This book follows the story of the White Witch's activities in between the events recorded in The Magician's Nephew and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Pre-writing Edit

This is sort of a general brainstorming area.

Several things have to happen in this book. Edit

  • The Tree, planted by Digory, will die.
  • The Lone Islands will become attached to the crown of Narnia.
  • The White Witch will gain dominance over the Black Dwarves.
  • Aslan comes into the story, at least briefly.
  • At the end of the book, Aslan will make the prophecy so that the four Pevensie children will hear of it in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe:
When Adam's flesh and Adam's bone
Site in Cair Paravel enthroned
The evil time will be over and done

Also, it would be nice if this stuff happened, too Edit

  • How Tash came to be in Narnia and Calmoren is explained. (probably will be summoned by the White Witch)

These standards would have to be maintained. Edit

  • This story would have continuity with the seven Chronicles of Narnia books. (but not nessicarily the film or audio adaptations)
    • They could not contradict these books.
    • They would have to maintain the same spirit. The Chronicles of Narnia is a reflection of Lewis's Christiantiy and this book will also be specificly Christian.
      • This story would have the same kind of morals, lessons, parables and illistrations in the other Chronicles of Narnia books.
  • At the same time, this story would have a much darker tone, being told primarily from the point of view of the Witch and possibly other villains as well.

Chapter 1 Edit

This is a story that takes place in Narnia after the time that the Lady Polly and the Lord Digory first visited that country but before the four Pvevensie children appeared near the lantern waste.

In those days, in the mountains to the north of Narnia, there lived a dwarf named Ruffledrum, who loved wealth. Unlike regular dwarves, who love treasure, love digging for it, love looking at it and making beautiful creative things for other people with it, Ruffledrum was a Black Dwarf who really only cared for the wealth itself - the monatary value and the power that went with it.

Perhaps if he had been a decent sort of dwarf, and had some better upbringing, he would merely have been a fat, old, greedy dwarf merchant who never gave to charities, but as it was, Ruffledrum was the beginning of how many of the Black Dwarves of Narnia went bad.

One particular day, Ruffledrum was busy mining. He wasn't such a particularly nasty dwarf at this point, mind you, that happens a bit later in the story, but he hated mining.

Lest you get an overly negative impression of dwarfkind from one of it's poorest specimens, that is not normal. Dwarves love mining - well, maybe not for coal, but at least for gems - and they have an incredible skill in manipulating stone and love finding hidden gems the way many of your fathers might love catching fish or winning at golf.

But it was just busy-work to Ruffledrum, who only did it to get rich. He grumbled as he worked, when his pick suddenly hit something. It gave off a rather metallic sound, as if he had hit some large treasure chest. He struck it again, and this time began chipping away at the rock which held it in. As he did, he could see something glowing beneath the stone, and then he suddenly could make it out. It had the shape of an apple, yet it was made of gold!

He pulled it out of the rock, and gazed at it. It was an amazing find! An apple made of gold. Ruffledrum had tasted apples in his day, but this one gave off an aroma that was so sweet, and so rich, that he felt as if no other apple was real compared to this one. It got so great, that he took a bite.

It's rather hard to describe what it tasted like, except that it was unlike any apple he'd ever had before. It was so sweet, any other fruit would have been sour as a lemon compared to it. Immediately, he felt a strange, wonderful sensation coming over him.