The alien took over the world[]

Parham wasn't fazed by the mind control and was not actually Parham, at all. What the aliens thought was Parham was an intruder who had sneaked into the the alien virtual reality simulation by impersonating Parham. The impostor said, "Surprise, surprise, surprise, Blinky, it is I, Ninjorph, who will stop this mind control device from fully controlling the children."

The little alien who had pretended to be a human child was named in a strange alien way that can best be translated as "Blinky". Blinky had tangled with Ninjorph before. Blinky said with a sly grin, "Not so fast, Ninjorph, who are you working for, the NSF?"

Years before, when the aliens had started abducting humans from Northside, the government had responded by denying that there was any factual basis for the many reports of alien contact and close encounters. The Air Force had blamed all the strange events in town on weather balloons. Finally, when the problem did not go away, Congress held hearings and key Senators demanded action by the Executive branch to get to the bottom of the strange reports that continued to come out of Northside. A committee was formed to study the problem and after 18 months they told the President's science adviser to do something scientific that would stop residents of Northside from continuing to send crazy emails about UFOs to their government representatives in Washington. Grant applications were taken by the NSF, the proposals were reviewed, rejected, and the Director of the the NSF wrote a 5 million dollar check on the petty cash account to start a research center in Northside. A team of freshly graduated Ph.D. scientists was sent to the wastes of Iowa and ordered to sort things out, but within two weeks the aliens had confined the scientists to the projection room of the old theater that the NSF had purchased to serve as the research center. Arriving for work each day, the scientists robotically went to the projection room where they ate buttered popcorn and watched 16 mm home-made UFO movies all day while the aliens made use of the rest of the building as their base of operations in Northside.

"Is it not enough that you destroyed my home in the Eta Carinae system," Blinky shouted, "and EMBARRASSED ME AND HUMILIATED ME IN FRONT OF THE WHOLE GOD-DAMNED GALAXY? NOW, I WILL START EMBARRASSING YOU, starting with THESE PRECIOUS CHILDREN who you will not be able to protect!"

Ninjorph finished Blinky off with a roundhouse kick right into the alien's "OFF" button and deactivated the mind control device by shutting a valve and preventing liquid nitrogen from cooling the circuits of the alien superconducting supercomputer. The children struggled to make the mental transition out of the virtual reality game interface and back into the conventional reality of the laboratory.

Meanwhile, upstairs in the projection room, the National Science Foundation team members looked at each other and started to wonder why they had been watching fake UFO videos for the past two years. Realizing that their three year grant from the NSF was going to run out soon, they panicked and leaped into frenzied action in an attempt to find evidence of real aliens. But first, they noticed that the popcorn machine was low on butter and salt, and to be sure that they would be able to satisfy their addiction to hot buttered popcorn they went to the storage room, nervously worried that they might be running low on popping supplies. However, lucky for them and their dream of grant renewal, they found Blinky sitting in a chair and blinking up at Ninjorph, who still looked like Parham.

Melissa Reardon, Ph.D. in Exobiology, saw Blinky and said, "This alien ate all of our popping supplies!"

Now free of the alien mind control, the children realized that everything they had experienced was not all just a game and that Blinky was actually an extraterrestrial, not a little girl. Scooter was particularly offended and started growling at Blinky. The children looked at each other, thought about a world where all the popcorn has been eaten by aliens and they screamed, "No!"

Blinky was slowly recovering after being kicked by Ninjorph. The alien spat up some foamy pink blood and said, "I didn't eat your stinking artificial butter substitute. I've been using it as fuel for my spaceship." For a moment, Blinky lamented his own technical incompetence, but it was the way of his species to telepathically control members of other species, not personally do hands-on technical work. The technicians of Blinky's spaceship crew were all Blinky's mental slaves. But now Ninjorph had done something to the alien computer and Blinky did not even know how to turn back on the telepathy amplifier! Blinky was a specialist for operating within virtual reality worlds and learning about a new species by watching their minds. Normally, his biggest challenge was sorting between thoughts that were related to reality rather than fantasy and errors. Human minds were full of vast heaps of garbage that were hard to sort through. Blinky now regretted that the default program for the computing system's memorex had been designed to activate the transporter pad and materialize a physical copy of Blinky in the lab after the computer's memorex unit had been tampered with. Doubtless, Ninjorph had been waiting for just that kind of opportunity and Ninjorph had slyly moved in, disguised as a human, under cover of a telepathic mind shield. Still, Blinky told himself, all was not yet lost!

Charles Eagelton, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and also a holder of a Masters degree in business, was director of the NSF-funded Research Center. Like Melissa, Charles was upset that the artificial butter substitute and other popping supplies were all missing from the supply room and he asked Blinky, "Why can't you just use our dwindling supply of fossil fuels, like everyone else?" Then Eagleton insulted the injured alien, "Foolish alien, you are obviously too stupid to learn and adopt Earthly customs...your effort to secretly invade Earth has been foiled by your incompetence in Planetary Invasion. Didn't you watch any of the alien invasion movies that this planet has been transmitting into space as television signals?"

Blinky could not resist a jab at the scientists, "I fooled you for two years."

Melissa was ready with a snappy comeback, "No use feeling triumphant over your ability to fool both the entire United States military and a crackerjack team of skeptical scientists...these Earth children easily saw through your act and defeated you!"

Ninjorph chuckled knowingly.

At first Melissa had thought that the pink stuff coming out of Blinky was her favorite cotton candy-flavored popcorn topping, but now she asked, "Is that blood?" She shouted "No!" and all the children (except Parham/Ninjorph) joined in.

Ninjorph was tired of all the shouting and said to Eagelton, "This is the time for action. Will you call an ambulance and try to save the life of this alien invader or," Ninjorph pulled open the lid of the liquid nitrogen tank, "Save Earth by dropping this scrawny alien into a convenient tank of liquid nitrogen, preserving the body for what will be many years of future fat NSF grants?" Eagelton looked back and forth between his cell phone's 911 autodial button and the bubbling tank of liquid nitrogen. Ninjorph pointed towards the tank and said, "Hint, hint, hint."

Thus, the fate of humanity rested with a decision to be made by a low-level manager. However, Eagelton had previously signed a government contract (in triplicate) that required him to take personal responsibility for anyone injured within the Research Center. Having no other choice in how to protect his government health benefits and pension plan, he called 911 and soon Emergency Medical Services had dispatched a crew that rushed towards the Research Center.

Jonn was the first of the children to recover from the alien mind control and start thinking rationally. He looked at the liquid nitrogen tank and decided that he'd feel better with the alien frozen solid and unable to pull any other sneaky alien tricks. Jonn got out of his chair and bent down over the alien, reaching to pick it up, but he was squeamish about touching it.

Blinky rolled off the reclining chair and crawled into the space between the floor and the chair. Scooter and Foster started going after the alien like it was a rabbit. Blinky reacted instinctively and squirted the two dogs with fluid from its anal scent glands. The alien defense scent cannot be detected by humans, but for the dogs it was worse than dealing with a skunk, and the two dogs ran away with their tails between their legs.

Before the ambulance could drive across town, Blinky, now looking much better, came out from under the chair and said to Ninjorph, "Nice try, but my medical nanites have repaired my respiratory cavity and my spaceship's crew has discovered your interference in Earthly affairs. They have already departed from China and are now on their way here...soon they will be in beaming range. Rest interred," said Blinky, still butchering the English language, "I'll report your violation of the Prime Directive". Now, I'll be off. So, until we meet again..." The little alien vanished, having been transported back inside its spaceship along with all the alien computer equipment.

Blinky was a member of an alien species that had evolved naturally on its own planet in the galaxy and had the right to roam freely among the stars, even terrorizing Earth. Although Ninjorph was human, he was a genetically modified human, created as a tool by extra-galactic visitors to this galaxy and according to their own rules, Ninjorph was not allowed to interfere in the natural development of the galaxy...he was only supposed to observe. Blinky was correct: Ninjorph had violated the Prime Directive by protecting the children.

Ninjorph shook his head and departed from the old movie theater, disgusted with the inability of Earth humans to deal effectively with Blinky. "That does cover is blown. The humans of Earth must now defend themselves. I've done all I can do." Out in the alley, Ninjorph morphed back into his normal body form and beamed back to his own spaceship.

The Earthlings never caught on to the alien invasion. As usual, the local kids and the NSF employees had no evidence to support their claims about having seen an alien. Blinky soon completed his study of human brains and the Z-BOX760 virtual reality video game system was produced as a means of helping the aliens control humanity. Blinky's crew had worked diligently in China to set up a manufacturing operation that turned out copies of the video game system, each of which was a conduit for Binky's mind control device. Millions of the units were purchased in the first holiday season and within a few years an entire generation of humans was under alien mind lock. By 2012 it was all over and Blinky was in complete control of the human population of Earth.

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