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This is to show Hidalgo's execution but when i look at it it reminds me of the strength he brought us all (Margarita Lopez)

2mexican revolution rebels

These are some of the men that were neighbors who joined Hidalgo (Margarita Lopez)


Virgin of Gaudalupe

Dear Diary It's Tuesday December 21, 1810 and I am a servant writing as a perspective of the disenfranchised party. The definition of disenfranchisement is the revocation of the right of suffrage to a person or group of people. So as you can see growing up in this time would be difficult no even having a say in who will lead the way where I live. Knowing that I can’t be demoted or promoted from my class, basically gives me no motivation to work for.  This morning, the general decided to attack the forces at Gunajuato provoked a big backlash reuniting the[ Creoles] [1]and [Peninsulars][2]. See, it’s like something is happening that effects me a large rate but I can’t do anything to protect my self from anything bad happening. If I died no one would know or care. I can’t vote, and I’m stuck in the same class my whole life. I don't want to complain but it's not fair how i can be treated so differently than the classes above me. Unfortunately like all of our leaders which I don’t get to choose from Morelos marched his way down to battle and got himself killed. If it were my decision even though it wouldn’t have had an effect at all, I would have not gone down and battled for power. I would have built up the army as strong as possible then go battle. I wish that the government could understand that people "like me" have good ideas too, and that our voices should be heard just as much as those high class phonies.

Moving on to the 1850s, in 1853 after the Maya revolt good things didn’t come to us. It started with social disturbances which were very suppressed. That didn’t go along well with us not being even appreciated at this difficult time, it’s like we weren’t even there. Then came all the military revolts. Like I said in the beginning and will say now, we should have never marched down with Morelos we should have stay put and build the strongest army possible but no, why listen to someone who doesn’t make any difference in this world. “Ya look Morelos! Look what happened! Looks like I’m the dumb on in this situation right?”

Get ready for this one! In 1861 when [President Comonfor][3]t just declares himself constitutional president. There’s a good one why don’t you just pick up any random rich person on the road I have a better knowledge than Comonfort. He just has a better source of money. Hahahah, I was so happy that Comonfort got what was coming for him. That same year in 1861, The Mexico City Conservative Government collapsed.

So as you have read in this diary, life was very frustrating, there were very few times where I was happy with my life. Knowing the fact that there’s people that rule me because they have more money but I can assure you that I am smarter than them. I have been living in a hell my whole life. There were multiple times a day where I said to myself that I can’t take it anymore but I have kept strong. Through all the social problems, the political problems and the military problems, I have seen my life around me has been a joke. The fact that I have had to live through this is a thought to big to describe.

Manuel Cortez Milan

Dear Diary, I am planning to write to you throughout this hectic period of time. I will make sure to write an entry for my experience in every stage of this so called revolution. Anyways, back to the kitchen with mamma. -Margarita Lopez

Dear Diary, Its my birthday! July 17, 1810 and my mothers made this huge meal for my entire family to enjoy for dinner. I am lucky because unlike some, my entire family including cousins and all, live in my home together so i get to share my special day with them all! I hear that because of the industrial revolution, us Mexicans are marrying other races like Europeans and even Asians! it just shocks me how two people from two totally seperate lifestyles and beliefs could live together. Well i smell my mamma's famous fajitas! gotta go! i'll write back soon! -Margarita Lopez

Dear Diary, Lately its been a confusing time for not just me but my entire family. [Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla][4] a of our church has initiated a revolt against the Spainards so they do not have control over us any longer. Don't get me wrong, i agree with it but how we are going to do it? He says we will all be involved and my brother is even thinking about fighting with him! I'm just worried is all, i feel like this one man could change my life for better or worse so quickly and that feeling is overwhelming for a girl my age. This man is a hero in my household now and its time to grow up and face change whether its good or bad.

-Margarita Lopez (September 16, 1810) [1]

Dear Diary, The revolution that i had told you Hidalgo initiated has been the complete opposite of what we all expected even he himself. Instead of a quick and clean revolt we have a complete blood shed of a war. Its been a year and we are still fighting. Men are dying that i used to call neighbors and friends and what happens when one of my family members get injured or killed? Even with the unbearable amount of blood shed, still several join Hidalgo. The men not giving up, they are getting our independence and fighting for their families (source one).

-Margarita Lopez ( June 27, 1811)

Dear Diary, Today is a sad day in my house. We were all informed today that Father Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla has been captured and executed. He was most definietly a hero and i am proud to say i knew him. Fortuntely enough, [Father Jose Morales] [5]has taken over and lead the fleet of men still alive to carry on Hidalgo, and everyone for that matter's, dream for independence (source one)!

-Margarita Lopez (July 31, 1811)

Dear Diary, I know i haven't written in a while but we have gained independence from the Spainards! After the Spanish (Mexican born that is) and the catholic churche joined the revolution we were able to defeat the enemy! The year is 1821 and we are free! Though september 16 was not the day we gained our independence, from now on my mamma says we will celebrate the day we became free on that exact day because that is the day that our hero Hidalgo initiated the plan to become independent. I now keep a picture of the [Virgin of Guadalupe][6] next to my bed as a reminder that this is what the men of my culture carried as they fought for us all (source one).

-Margarita Lopez (June 13, 1821)

Dear Diary, Through the independence that we've gained, we seem to follow the footsteps of the U.S. when i thought we would be well more independent. For example, our constitution is modeled after the U.S. and France. Also, we are part of [NAFTA][7] (North American Free Trade Association) which brings us into trade with U.S. and Canada while other nations suffer lost in argribussiness (farming ability to gain money). I am very proud of how far we have come and after the revolution Mexico has increased the economy and government situation.

-Margarita Lopez (May 10, 1995)


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