This is the Fiction Wikia bus stop. The Fiction Wikia is also known as "Novelas" and has original fiction in several languages. The Fiction Wikia enables users to interactively create novels and all other kinds of fiction, including fan fiction, scripts for film, television or plays, and more. The Fiction Wikia is trying to become part of a Literature Wiki Bus Tour, a Wikia Bus Tour, and a Community Wiki Webring Bus Tour. Please take your time to look around. All material at Wikia is available under the GNU Free Documentation License.

Bus connectionsEdit

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Bus number Tour name Next stop
#?1 Literature Wiki Tour The Asimov Wikia
#?2 Wikia Tour The Alternative History Wikia
#?3 Community Wiki Webring Tour The Protoscience Wikia

You can also get the tour bus map of existing routes at Tour Bus Map on MeatballWiki.

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