but dont get her wrong she also likes to go out and have fun. Lo likes to date half asians, and is always off and on with a boy from home. Lo is in a sorority with Indy. Lo keeps everyone in the apartment grounded, and sometimes the other 6 just admire her. She has good head on her shoulders, and usually makes rational decisions. Lo doesn't let people walk all over her, and will tell you exactly what is up. Lo and Sunshine do not speak, and basically have ended their friendship. Lo is obsessed with elephants, and just thinks they are adorable. She is also obsessed with this smelly old pillow that Indy likes to hide from time to time. Lo eats everything cold, if the thing she is eating is warm at all she usually puts it in the fridge so it can cool off. Lo loves chinese food.


Indy is your typical white american jewish girl from long island. She has long curly blonde hair, and is practically a midget being only 5' 1. She has the terrible problem of never being able to make a decision about anything. She will ask everyone in the apartment their opinion about something before making up her mind. It can be about the simplest things and she still cant make up her mind. Indy and Jersey were roommates freshmen year, and use to not get along, but sophomore year things changed and they are now great friends. Indy receives more packages at the apartment then the rest of us combined. Her mom is always sending her something. Indy watches obcessive amounts of TV from her computer, whenever she is not doing work. Indy is also allergic to cheap vodka, or so she claims. She is the girl who will randomly break out in hives for no reason, and always carries her epi pen. Indy is boy crazy, and always finds a new one in the bars whenever she goes out. Indy also loves Ed Hardy, and spandex pants. She never leaves home without her blackberry and is constantly BBMing her contacts, or video chatting on her computer with her friends. Again, she is the typical long island girl.




MJ is a freak. There is no other way to say it. She is constantly studying, but does like to go out. She has the craziest hair i have ever seen, it is just curls everywhere, and is usually never combed, or contained. MJ is a very laid back person, and loves to be the negotiator in apartment fights. MJ loves Curious George, and has actually seen the movie about a thousand times. MJ is out of control at times, she is just a scatter brain of a person. When you talk t her she doesn't always pay attention, usually her mind is wondering on who knows what. MJ never really has an opinion about anything, she doesn't really care one way or another what goes on in the apartment. MJ is from a typical small jewish town in NY. She loves bagels and cereal and is always eating them. MJ is a very messy person and hardly ever cleans her room, or the apartment.MJ loves getting new kicks, and tries to always be fly.


I absolutely loved creating this project. I love working in the digital world, and actually knowing how pages like wikipedia, are made. I made a fiction wiki, solely based on the fact that I enjoyed created them in class. The wiki is so easy to navigate, and you can add so much to the wiki. Once I realized I wanted to create a fiction wiki, I knew I had the prefect idea for it. I decided to tell some of the crazy stories my 6 roommates and I have gotten into this semester. I thought this would be the perfect story for the wiki format, because I can always go in and add to it when we have another adventure, but also my roommates can add there input, and embellish the stories how they remember them. By using the wiki format, I can also control how people read the stories. By placing the links in the text I control where the person can go once they start reading. For example if you begin reading a chapter the only other place from there is the next chapter, or the beginning table of contents. This way people can see that it is a linear structured piece, and should be read in the order in which I wrote it. I also chose to use the wiki, because of how easy it is to add on to the story. I wanted something that my roommates and I could all use, and add whatever we wanted whether it is a funny picture, a story, or even a character. The wiki has aids that explain how you can do almost anything in the wiki. This is great because not everyone took a course on digital literature and is as familiar with it as I am. Another reason why I choose to use the wiki is because of all the multimedia aspects you can add to it. Pictures, videos, font color, and basically most multimedia you can do on the wiki. That allows me to be more creative with how I portray the story, and makes it more entertaining for the audience.

The fiction wiki that I created as a lot of multimedia aspects to it. I used a lot of pictures, that helped to create the pages more interesting for the audience to read. Multimedia is also used because it is interactive. The audience can choose different places within the wiki that they would like to go to. By allowing the read to have options in where they can go from page to page, it keeps them interested in what they are reading. If it is interactive the reader thinks like they are in control , and people usually like to have some type of control in situations. By creating multiple pages, people get curious as to where the different pages lead to, so they are very likely to click on the links to go to the next page to further themselves into the story. I think my story is immersive solely by the fact that it is very relatable, and most people reading it can think back to a time in college that they had that resembles some of my stories. It is immersive in the sense that it will cause people to go back to their old memories of college. The wiki is also database compatible. You can search within the wiki, and find the pages i have created by typing in the title of the page in the search. Overall I think that my project was successful, and i am very happy with the final product. It is exactly what i was trying to create, and i think it is really easy to navigate my story with the table of contents page. It portrays digital literature, by the fact that it uses multimedia, is immersive, and tells a story that has a linear direction but can be navigated differently if the reader wants to.