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1810 Edit

September 16 Edit

Dear Diary,

Today I, Pedro Montecito, have been invited as a mixed-blood Mexican to join Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla’s army. He has wanted me to take part in it as a way to repay him for his previous deeds to my family. He had not directly said so but I wanted to help him in his fight anyways. He has helped my family when it came to money. He did not care about his state of well-being; he would help no matter what. I had watched Hidalgo speak today in Dolores during his speech. People have been calling it El Grito de Dolores. It inspired me and reminded of what I was going to fight for. He had said: "Long live Our Lady of Guadalupe! Death to the gachupines! Down with the foul government!”[1] This alone had inspired me. He knew there was no other way for this injustice to end but with a war. Our army was small but we knew what we were in for. It was said that the Spanish have over 50,000 soldiers. We have too few to even count. But even a small number like this must not get us down. If we want to win a war, we need strength, confidence, and spirit. I will give it my all to help Hidalgo win this war. Victory is all I can give as a repayment to Hidalgo. As of today... I am a soldier in the rebellious army lead by Hidalgo y Costilla. And as of today, I will fight for him, and for my country.

- Pedro


Dear Diary,

Today, I, a mixed blood or American Indian, have today decided that I must fight for my freedom along with the rest of my kind. We shall no longer be taken over by the Spanish government. I have been summoned to war by Miguel Hildalgo and Castillo. Today, September 16th, I fight for freedom.

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September 28 Edit

Earlier today we were attacked by the Spaniards. We were defeated very easily. We had lacked the proper training that these soldiers have. But in the end of all this I admire Miguel Hidalgo. His bravery is immeasurable as he seems to prove his heroics with every problem he encounters. I am sure this is not the last time the Spanish will hear of us. We will be back to correct this injustice they have put upon us.

- Pedro

1811 Edit

January 3Edit

A lot has happened in the past few months. We have gained many new believers for our cause. Hidalgo has promoted me to be a leader of one of the regiments. The army has become very big, even comparable to the Spaniard army. And as our strength increases, so does our confidence. We may finally have a chance to win this war, and if we can, all of our hard work will pay off. But first we must get there. Until then, we can only battle with everything we have.

- Pedro

January 25Edit

We just fought the royalists as we fought, many of us were captured. Some of these men include Hidalgo y Costilla, Juan Aldama, Allende, and Jose Mariano Jimenez. He was captured and their plan to execute him. We are hoping for a miracle so we will continue to have such a brave leader.

Dear Diary,

Today I fought for the first time. Myself and a lot of others took any type of weaponry we could find and we lead a rebellion against the colonial authorities. It was not much of a fight but in my opinion, even though they beat us and made us retreat quite easily, we got to them more than we had expected. We exposed there weaknesses and I believe they are scared more now than ever. I’ve been speaking to the others that I have been fighting with and I believe the next time we strike, it will be unexpected and it will be dreadful towards the Spanish Army.

June Edit

As we saw his head hung I felt as if we were going to lose this war. I had given up all hope of this belief for a better future. I had believed that it would be possible for us to win this war, but this seems like impossibility with our leader dead. We shall all see him as a great leader but we do not know if we can still continue without him.

- Pedro

June 26 Edit

As I watched the firing squad shoot I felt empty. Allende, Aldama and Jimenez were shot in front of a firing squad. The three of them have contributed so much to our cause. This was devastating for all of us. Rumors have it that Hidalgo will be killed soon but I hope not. Calleja will be hated by all of us for this event.

- Pedro

June 30 Edit

Hidalgo y Costilla I heard was killed similarly to the other three. His head was shot off by rifles, and his decapitated head, along with that of Allende, Aldama, and José Mariano Jiménez, were placed at the four corners of the Alhondiga of Granaditas in Guanajuato. Our hope is lost and we feel defeated. But I know the men who helped will always be heroes.

- Pedro

July 6Edit

Now that Hidalgo y Costilla has been killed, Jose Maria Morelos has taken over.[2] I have high hopes for this man. I hope that he is a man that we can rely on to win this war. He already has a lot of experience; he has raised armies before for Hidalgo, and in that case, his leadership should be very fortunate for us. We can only hope and fight by his side in order to prove what we can do to win our rights over.

- Pedro

1812 Edit

April 3Edit

It’s been a while since I have written but I have been busy serving under the leadership of Morelos. He is a very efficient leader. I am glad to be fighting with him. In these last nine months, we have already won twenty-two battles![3] So far, things are looking up for us. Of course, war is not easy, but I am trying my hardest to win these battles. I realize that I have been writing less and less… I wonder if the intervals between my journal entries will continue to rise like this, with the amount of battles we have been going into. The good thing is that we are doing well, but in the back of my mind, I’m afraid things might turn around on us. Negativity is the last thing we need, but it’s very possible that we might lose yet another leader.

- Pedro

1815 Edit

January 11 Edit

Dear Diary,

Today we struck and we struck hard. A Battalion of unexpecting Spanish troops march down the streets as I and 20 other mixed bloods hid. When they reached our position, we struck. We killed all of them, there must have been 30. When we came out of our spots they seemed so scared they didn’t know whether to run away or fight back. This is when we fought them at their most vulnerable. From this guerrilla attack, I have concluded that this may be the most effective way of sending a message to the Spaniards that we are willing to fight and dominate for our freedom.

December 22 Edit

Dear Diary,

Today Jose Maria Morelos has been killed by a firing army. I am not sure whether these rumors are true, but many of my fellow soldiers are saying things like Morelos collapsing under the pressure of the Spaniards. They had captured him a couple days before, and a while afterwards, he had failed us; he gave away information on the military. Our military. All spilled to the ears of the Viceroy. And so, they had stripped him down, and he was executed. Although he turned on us in the end, Morelos was a very efficient leader. He worked hard for our cause. And so, we must still pay our respects to him. With Morelos gone now, we must once again rely on only ourselves, and a new leader. This time, it is Vicente Guerrero.[4] As much as I want to win this war, I am losing more and more hope than ever. How many military leaders' lives must we hand over in order to win this war?

- Pedro

1819 Edit

March Edit

Dear Diary,

Today I have concluded my part in this Mexican Revolution, I no longer have a part in this war and my presence is not needed. I have taken place today in my final guerrilla warfare attack and I would have died if it were not for the man, Juan, next to me who at the last minute stabbed the man standing over me. It was a call too close to death for me so I have decided that I have made my mark on the revolution, done my part, and it is time for me to go home.

1821 Edit

February Edit

Dear Diary,

Finally. After all our hard work, we, Mexico, are finally becoming a free nation. They are talking about something called the Plan of Iguala. In this plan we are broken off from Spain. Grácias a Diós. However, not everything is perfect. Not for me at least. I came into this war only wanting to repay Hidalgo. Of coures my life was hard before, and of course, I wanted to change that. But it was Hidalgo who had inspired me. But now, more than a decade later, I have learned that I wanted a role in my country that mattered. Yes. Mexico is free, but I am lower. Mexico, unfortunately, is a free monarchy nation, where I, as a mixed-blood man, have lesser rights than a Mexican man of Spanish decents.[5] Is this what I have been working for? Is this plan really what I had fought for all these years? Have I watched friends so close to me fall before my eyes for nothing? Have I given my all... just for this?

- Pedro

August 24Edit

The Treaty of Cordaba has been signed. Under this, the Plan of Iguala is active.[6] I am lesser than a Mexican man of all-Spanish decent, even though he is a Mexican just like me... my neighbor, my brother. Ah well. We have our independence now. Perhaps things shall be taken slowly. Mexican is free from Spain. We... have won. Dear Diary, as of today, Mexico is a free Monarchy. Although things will be hard, will must work hard to reach a successful country. Even as I am considered a lesser man, my effort shall be no lesser than the full-blooded man right next to me. I will not allow for my goals to be judged or defined by my status. Because I was born Mexican, and for Mexico, I shall work hard. I will work hard for the country today so that I can live my life in the country tomorrow. ¡Viva México!

- Pedro


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