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Title of Work Info KB
50%.png (50%) El Regreso de Cecilio by Villamota, Tirous, others Focuses intensely the description of a futuristic world, to the point that the storyline is lost. 23 kb

100%.png (100%) Los Adolescentes Tambien Vivimos by Darkyuroid ? 19 kb

100%.png (100%) El Mundo (en Español-not english-in Spanish) 2006-2050 by Fero, Ylfowvitfb, others An outline of what the future may hold, but really, really amateurish. 13 kb

25%.png (25%) No hay estrellas by unknown Description of a futuristic world and an associated space station--does NOT run like a story. 11 kb

50%.png (50%) La creacion del hombre by Reptiles Extintos A loser explores the (constructed) world he exists in. 10 kb

25%.png (25%) La Isla del Misterio by Diego Godoy R A little dialogue between two people on an island. 1 kb

25%.png (25%) El milagro de San Gennaro by unknown A miracle involving a massive stolen stash and a "game"... 4 kb

25%.png (25%) Juventud by unknown Memoir focusing on youthful depression. 3 kb

25%.png (25%) Psicologo misterioso by Clone Paratrooper A very undeveloped clip that doesn't really have any story behind it. 2 kb

25%.png (25%) Super by Fero A story of Superman if he came to Earth in 1984, in the real world. 5 kb