Calthrina950 Calthrina950 18 May

Hex Empire Maps

These are maps for the game Hex Empire:


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Calthrina950 Calthrina950 26 July 2019

List of Senators, Johannson Scenario


2. Parker Griffith (D)

3. Richard Shelby (D)


2. Mark Begich (D)

3. Lisa Murkowski (R)


1. Richard Carmona (D)

3. John McCain (R), until August 25, 2018

  • Jon Kyl (R), from September 4, 2018

Arkansas 2. Mark Pryor (D)

3. Blanche Lincoln (D)


1. Pete Wilson (R)

3. Carly Fiorina (R)


2. Cory Gardner (R)

3. Bill Owens (R)


1. Linda McMahon (R)

3. Jodi Rell (R)


1. Tom Carper (D)

2. Michael Castle (R)


1. Bill Nelson (D)

3. Marco Rubio (R)


2. Max Cleland (D)

3. Michelle Nunn (D)


1. Linda Lingle (R)

3. Brian Schatz (D)


2. Jim Risch (R)

3. Mike Crapo (R)


2. Peter Fitzgerald (R)

3. Mark Kirk (R)


1. Richard Lugar (R)

3. Todd Young (R)


2. Joni Ernst (R)

3. Chuck Grassley (R)


2. Pat …

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Soulslayer317 Soulslayer317 14 February 2019

New harem story

So decided to make some story setting for a modern fantasy with a young man named Jaden Collen suddenly receives word from a distant relative passed away and inherited his large mansion, unaware of it being home to several beautiful women yearn for his affections as he is from a long line of beings with ancient powers. there be adult themes but mostly censored for now it to play safe. Learns to control his newfound powers and understand his role as the pathfinder to preserve the balance and to stop an ancient demon. more to come...

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Calthrina950 Calthrina950 2 February 2019

Bar Graphs for Rutherford Scenario






















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Ty The Immortal Ty The Immortal 16 May 2016

Let's start off on the right footing...

So, here I am. I've never really interacted with the world of wiki sites, beyond consuming information via Wikipedia and occasionally surfing 1D4chan. As such, I'm almost totally unfamiliar with the process of editing wikis. I hope that the community I have just joined will take it easy on me while I learn the ropes.

I've been looking for some kind of collaborative fiction project for me to sink my teeth into for a long time now. I have some ferocious writing skills (if I do say so myself), but all the self-discipline of a cheese sandwich. I seem to work best when I have one or more partners to bounce off. Some of the most fun I've ever had while writing was way back when, during the dark ages of MSN messenger. My school friends and I would…

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Soulslayer317 Soulslayer317 12 July 2015

Project: Novum Aurora

I'm still doing most of the life in the Lamia's harem just been slow with other projects. So I'm uploading one of them here called Novum Aurora, which was use to be on Creative Universe Wiki, use to be a fun place until it was ruined and doesnt feel much like a place to have fun no more. So I'm moving all of them here and if you like to know more about it just ask away.

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Kousan Koenraad Kousan Koenraad 28 March 2014

Another (short) story I'm doing....

Hello, people who read my stories (if ANYONE reads them)! I am making a story called 'Jetstream Angel' It focuses around a lone, flightless angel who soon discovers that he's not as useless as the others say he is.

The following characters are the ones we've met so far.

Kai - Our protagonist. A nice, loyal, somewhat brash angel who longs to fly like his angel friends. He gets ridiculed and put-down because of his inability to fly. He has a unique ability called 'Burst' in which he utilizes small crystals to preform miracles. His outfit consists of a halo, a white vest and a pair of indigo-colored shorts and a similarly colored undershirt with the sleeves rolled up over his elbows. On his wrists, he wields his signature weapon, the Holy Claws…

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Kousan Koenraad Kousan Koenraad 20 March 2014

A Story I'm making.... Enjoy!

Hello, fanfiction lovers. I am CardBoss14 and I am writing a story called 'NewType'. It revolves around these animal characters who band together in hopes of eradicating the evil that plagues Darminia, the Deformed. These creatures are animal-like but have destructive powers. They have no features- even eyes- except blue ornate lines that pattern their bodies. In short, the Deformed are animal-like 'demons'. If you don't like cute,fluffy, talking animals, then you'd best move on; but these characters can wield weapons, like swords, halberds, maces, tridents, longbows, ect. Enjoy! This story is now cancelled.

  • 1 Season 1- NewType: Chrono Scream [action-adventure, comedy] (characters)
  • 2 Season 2- NewType: Moon Fire [card game] (characters)
  • 3 Season …

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Kelnius Kelnius 29 April 2013

The Absurd Word Nerd

I write a blog, you can find it at

Or read some of the latest posts via the RSS Feed, right here:

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Bountyhunter7714 Bountyhunter7714 10 December 2012

Sorry, From Bounty

I am trying to post my short story, but computer won't let me so then I can't see anything about it. So if it is posted over once, then you can just delete it. 

The story is a short story, its called The Thing Behind Me:

I continued dashing through the black overcast. I could barely identify anything in front of me, transitioning into my rear view and then dissipating into the dark and terrorizing scene. I couldn’t picture what lay ahead of me, but I could ausculate what was behind me.

As I continued to scramble, the melody of the wind whistling and the atrocious sound of the leaves triturating under my feat and the figure’s feet that were trailing behind mine made me cry of despair. I wanted to just discontinue my sprinting and just collapse…

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Perfect Dreams Perfect Dreams 19 May 2012

Best Friends

Okay so, I am going to ask which are your favorite best friends sort of like the couples. These are from some of stories, pick your favorite best friends (or even people that don't get along and place them as best friends too) from each series, and tell me if you want to read more about them (like short stories about them spending a day together). Some best firends have not been posted, and you can mention your own from one of the series as well.

  1. Demi_and_Roxxane
  2. Demi_and_Riko
  3. Demi_and_Claudia
  4. Demi_and_Lily
  5. Demi_and_Alex
  6. Roxxane_and_Riko
  7. Roxxane_and_Alex
  8. Roxxane_and_Lily
  9. Roxxane_and_Claudia
  10. Riko_and_Alex
  11. Riko_and_Lily
  12. Demi_and_Toya
  13. Toya_and_Drew
  14. Drew_and_Ikuto

  1. Luna_and_Marine
  2. Luna_and_Logan
  3. Luna_and_Slade
  4. Luna_and_Rocker
  5. Marine_and_Logan
  6. Marine_and_Slade
  7. Marin…

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Perfect Dreams Perfect Dreams 19 May 2012

The Dark City Pre

The lights had faded away as of the last night. And now Sadie was lying down on the bed, staring around the room. She felt odd. Very odd. From far away the faded look of the closest was odd, and the closets top was circular. Sadie tried not to look for long at the closet, because she knew very well that if you stared at something for to long you would start imaging things. She would have enjoyed to have had an imaginition which she could have imagined what the darkness out in the corner would turn to. But she had none- no imagination- that was illegal there. And as much as she would have enjoyed to know what monster would be in front of her closet, with it's arms closed staring at her with hollow eyes, she could not see it. But how nice it…

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Perfect Dreams Perfect Dreams 19 May 2012


Hi, everyone! How's everyone doing? Okay, well, let me get to the point. As everyone knows I have written alot of stories on here, and there are alot of couples in each. I want everyone to tell me their favorite couples from each (some couples have not yet been mentioned but I will still display them). Leave your opinions in the comment area, I want to know! BUR (Before You Read) I only decided on do the couples from three stories, sorry if you like the other ones just tell me in the comments.

  1. ToxDem (Toya and Demi)
  2. RoyxDem (Roya and Demi)
  3. AdxDem (Adam and Demi)
  4. DrewxRox (Drew and Roxxane)
  5. MichxRox (Michael and Roxxane)
  6. ToxRav (Toya and Raven)
  7. ToxLuca (Toya and Luca)
  8. RoxLuca (Roya and Luca)
  9. IkuxRik (Ikuto and Riko)

  1. UrielxSapphie (Uriel and Sapphire)…

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Beautiful Flower Beautiful Flower 19 May 2012

My Lovely Life Ended

Hey everyone! I am sad to say that My Lovely Life is now finished. I know that some of you love it. Some are very judgmental over it. I am truly sorry for those who aren't.

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Beautiful Flower Beautiful Flower 19 May 2012

The Warrior Kids Chapter One: The Mysterious Kids (Pre)

A couple of kids were falling from the sky. Well, not falling. More like, flying. It just looked like they were falling because they were flying so fast. These kids landed in a pool of water. The girl surfaced first. Her her was in her face. She moved it over. This girl was Tara. Tara Styles. The daughter of Bloom and Tyler Styles. She is 15 years old. She has black hair and hot pink streaks. Her eyes are a hot pink eye color. She is 5'2. Almost as tall as her mother. She likes to wear a pink T-shirt, bllack skinny jeans, and pink tennis shoes. She has a really bad temper. No one has ever been on her bad side. She wants to keep it that way. She has a younger brother, by fifteen minutes. Next to her was her brother, Jack. He has midnight bl…

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Beautiful Flower Beautiful Flower 19 May 2012

My Lovely Life

Hey everone! I just wanted to say that the My Lovely Lifeseries is coming to an end. The series has ine more part until it's finished. I'm sorry for the ones who love it, but there will be no more coming after Part 10 of the series. My new series will have more than just romance. It will have a lot of action instead of romance, but this blog isn't about my new series.If you do love my new series, you can always go back and read them. They will always be on this wiki.

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Beautiful Flower Beautiful Flower 19 May 2012

New Series

Hey everyone! I hope that all of you are fimiliar with my series now; "My Lovely Life." Once "My Lovely Life" hits Part 10, that series is over. I will be creating a new series. I'm not sure what it is called yet, but it will be a great series. This series will be starring Bloom Heaven's daughter and son; Tara and Jack Styles. I won't give away anymore. If you do want to know more, you will just have to wait and read it.

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Daniel henry thomas Daniel henry thomas 20 March 2012

Looking at the Blue Dog, in the Eyes

Now, this is cool...

And, at the same time, it is the most freaking scary thought I've ever had... or, at least, that I can remember...

What if?

What if your dreams, that wonderful magic realm where you are supposed to be free, where you can fly, where you can do anything you want... what if your dreams were controlled... also controlled, just like you are being controlled in your “real” life...

This story happens in my memories... it is narrated in first person, who could it possibly be otherwise? If there was to be some dialogue, it would be recreated from my memories, only...

Something different happened, this time...

We received help, from the inside... after all, they are human also, just like me... I mean my trainer, the guy who was assign…

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Bedpanner Bedpanner 22 January 2012

royalty free plays for australia

List of modern playwrights deceased before 1 Jan 1955, probably copyright expired per Australian Copyright Council INFORMATION SHEET G023 "Duration of copyright".

  • 1 1954
  • 2 1953
  • 3 1950
  • 4 1949
  • 5 1948
  • 6 1946
  • 7 1945
  • 8 1944
  • 9 1939
  • 10 1937
  • 11 1936
  • 12 1935
  • 13 1934
  • 14 also see

Fred Lonsdale.

  • On Approval (play) full length comedy, was made into a film, now in archive only[1]
  • Aren't We All? (1923) full text
  • Spring Cleaning (1925)
  • The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1925)
  • Canaries Sometimes Sing (1929)
  • The Way Things Go 1949,*Let them eat cake

and assorted musicals

Eugene O'Neill

  • Anna Christiefull text
  • The First Man full text
  • The Hairy Apefull text
  • Ilefull text
  • The straw full text
  • Strange interlude sydney 2011 performance

George Bernard Shaw works -tabled

  • Candida (play)[2]

  • Maurice Maeterlinck

The Blue Bird…

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Calthrina950 Calthrina950 11 October 2011

Names for Map I am creating (do not comment please!)

The main nation for the map will be:

  • Laurasia

Other nations in order of accordance to names on The History of Judea: A Major Empire:

To the East:

  • Andrea (Media)
  • Christina (north-eastern Iranic peoples)
  • Amyldaria (most of Pakistan and Afghanistan, parts of India)
  • Nickajay (much of the ancient northern Indian states)
  • Briannian Empire (central China, Qin China, Zhou China, Qi, the Zheng)
  • Sabinia (Korea)

To the North:

  • Amandania (the regions north of Christina and Amyldaria and east of the Caspian, much of southern Russian Turkestan, basically many of the Scythians)
  • Cammeria (south-western Russia and the coastal regions of Turkey, the Caucasus, and Ukraine, basically the Cimmerians)

And far to the north, the fearsome and powerful Dadians and Mommians

  • Jeratu …
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Elralos Elralos 26 May 2011

Tome of Ancient Histories: The Three

The old graybearded man stroked the carved binding of the book as he brought it out of its corner behind the counter of his shop. It looked ancient and was covered in dust.


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Elralos Elralos 26 May 2011

One Wolf

'Notice: This beginning part is unfinished. I'll be working on it. If you're reading this, you might as well skip the beginning until it's finished and go on to the first chapter instead.

The way our lives intertwine and mingle back and forth among each other, some coming into our lives briefly, then leaving; others staying

The way we fight for what is ours, what we love, not caring what happens

It was that way with The Pack

Some joined The Pack to further their own lives, to rise above the rest. Most of us didn't have a choice

I was one of those who had no choice

This is my story...

In The Pack, you must obey. Obedience is the key to survival. Those who do not obey die. That is the way it has always been with The Pack, and the way it will always…

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Racism Watchdog Racism Watchdog 17 April 2011

Into the Void

What do you guys all think of my novel, Into the Void? I currently have 1 chapter, soon to be two! PitaKang- (Talk|Contribs) 00:33, April 17, 2011 (UTC)

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Emo Russian Awesomeness Emo Russian Awesomeness 9 January 2011

Utopian society

I believe I missed some points in Utopia and I need to know if anyone can think of things John Lennon sang about in Imagine that wouldn't be all awesome as it seems. Or tell me your own views of a Utopian society. If you think I'm wrong, than please say so.

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Emo Russian Awesomeness Emo Russian Awesomeness 8 January 2011

Chapter 2

Would anyone please help me with this? I'm brain dead. Another Romeo and Juliet is really stumping me.

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Emo Russian Awesomeness Emo Russian Awesomeness 8 January 2011

WW2 info

I need help on Germany in WW2. I have army ranks and German translations but I need to know the general everyday stuff in Germany bofore and after Hitler.

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Bankai69 Bankai69 14 September 2010


Hi, i'm Bankai69. I have made several different wikis, such as Based on the paranormal files wiki , Paranormal: Ghosts and hauntings wiki, and Horror Monsters Wiki . I'll post by book Based on the paranormal files of Alphonse Creeps on Novelas. Go to my wiki, and if it has a blog, post some ideas for me. Jahallo!!

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Calthrina950 Calthrina950 13 September 2010

Just Felt Like to Post a Non-Fiction Story: Katherine Chancellor, of The "Young and the Restless"

Hey there! Although it seems to weird to post it as a blog, I just decided to post my own written biography about the life of Katherine Chancellor, from the real-life soap opera The Young and the Restless. I do not intend to intrude on any copyright licenses, since this is only for the enjoyment of the public.

The future Katherine Chancellor was born on 28 October 1928 (the same date of the birth of the actress portraying Katherine Chancellor, Jeanne Cooper), as Katherine Shepard. Katherine was the daughter of a rich couple, of which names are unknown. Their wealth was somewhere in the tens of millions of dollars, most likely around $100,000,000. It is highly likely Katherine had other siblings.

Katherine's childhood was highly likely to have…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 21 June 2010

I'm not you

It just seems obvious to me that collaborative fiction writing is facilitated by co-authors who work together to make plans for their collaboratively written story. Take a look at some collaboratively written science fiction novels that were listed by Alex Carnevale and see what he had to say about the nature of the writing collaborations behind those novels.

Here at this wiki website there have been several proposals for collaboration that included the idea of co-authors NOT talking to each other. Wiki fiction stew has this rule: "contribute a new original character without having to consider story details". Of course, with such a rule it was not easy for anyone to understand how to integrate all of the characters into a coherent story. Eve…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 5 June 2010

Sponsor vs. Ads

Take a look at this screen shot:

The screen shot shown above illustrates the current way that ads are inserted into the content of stories at this website. The Camino web browser was used. The image below shows how the same wiki content should be displayed, without space being taken up by inserted ads.

Imagine yourself as a reader of fiction who comes to this website and has to deal with all of the ads that are inserted into the stories. What would you do? If you saw a page like the one shown at the top of this blog post you might assume that the people running this website do not know what they are doing and simply go somewhere else on the internet.

As an alternative to having ads inserted into stories, it might be possible to find a sponsor…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 29 May 2010


are involved in crafting the evolution of humans on Earth.]]In my last blog post I was explaining how Gohrlay came to violate the Rules of Observation. Gohrlay is carefully crafted as a puppet by Anagro, the true "ruler" of Observer Base on the Moon. Anagro has reasons for designing Gohrlay as a rebel, but those reasons and plans do not take into account the fact that Neanderthals like Gohrlay have a genetic predisposition for telepathic communication. Anagro's plans for Gohrlay spin out of control, which leads to the the adventures of Gohrlay as she comes into conflict with Anagro and the Huaoshy.

I want to be clear in my own thinking about Gohrlay's state of mind at the start of the story. When first introduced to the reader, Gohrlay is w…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 12 March 2010

Rules of Observation

Now that I've been explicit about Gohrlay's criminal activity I need to finalize my thinking about the Rules of Observation. Exactly why is Gohrlay a criminal? Gohrlay lives during an interesting time when the Neanderthal population on Earth has almost become extinct. Gohrlay is herself a Neanderthal, but she has been genetically modified so as to have the appearance of a modern human.

Most of the residents of Observer Base are like Gohrlay, but there are a few Neanderthals who have not been genetically engineered in the way that most residents of the Moon have been. The "Rules of Observation" specify that only those Observers who are genetically indistinguishable from Earth's native humans can serve the Observer corps as on-Earth Observers…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 28 February 2010

The New Order

In my previous blog post I described my initial ideas for how to alter the beginning of The Start of Eternity. I have now completed a re-alignment of the early chapters that is organized around starting the story with an account of Gohrlay's criminal activity on Earth.

I previously had the idea of equipping the start of the novel with a rather concise story line that can focus the reader's attention on the protagonist, Gohrlay, and her struggle against the Huaoshy. I've been uncertain about the best way to layer in some of the background information about Gohrlay's world, but I'm now back to using the approach of making some of the "chapters" function as "appendices" that the reader need not navigate. I like the idea of giving choices to th…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 18 February 2010

False Start

Two months ago I decided to try using Observer Gohrlay's death as the "hook" for The Start of Eternity. Since that time, the Gohrlay character has become more substantial and harder to kill. In keeping with Asimov's dictum, "Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent" and the Rules of Intervention, I realized that the crafty Orbho Anagro would not actually kill Gohrlay.

Since Gohrlay does not die, it seems like a dirty trick to first make the reader believe that Gohrlay will die and then just turn around and say: nah, she didn't really die.

I've started thinking about a new "hook" for the story. The first alternative that comes to mind is to start the story with Gohrlay visiting Earth. One way that a trip to Earth could be made more inte…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 16 February 2010

Experimental Animals

In my last blog post I mentioned the need to make Gohrlay's diary a kind of digital workspace where Klempse can exchange messages with Gohrlay. As shown in this image, I've started using text columns to show email-like exchanges between Klempse and Gohrlay.

An important part of what leads Gohrlay to volunteer for the mind downloading experiment is her personal involvement with some of the day-to-day work of the robotics project. She learns some of the practical aspects of working with positronic circuits and she reads about the long history of past research on positronic brains. Some of the past experiments involved people, but most were performed by making use of experimental animals.

I'm thinking about having an argument between Klempse an…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 15 February 2010

Dear Diary

I want to get back to creating Gohrlay's Diary, but I've been trying to think of a way to make it like no diary I have ever seen. I want this "diary" to be digital and something that is like Buzz.

At the start of the "diary", Gohrlay has just been introduced to Klempse and Wints, two scientists. Gohrlay has never previously understood what science is. Gohrlay grew up in a culture where only a few outcasts function as scientists. Gohrlay must learn what these mysterious scientists are doing and how their positronics project is relevant to her life.

Klempse opens Gohrlay's thinking to to the idea that she has been thoroughly brain washed, her memories sanitized by the ruling elite of the city in which they live. Gohrlay's resentment for her tr…

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Ampersandestet Ampersandestet 12 February 2010

Encore, une fois

Salut, salut, tout le monde !

I should have information as pursuant to a storyline updated either very early Saturday morning or very early Sunday morning (GMT +1). Hopefully I do not muck things up too badly !


--Ampersandestet 22:34, February 12, 2010 (UTC)

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Ampersandestet Ampersandestet 10 February 2010

Introducing !

I am just using this as a place holder to inform you all that within the next 24-48 hours, a new submission of mine should take effect. Project Halloway will be a go, and I hope you all will enjoy.

Cheers !

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 5 February 2010

The Crafty Orbho Anagro

In my previous blog post I wrote about the idea that Anagro uses advanced nanite technology to maneuver Observer Gohrlay into participating in a mind downloading experiment. In The Start of Eternity, as the story is currently written, that experiment destroys Gohrlay's brain because of the destructive nature of the "brain scan" that determines the structure of her neural networks. That structure is copied into positronic circuits in an attempt to create a positronic robot with human-like cognitive abilities.

I've been worried that it is probably going beyond of the limits of the Rules of Intervention for Anagro to callously kill Observer Gohrlay. I originally thought that the plot of The Start of Eternity could be advanced by depicting Anagro…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 28 January 2010

Overseer Doltun and the need to place blame

I previously blogged about the idea that R. Gohrlay has good intentions and wants to help humanity, but she is thrust into a position of responsibility where she must learn the limits of her ability to be helpful. In 1945, Asimov's story "Dead Hand" was published. In that story, an agent of the Foundation (Devers) struggles mightily to save the Foundation from being crushed by the Galactic Empire. The desperate actions of Devers only seem to make matters worse for the Foundation. In the end, the military campaign against the Foundation collapses due to its own weight of psychohistorical necessity. The "dead hand" of Hari Seldon defeats the Empire's last great military leader (Bel Riose) because the Emperor, in his weakness, cannot afford t…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 25 January 2010

The Nahan Reality

In my last blog post I lamented the fact that Isaac Asimov died before having a chance to tell us his ideas for exactly what Galaxia would be like. However, inside the Foundation Series he did include mention of the "sentient planet" Erythro from his novel Nemesis. The life forms on Erythro seem simple, but they form a "collective consciousness" that can communicate telepathically with humans.

In Chapter 17 of The Start of Eternity, R. Gohrlay's positronic brain is damaged. In the story, a time traveler arrives from the future and repairs R. Gohrlay's damaged positronic circuits.

In an alternate Reality, R. Gohrlay's brain never recovers and is not repaired. R. Nahan continues to receive copies of the positronic circuits that were created in a…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 13 January 2010

The Structure of Galaxia

Near the end of my previous blog post, I mentioned Fallom and Gohrlay the Time Guardian. For The Start of Eternity, some decisions have to be made about the details of Gohrlay's life and how Galaxia will function. Does R. Gohrlay transfer her mind into a genetically modified human similar to Fallom? Will Tokishira, as part of the forming Galaxia, come to be more like Gaia?

Unfortunately, Asimov never had the chance to publish a description of Galaxia. He did write extensively about the planet Gaia and the telepathic humans who lived there. I don't think that we can safely assume that Asimov intended Galaxia to simply be produced by converting all 25,000,000 human worlds into copies of Gaia. If Galaxia is not just a network of 25 million Gai…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 10 January 2010

An Asimov Shuffle

In my previous blog post I committed to making use of more detailed story outlines, which I think will be particularly useful for The Start of Eternity where I am attempting to follow Isaac Asimov's lead and have a non-linear narrative. I started a phase map for the story which is helping me think about transitions between chapters. What can be learned from Asimov with respect to telling a story where the sequence of events is revealed to readers in an out-of-order way?

In his time travel novel, The End of Eternity, Asimov begins the story with a "teaser" showing the main character, Andrew Harlan, at a point in physiotime where he is about to become a criminal. Asimov then takes us back in time and shows us key events in Andrew's life from …

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 8 January 2010

Square Pegs in Round Holes

Three fundamental topics that are explored in any type of fiction are space and time and human nature. Four hundred years ago telescopes began to reveal that we live on a tiny planet set on the shore of a vast "ocean of darkness" that separates us from other worlds. During the past century, other technological advances such as radiometric dating and radio astronomy have revealed our place in time: the human species evolved as this planet's consummate tool maker; we were derived from earlier primates about 1,000,0000 years ago, our physical nature made possible by a 13,000,000,000 year saga of stellar evolution and heavy atom nucleosynthesis. Our science-derived view of our place in the universe is the stage upon which science fiction stori…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 3 January 2010

Phasers on Full

In Star Trek, the crew's hand phasers could be set to "stun" or to "full power". I was just reading about Phase Drafting. I find it useful to have "meta pages" and outlines while creating a novel (example), but I do not think that I have the kind of Type A personality that would allow me to even contemplate drafting an entire novel with "phasers on full". I recently made such a "phase map" for the first part of a Jack Vance novel (see this blog post), and I think that such maps are useful for thinking about a plot, but I'm not sure that I could ever construct a complete phase map for a novel before getting into the writing first. However, as a 2010 "resolution", I'm going to try to make my chapter outlines more systematic, starting here. P…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 31 December 2009

Looking back at a decade

Back in the 1970s I discovered science fiction...and color television. One night I had a dream about a science fiction novel I would someday write. Strangely, the cover of the "book" was like a color television, with a moving image that showed a beautiful planet in shades of blue, green and white, but it was not Earth. Back then, I had no idea how a book could have a video on its cover, but now that is the kind of thing we can do here at this wiki website.

Exodemic. Back in 2002 I started writing a science fiction story called Exodemic. That story was where I first seriously explored what I call the Exodemic Fictional Universe. The Exodemic Fictional Universe is really an attempt to provide an answer to the Fermi paradox. It seems strange th…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 30 December 2009

My favorite mistake

Isaac Asimov started creating his Foundation stories in the early 1940s and his last Foundation novel was published in the early 1990s. By the time that Asimov was done with his last novel in the series, Forward the Foundation, he had linked the Foundation to his other stories about robots and, in particular, the telepathic robot Daneel Olivaw. The Foundation saga described a future in which people from Earth had spread to 25,000,000 planets across the galaxy and all those colonized worlds were united within a single Galactic Empire.

on a test flight of the first human-designed space ship.]]

The Galactic Empire was stable, facing no serious internal or external threats to its continued existence. Even when the Empire did finally begin to crum…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 30 December 2009

Dramedy of Errors

Here is a cartoon sketch of Isaac Asimov's time travel novel, The End of Eternity:
1) boy (Andrew Harlan), down on his luck, meets girl (Noÿs Lambent) Gohrlay and R. Nahan outside the chamber that holds the positronic circuits of Rycleu, the first positronic brain made by robots.]]
2) boy, smitten by girl, gets into even worse trouble
3) boy gets pissed at girl
4) girl saves boy
5) boy forgives girl, they live happily ever after.

Andrew Harlan is down on his luck because he works in Eternity. It is his job to travel in Time and make Reality Changes, such as Reality Change 2456-2781, Serial Number V-5, which destroys the "very beautiful" electro-gravitic spaceships of the 2456th Century. Harlan is one of the despised technicians of Eternity who m…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 27 December 2009

Dear die-eerie,

Last night I was looking back at the first two chapters of Jack Vance's novel Star King, which is the first book in the Demon Princes series. I've long been puzzled by the split between those first two chapters and I've wondered if it has something to do with the fact that the story was first published in a magazine. However, it seems more likely that Vance just wanted to pause and create a place where he could add more epigraphic commentary.

In The Start of Eternity, I have started to mimic Asimov's epigraphic style of his Foundation series novels in which he began chapters with snippets from the Encyclopedia Galactica (example). For the last few chapters of The Start of Eternity, I've been providing epigraphic quotes from Vicktir Klempse (e…

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JWSchmidt JWSchmidt 24 December 2009

Mind Control

I've been trying to incorporate Isaac Asimov's "mentalics" into The Start of Eternity. I'm still not sure exactly how Asimov conceptualized mentalic abilities, but I suspect he had in mind a set of rules that set forth the limits of mentalics, much in the was the Laws of Robotics constrained the behavior of his positronic robots. How should Asimov's mentalics be used as a plot device? His characters who had mentalic abilities did have some very real limits on what they could do: they did not have god-like powers to alter the minds of people...that would have been boring. How could there be any drama in a story where one character had the mentalic ability to read and control every thought of the other characters?

In his stories, Asimov often…

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